Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Precious Moment

This past Sunday after the time of teaching and discussion had come to an end, after singing hymns together to the Lord, and after the meal that we all shared together was finished, we gradually began gathering in the living room . . . after I went in and sat down on the couch, the little six year old girl came and snuggled up next to me, listening as the conversation went on around us.
Both of us together at Maramec Spring

Various scriptural topics were being talked about amongst us all in a casual conversation, and at one point I opened my Bible to look at some of the verses that were being discussed. The Bible then remained open on my lap at John chapters 5 and 6. After a bit, I noticed the little girl leaning over my Bible, carefully focused.

Soon, she looked up at me her face all alight and whispered that she had read part of the chapter! I whispered back encouraging her on her reading and asking if she had understood what she had read. She thought a bit and then answered "yes."

This sequence continued with her reading a bit more, telling me what part she had read, and then me asking her if she understood; and if she hadn't, I would explain it to her. Or sometimes as I listened and took part in the conversation with the adults, a little finger would touch my hand and she would be looking up at me with a question on her face. I would tip my head down to hers and she would whisper to me while pointing "what does this mean?"

The first time that this happened is the one that stood out to me the most, and the verse she did not understand was . . . .

"This is the will of Him who sent Me, that of all that He has given Me I lose nothing, but raise it up on the last day." (John 6:39)

What a joy it was to then explain to this precious little girl in simple words about believing in Jesus Christ, about becoming a child of God and being given forever to Christ, about the coming end of the world and how Christ will raise up and bring to heaven all of those who believe in Him.

After explaining this to her, I asked her if she understood it now, to which a smile and a nod were the answer. As all of this took place, I was reminded once again how children are like little sponges soaking up what we share with them and what they hear and see around them. I was reminded of the childlike faith that we are all called to have . . . a simple trust in God and His Word. And my heart was full of joy and thankfulness to see the sensitivity of this young heart to the Lord and her desire to read and understand His Word!


  1. so,so glad you are sharing this here:)

    ...if only we lived closer:)

  2. p.s.
    I just realized you have an Etsy shop!!!
    I've added you to my favorites:)

  3. Precious!! What a joy that must have been for you.

  4. A Precious Moment indeed. What a blessing to be able to share with such an eager child. The Lord just popped that one right down next to you to share with. :-)
    Blessings to you both and
    Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family,

  5. Those are such special times... I know what a joy it is to explain scripture (and anything else!) to my little nieces and nephews, and the young children I baby-sit. Thank you for sharing, Sarah!

    In Christ,

  6. What a beautiful moment for you both. Times like that are so precious.

  7. Thank you for your comments, Amanda! I wish we lived closer as well . . . I know I would be blessed and encouraged by spending time with you.

    Thank you for adding my shop to your favorites. :) I added yours to mine as well . . . your soaps look beautiful!

  8. It was very much so, Miss Sarah!

  9. Thank you for your comment, Mrs. Anne! It made me smile . . . it was wonderful how the Lord provided this opportunity. And I am so glad my heart and mind were ready to take it!

    Blessings to you as well, and may you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  10. They are, Mikailah! How wonderful that you take the opportunities to explain Scripture (and as you shared, other things as well :), with your nieces, nephews and the young children you baby-sit. Just think of what fruit may be reaped from that!

  11. They are so precious, Elizabeth, and I was very thankful for this one!

  12. Absolutely precious. :o) Thank you for sharing this! I could picture it in my mind. PTL that you are there to help her and be a mentor. :o)

  13. Thank you for your encouraging comment, Nabila! I am so thankful to know this precious little girl (and her siblings) and be able to experience moments such as this. The Lord has blessed so much!

  14. This was so sweet, Sarah, and I'm sure your little friends are so blessed to be able to fellowship with you! I second what Amanda wrote...if only we lived closer (of course, we are close enough that we *should* be able to get together someday!)! :)

  15. Thank you for your sweet comment, Joy! It brightened my day. We do really need to get together one of these days! That would be so enjoyable! :)


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