Saturday, October 1, 2011

Time with Ashley and Adelyn

Yesterday afternoon, Leah and I went and picked up Ashley and Adelyn and brought them over to our place for awhile. And what an enjoyable time we had together! We didn't do anything extraordinary, but it was just so pleasant to visit together, walk out and see the animals, hold Adelyn of course :), and just enjoy being together.

Ashley, Leah and Adelyn looking at our new goats (this was the first time that Ashley had seen them.)

We also had our first 'ladies outing' all together - Mom, Leah, Ashley, Adelyn and I - as we went to a garage sale. While I was the only one who found anything, we still had fun! And my main find was something that I had been looking for and had been to JoAnn's just the day before in search of it, but I couldn't find it even there . . . white eyelet fabric. I was quite happy to find 3 3/4 yards of it for $1.00 as well as two pretty cotton prints . . .

After the garage sale, we headed back home and enjoyed more time together before Ryan came to pick up Ashley and Adelyn after his day at work. Though, he stayed for quite awhile as well which made for a fun evening!

Daddy and Mama talking together while watching Adelyn as she slept . . . she fell asleep right before we got home from the garage sale, and then woke up just a few minutes after being brought inside and after this photo was taken. And she was still so tired!

Time for refreshments!

So that is a glimpse into part of our day yesterday . . . just a simple afternoon enjoying time together as a family!


  1. Family life is so enjoyable... :) And what sweet babies! Thank you for sharing some insights into your life, Sarah.

    In Christ,

  2. How Adelyn has grown Sarah!!! What a bargain you found at the garage sale ~I remember buying fabric similar to this to make a "pinny" to put over a dress I made for my daughter Lyndsey about 30 years ago. It was just adorable she called it her Holly Hobbie dress!!!Have a blessed Sunday x

  3. It is indeed, Mikailah! Adelyn is so sweet . . . she adds so much joy to our lives!

  4. She has grown, Marie! And every time I see her she has changed. It's kind of sad in a way, but then exciting, too! The outfit you made for your daughter sounds like it was so cute. Little girls are always adorable in dresses and pinafores. :)

    I hope that you had a blessed Sunday as well!

  5. How fun that you were able to have such a nice time with Ashley and Adelyn! And what a blessing that you were able to find the fabric!

  6. What a nice afternoon! Isn't God so wonderful to bring you what you are wanting when He wants you to receive it! :o) The fabric is beautiful!


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