Monday, November 21, 2011

~ Family ~

When looking through photos recently, I came across these ones that Mom had taken over the past several weeks . . . such special times with family!

Ashley looking through one of our scrapbooks while Adelyn plays with her Daddy's fingers

I love this photo! It was so sweet how whenever Ashley would talk, Adelyn would tip her head back to see her and just grin and grin.

"Look at me! I can stand!"
(She loves standing up like this.)

"Whew! Break time now - that was tiring!"

Adelyn and I enjoyed a very long conversation together one Sunday afternoon - she was very vocal! And I so enjoyed spending this time with her.

Leah and Adelyn on a different Sunday afternoon - and yes, she's standing again! It's one of her favorite positions to be in now.

Oh, the joy of being an aunt to this precious little girl!
(Adelyn and I)


  1. Love looking through pictures and remembering times with family. :o) Thanks for sharing a few snapshots of yours! ;o)

  2. Absolutely adorable, Sarah.

  3. what sweet sweet times! she is a beauty!

  4. What a beautiful little girl :) It's always great to be surrounded by family :)

  5. always, lovely pictures. The junior Pelc family looks wonderfully content and joyful.:-) Adelyn has been blessed to be part of their family, and yours.

    As I read your post, I got to thinking that it will have to be a very special man indeed, who will ever cause you to desire to leave your family and cleave to him. You seem to have a wonderful closeness with your family, and real joy and contentment in living with them and serving them.

    About the it a collection of photos, or something else? Just curious.:-)

    ~ Betsy

  6. I enjoy it also, Nabila. :) And I’m glad that you enjoyed seeing these ones!

  7. She is, isn’t she, Elizabeth?!

  8. They are indeed, Monica! And I would agree :) . . . she is a beautiful baby! With such a sweet personality, too.

  9. She is, Ashley-Joy! And as you mentioned, it is wonderful to be surrounded by family. They are such a blessing!

  10. I will pass your comment about the photos on to my Mom, Betsy. :) They did turn out lovely, and she did a great job of capturing the moment! (I just remembered, I think Leah might have taken one or two of these photos as well . . . so I’ll pass your compliments on to her, too. :)

    I think you summed up the “junior Pelc family” well! We are all so blessed as well to have Adelyn as part of our lives. She is a precious gift from the Lord!

    Your second paragraph made me smile . . . I have indeed been blessed with a wonderful and very close family. I am so thankful to the Lord for them!! And it is a joy to live here with them and to serve them in what ways I can. And if/when the Lord blesses me with marriage and a family of my own, I know that the closeness that we all share will continue even if miles should separate us.

    Yes, the scrapbook is a collection of photos as well as cards and other special things, too. And it is one of many. :) They are really simple, but are so special!

  11. So sweet to see your brother and his family so happy together. :) And I love Adelyn's little precious!

  12. I would agree, Joy. It makes me smile and so happy to see it! Adelyn's dress was made by her Grandma Castleberry . . . isn't it beautiful?! I wish you could see it up close as the embroidery and cutwork in it is do pretty and delicate.


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