Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Simple Pleasure Back Again

It has been a little over four weeks I think now since I first hurt my shoulder, and just about that long since I last played any music . . . and I have missed it so much. As my shoulder has started to feel a little better now and I have been able to use it for light work, I figured that just a little bit of playing simple hymns on the piano couldn't hurt. :)

How enjoyable it was to feel the keys underneath my fingers again today an
d to play through some timeless hymns! I didn't play long, but it helped satisfy the music craving a bit (listening to music just isn't the same as playing!) . . .

And as the days go by, I am looking forward to p
laying more and then beginning on the fiddle and dulcimer again, Lord willing. The last two instruments will probably be awhile yet, though!

And speaking of music . . . do any of you play an instrument? If so, what? And if you don't, but would like to, which instrument would you choose? I look forward to seeing your all's answers!


  1. I had been thinking for you after seeing your blog posts about your shoulder. I am so glad you are able to start playing again! I would also go crazy not being able to play!

    I love to sing and play the piano. I want to learn the guitar and the cello someday! So I guess I would love to be able to play those if I could choose another instrument.

    In Christ,

  2. I noticed in your post about going to the park that you were wearing your sling. I'm so glad you were able to play the piano for a bit.
    It's so difficult when we hurt because we hurt all the more when we use the muscle, but yet if we don't use it, it takes so much longer to heal.
    I played the clarinet beginning when I was about 8. I played until I was 17. I always longed to learn the piano.I love the sound of the cello and violin (which my husband plays)

  3. I play the piano, tambourine, and a little bit of guitar. If I could play anything in the world, I would love to learn to play the harp!

    ~ Betsy

  4. Glad to hear you're up to playing again. :-) I play around a little on the lap dulcimer, but need lots of practice. :-)

  5. Yay! I'm glad your shoulder is feeling better! :) Hopefully soon you will be back to completely normal {with your shoulder, I mean!}.

    I played the clarinet in school. I hated playing the clarinet, but someone gave me one and we couldn't afford to get a different instrument! When I was in my 20's I started taking violin lessons and I really enjoyed that. But then I got married and I haven't played anything since then!

    I sooo wish I could play something. If I could have a choice I would probably choose the piano. We did have a big nice piano, but we sold it to my mom quite a few years ago while we were moving around. She so enjoys playing it, so I'm happy for her to have it, but I'd like to get another one someday.

    Now I'm enjoying Elyse playing the guitar. I think she learns more all the time. :)

  6. I am truly happy for you.

  7. I'm so glad your shoulder is mending. It must have been hard to forsake your music.
    I learned the piano as a child but sadly do not play now. though I did play a guitar when I was teaching younger children!

  8. I learned how to play the piano a little bit. I didn't play long though, but I know enough to get started. Always thought the violin would be romantic to play, but I know it is difficult to learn and since I am not that musically inclined, I'll listen to a CD and close my eyes and prentend I can play.

  9. I've enjoyed catching up with you sweet girl.

    your adventure at the park...the photos are wonderful!

    I clicked on your music link to the left and have enjoyed listening to your family play music.
    What talent!!!

    Levi is showing some interest in playing{not sure what} he wants to learn "whatever is easier" he says.

    Sadie is a wonderful singer. We sing during school and she has a beautiful voice.

    If I could play any instrument it would be the piano or mandolin.

    btw, what instrument would you reccomend levi start with? piano or guitar?

  10. I am so glad that your shoulder is getting better now, Sarah! It must be lovely to be able to play the piano again! :) I shall still be praying that your shoulder gets completely better, so you are able to play your fiddle and dulcimer (not to mention doing many other things too).

    As you know, I play the violin and the piano. They are both beautiful instruments! :) If I had time, I wouldn't mind playing flute or cello... or the harp!


  11. Thank you, Rebecca! It has been hard to go so long without playing music, and I am so glad to be able to be playing a bit again.

    Playing the piano and singing are so enjoyable aren’t they?! Do you ever sing while you play? (Or perhaps that is what you meant. :) The guitar and cello are both wonderful instruments – and both ones that I wouldn’t mind learning either!

  12. Yes, Ellen, I have been wearing a sling most of the time for a couple of weeks now, though I am starting to wear it less. I think it really helped to stop the progression of the shoulder getting worse and helped it to start to heal. The injury, we believe, was a partial tear in the tendon so I have to be careful to not tear it further, but then as you shared, still use it so that it does heal right and it doesn’t get stiff!

    I have heard the clarinet played before, and if I remember correctly, it is a pretty instrument. The piano is so enjoyable to play! I am sure you would love it, and it isn’t too terribly difficult to learn. Maybe someday you will have the opportunity! How nice that your husband plays the violin – that, too, is a beautiful instrument (and one of my favorites. :)

  13. So you are a triple-instrumentalist, Betsy. :) Which is your favorite do you think? The harp is a beautiful sounding instrument! I have had the pleasure of hearing and watching it be played ‘in-person’ several times and it has always been a treat. Maybe someday you’ll be able to learn it!

  14. Thank you for your sweet comment, Mrs. Anne! Is the lap dulcimer another name for the Appalachian dulcimer? If so, that is one of my favorite instruments! And one that I would love to learn how to play. It would be so fun to hear you play sometime!

  15. Thank you, Joy! I, too, am hoping I’ll be back to normal soon. Already, I am so happy that I am being able to do some of the daily simple tasks again as well as sew, play some music, etc. The shoulder still has a long ways to full recovery, but it is improving for which I am thankful!

    That’s too bad that you had to play an instrument that you didn’t like! I am sure it sounded so nice, though, you playing the clarinet. :) The violin is enjoyable to play, isn’t it?! That’s wonderful that you had the opportunity to take lessons, and maybe someday you’ll have the opportunity to play again as well as learn the piano. I know that you would enjoy the piano! There is so much that one can do with that instrument and it is so relaxing to play. Not to mention that it is beautiful. :)

    How is Elyse’s guitar learning going for her? She seems like she would be someone who would be diligent in learning and progress quickly because of that!

  16. Thank you so much, Suze!

  17. Thank you, Elizabeth!! Yes, it was hard to set aside music for that time, and I am so glad that I can play a bit of it again . . . though my fingers are itching to pick up the fiddle and play, but I am resisting the urge for now! :)

    You taught the guitar to younger children? How neat! Just from what I have seen of you through blogging, I know you would have been a wonderful teacher! Do you still play the guitar?

  18. Thank you for your comment, Amy, and welcome to my blog! That’s wonderful that you learned a bit on the piano . . . it is a great foundational instrument. The violin is lovely as well, and yes, it is difficult to learn! Isn’t it a blessing, though, that as you shared, even if we don’t play the particular instrument that we like that we can listen to it via CD’s? It’s always a pleasure listening to music!

  19. Thank you for your kind comment, Amanda! It was nice to hear from you again. I’m glad that you enjoyed the music videos that we put up, and that’s wonderful that Levi is showing interest in learning an instrument! I would say learn whichever he especially has an interest in, though if he is neutral about it, the piano makes a great first instrument as it is simple to learn and helps lay a great foundation for learning other instruments.

    I’d love to hear Sadie sing sometime! I can just imagine how sweet her voice would be. I hope someday you’ll have the opportunity to learn the piano or the mandolin. The latter is an instrument that I would like to learn someday as well, and I have heard that it is pretty simple to learn if one already knows the fiddle, so . . . maybe someday I’ll give it a try, too!

    Thank you again!

  20. Thank you, Anna! Yes, it is so wonderful to be able to play the piano again. And thank you so much for your continued prayers! They are appreciated.

    Yes, I remember that you play the violin and the piano and are quite talented at both! I would agree, they are both beautiful instruments. The other three that you mention are so beautiful as well. The flute especially is one that I would like to learn someday, and maybe you will be able to as well!

  21. So glad to hear your shoulder is feeling better. I love piano music...LOVE it! :o) I wish that I would have stayed with playing it more then I did when I was a youngster ;o) I have also played the bass a bit. I also played the recorder. I think I would like playing the violin :o)

  22. I'm glad to hear that you've been able to get back to playing some music, Sarah! I know I would miss the piano if I wasn't able to play! Currently I play the piano and a little bit of guitar. I would love to learn how to play the mandolin and the violin!


  23. Thank you, Nabila! Piano music is beautiful. :) How neat that you played the bass! My sister played the recorder as well, and it was always fun listening to her. I think you would enjoy playing the violin! It’s one of my favorite instruments not only to listen to, but to play as well.

  24. Thank you, Bianca! That’s wonderful that you play the piano and some on the guitar as well . . . those are both beautiful instruments. I hope you have the opportunity to learn the mandolin and violin sometime!

  25. Yes, Sarah, the Appalachian or lap or mountain dulicmer, all the same. It is placed on the lap and played. If you go to Wiki the one shown there is very similiar to mine. It is an antique that I found totally by accident in Branson for a very good price. :-)

  26. Thank you for answering my question, Mrs. Anne! I went to wikipedia and the lap dulcimer there is beautiful. What a blessing that you were able to find it!

  27. Some how I must have missed your posts about your shoulder... I will be praying that it will continue to get better!

    Ah... there is nothing as enjoyable as playing instruments, worshiping our Savior and just having fun. ;) I too, play the piano. I also play the violin and guitar. That was fun to read all y'all's answers! Thank you for sharing, Sarah! :)

    In Christ,

  28. Thank you so much for your prayers, Mikailah! The Lord has been answering! My shoulder has just in this past week gotten so much better. It has been wonderful to be able to do more and more things now.

    How nice that you play both the piano, violin and guitar! You must be talented. :) I play the violin as well, and the guitar is on my 'wish list' of instruments to learn someday!

    Thank you again, Mikailah!


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