Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chore Time!

Twice a day choretime comes around, and it is something that I almost always enjoy (there are those days, though, when I'd rather stay inside in the nice, dry warmth instead of heading outside!) It is just so relaxing to care for the animals . . . so peaceful and refreshing to spend that time outdoors. I've mentioned choretime numerous times on here, and I thought it would be fun to give a glimpse into what all that actually entails for me. :) So one day I brought my camera along to capture evening chores in photos (and then a few days later took a few during the morning as well.)

I generally follow the same pattern each evening, but sometimes I mix things up a bit just to have a little change. Lassie, though, is almost without exception taken care of first. She's always eager for her food!

Expectantly waiting while I put the food in her bowl

After Lassie has been fed (and petted of course :), she gets fresh water put in her water bucket as well. Meanwhile, someone is patiently waiting for me to finish up with Lassie, as she knows that she comes next . . .

Kitty gets fed in the barn, and as soon as she sees me start getting her food, she jumps from where she is in the photo, to a little opening in the top of our barn. So by the time I reach the barn door entrance, she is sitting at her food bowl waiting. And after feeding her, she gets fresh water as well . . .

She loves her food! Even petting must come secondary to that. :)

Once Kitty is taken care of, Lassie is about finished eating so I go back over to her and give her her glucosamine pill (she has really bad arthritis, and the glucosamine has done wonders for her!)

Next to do is Dixie and the boys . . . they got two flakes of hay this night. . .

Which they were glad to see . . . they really like getting the fresh hay! (before they can get it, though, they need to just about clean up all the hay that they already have. They can be kind of picky sometimes.)

While in their pen, I also put their salt block back in the tub (they are forever tipping it over), and they were in need of some more baking soda as well (which helps to prevent bloat), so I got them some more of that . . . .

And of course, just as with all of the animals (other than the chickens) there is petting and the like that is done as well. You can't (at least I can't :) take care of the animals without spending some time with them!

Now all that is left for Dixie and the boys is to fill their water tub with fresh water. On the way to the faucet, I enjoyed seeing the chickens out and about. With the sun beginning to set, they were starting to move back closer to their coop . . .

Fresh water for Dixie, Danny Boy and Chevy

After they are finished, the rabbits come next . . .

All the rabbits get at least some petting while I take care of them, but all of the babies get even more attention! They love being petted, and it makes me smile when I reach my hand in there and they all race over trying to get underneath my hand or arm - they just like being touched even if it isn't petting!

Leah does all of feeding and watering of the rabbits (except for the older buck) so all I needed to do over here was give them all some hay and then feed and water the buck. (Though since this post was written, Leah and I have gone back to our old routine with her doing both pellet and hay feeding and then I do all the watering - she had taken over the watering when I hurt my shoulder, but it is well enough now that I can manage the water pitcher again) . . . .

The buck enjoying his hay

With the rabbits finished, it is time to move on to taking care of the chickens . . . and on the way, I stopped to watch the energetic squirrels and blue jays a bit . . .

A gray squirrel enjoying an acorn

When Leah found out what I was taking all of the photos for, she offered to take a few as well. So these next ones are courtesy of her . . .

Me feeding the chickens - they get a couple of scoops of feed morning and night (and their feeder is in the coop) [photo by Leah]

The setting sun . . . I love the golden light that it covers everything in! [photo by Leah]

After feeding the chickens, I gave them fresh water in their coop as well. By this time, the sun was sinking lower, and there was only one more batch of animals to care for . . . Chloe and Sadie. I went inside and measured out their feed for them . . .

And then headed out to bring it to them. On the way, the rooster seemed rather curious as to what I was doing . . . .

As soon as I rounded the corner of the house, this is what greeted me . . .

Very expectant goats! They know that it is their turn after the chickens are done!

Chloe enjoying her feed (they each get fed in their own tub)

While I was out there cleaning up the spilled hay, taking hay out of their salt bucket, and dumping out their old water, Dad came out to put some more hay in their hay feeder . . .

We enjoyed time together watching the goats before I went to fill up their water tub. Right at the corner where their waterer is, is part of what Dad has been working on . . . the new fence! Here is one of the corners . . .

We're making progress! (And there has been much more done since this photo was taken - in fact, it is just about finished now!)

Filling up the water tub

I always enjoy ending my evening chores taking care of the Boers as I like to just lean against the fence and watch the goats, gaze across the beautiful pasture, and see the setting of the sun. And also seeing the moon in the east . . .

There wasn't much of a sunset to see, though, because as the evening wore on, clouds rolled into the west.

And that's what evening chores are like here! (For me anyway :) Leah's are different of course!) Morning chores are simpler for me as I don't have as much to do . . . feeding Lassie, giving hay to the rabbits, giving the chickens a bit of feed, and then also feeding Dixie and the boys their goat feed (Leah does it in the evening). So that Danny Boy and Chevy don't eat Dixie's grain, we put her on a collar and leash and feed her outside the pen. She always anticipates this! So much so that it can be a challenge getting the collar on her. And then when she starts eating you should see her tail going! She wags it just like a dog. :)

Dixie enjoying her morning grain. She is a SLOW eater, so while she eats, I sit on the log and think, pray, and enjoy petting Kitty as well. Most times she comes up during Dixie's feeding time and often spends much of it sitting in my lap being petted.

Another different part of morning chores is cutting up a mangel beet (which we grew a bunch of in the garden this year) to feed to Sadie and Chloe. They go crazy for them!

My "cutting board" - an old stump.

And last but not least I checked on the bee hive, and they had emptied their top feeder of sugar syrup so I gave them another pitcher. They're just about all set for winter now! (The reason they have needed the sugar syrup this fall is that due to the long hot and dry summer and early fall,j just about all of their honey stores were depleted. So we have needed to feed so that they'll have enough stores to last them through the winter.)

So that's generally what choretime looks like around here!

Though there are nights like tonight where they were done out of order and finished up by flashlight. :) Leah and I had been building a hoop house this afternoon for the goats, and weren't able to get it done until just about dark. So chores were a little different!


  1. Lots of fun animals--our children would love to have so many animals to take care of!

    That was sweet of Leah to take the picture of you--you look lovely! :)

  2. i came by last week to comment on some of your post.
    I've been reading, just not a lot of time to have two hands to comment:)

    so here I am today with the older two wacthing the little one for me.

    its a breath of fresh air to come visit you and your posts. reading what your family is up to and the closeness you all share.


    i want to thank you for your advice about levi and piano. we have found a young lady that is graciously offering her time on tuesday to give lessons!
    he will start in january.
    and we are looking at getting some milk goats!!!

    so, to see your lovely photos here today just gets me all excited about doing chores too:)

    take care my friend;)

  3. Work on a 'farmette' is never done! Animals do rely totally on we humans. Your goats made me laugh!

  4. I am sure they would, Joy! And if you all are ever up this way, we’d really like to have you visit and then they could go see them all. :)

    It was sweet of her! And thank you!

  5. Your comments always brighten my day, Amanda! Thank you! And I can understand the lack of time and having two hands to comment. I know you are very busy! (And a good busy. :)

    Thank you for your kind words, and I am glad that you enjoy your visits here. That is the same way I feel when I stop by to visit you at your blog. Isn’t it a blessing that even though we live far apart and have never even met in person that we can encourage one another? Just one blessing from blogging!

    I am glad that the advice was helpful, and how exciting for Levi to be beginning piano lessons! I hope that goes very well for him.

    That’s great that you all might be getting milking goats! I am excited for you! I know that you and your children would love them. :) Have fun planning and preparing, and I look forward to hearing about it on your blog if you all decide to do that!

  6. I’m glad that our goats could bring a little humor, Elizabeth! You should have seen them yesterday . . . you would have really laughed then. We finished our fence so moved Dixie and the little boys into their new pen, and they were racing around, jumping onto the log that is in their pen (for that very purpose), then leaping off again, and kicking up their heels. We sure enjoyed watching them! If they do it again, I’ll have to try to get a video of it to share!

  7. Ahhh...I feel as though a calm has settled over me after reading this post. Well pretty much every post is like that. ;o) I have learned a lot when doing the chores around here with our few animals. How it's better to go slow and enjoy it and not be rushed. There is a certain simplicity about it. :o) Thank you for the glimpse into your chore duties and of course glimpses of all the animals. :o)

  8. I am so intrigued by those who raise farm animals. I keep {half}joking with my husband that pretty soon we're going to have to buy and raise our own cows because we won't be able to afford buying it from the store... At first, he would just shake his head but these days, he's like " just may come to that". Anyways, I'm now following this blog as well as your "Follow in His Footsteps" blog!

  9. Your comment made me smile, Nabila . . . you think the same way I do. :) I know exactly what you mean about how it's better going slow during chores and enjoying the simplicity instead of being rushed. It is so refreshing then!

    And I am glad that you enjoyed the post and the glimpse into what choretime is like here!

  10. Welcome to my blog, Alana, and thank you for your comment! It was nice to ‘meet’ you, and I look forward to visiting your blog. That would be really neat if you all were able to get your own cows sometime! With milk prices (and butter, cheese, etc.) climbing higher, that is one reason why we got a dairy goat (and hope to add another soon.) Since we have only a small acreage, though, cows weren’t an option for us!

    Thank you again for commenting and letting me know that you are following our blogs. I hope that you will enjoy your visits!


Thanks so much for your comment! Each one is read and enjoyed. :)