Monday, November 28, 2011

Putting Up Siding

The day after Thanksgiving promised to be a beautiful one with a forecasted high of 64 and sunny skies . . . and we spent the day out at Ryan and Ashley's putting up siding! Well, some of us put up siding and others did things like make lunch, watch Adelyn, etc. :)

We were all up early Friday morning with Dad loading up the truck and trailer with things needed to do the siding and Leah and I hurrying to get our morning animal chores finished. Dad and Mom headed out first, as Leah and I needed to run a few errands. And no, not because of black Friday! We try to avoid any shopping the day after Thanksgiving (unless it is a rare trip to the fabric store) as it is SO crazy in town, but of all times to run out of rabbit food, we did on Thursday evening. So into town we went to brave the crowds . . . thankfully, we could go to a small little town nearby to get it, and surprisingly, there was hardly any traffic at all there. Our errands quickly dispatched, we headed out to Ryan and Ashley's for a very enjoyable day . . .

Siding was pretty much a two (and sometimes three) person job, so Dad and Ryan worked on that, while Mom did various miscellaneous things outdoors and then helped the men when needed. Ashley, Leah and I were indoors making pizza and crazy bread for lunch, watching Adelyn, and visiting. It was so nice to have that time together!

Leah finding the spices for the pizza dough

Ashley making the dough for the crazy bread

Meanwhile, work on the siding was progressing (and this photo was taken through the living room window while I took a brief break from pizza making to take a few photos.)

Once the pizzas and crazy bread were finished baking, we called lunch and the workers came indoors. We enjoyed a pleasant lunch break, and Dad was able to spend some time holding Adelyn. I love watching him with her! He's such a great Grandpa . . .

"Hmm, which is more interesting, the toy or the fingers? Fingers!"

Smiles all around

But eventually there was a tired little girl with tears in her eyes in need of Mommy . . . the tears quickly vanished and smiles took their place once that need was met!

After lunch was finished, Dad, Ryan, and Mom headed back out while Ashley put Adelyn down for her nap and Leah and I cleaned up the kitchen. Then while I washed up the dishes, Leah went outside and took some photos of the work being done out there . . . .

Ryan measuring for the next siding piece

Dad taking the other needed measurement

Then it's time to saw the siding piece

And up it goes!

While Dad and Mom hold it in place, Ryan nails it in

Progress! It is looking so nice so far. It is a long process, though, so I'm sure we'll be having more 'siding days' sometime in the future when the weather is decent!

Leah and I had to leave pretty soon after these photos were taken as we needed to get home to take care of all of the animals before dark. But before we left, we enjoyed a really great time of visiting with Ashley. Then goodbyes were said, and we headed home with Dad and Mom to follow a couple of hours later. It was a wonderful day, and it was great to be able to see how much was able to be done on the siding!


  1. What a great day to spend time helping out your family! It was a really nice day. We didn't do black Friday but we headed over to a little town called Rosebud and hit a few antique shops. We had a great time.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time... ;) Helping family and working together is so enjoyable. Thank you for sharing your pictures! ;)

    In Christ,

  3. Thank you for sharing the last two posts, Sarah! We missed our relatives this year since we didn't travel back to Vermont for Thanksgiving. But at least we had church family to be with, which was such a blessing!

    How nice that you were able to work together on Ryan's house (reminds me of some posts about a year and a half ago!).

    And I always love seeing pictures of Adelyn - how she has grown! I love when they get to that smiley looks like she is there now! I especially like that picture of her with Ashley - how sweet!

    Hope you have a great week!

  4. That sounds like such a fun day! I can't think of a nicer way to spend a day than working together with family to accomplish a big project.:-) It's great that at least some of the siding got up before the snow you said, hopefully there will be more days like this for siding parties!

    A few comments on the inside photos...I love Ashley's spice rack, and the little cupboard she formed for it! It appears she has put together a nice recipe binder as well, just like you and Leah. Speaking of Leah, please tell her I really like her hair up that way...very attractive!

    Perhaps sometime you could share the crazy bread recipe you all enjoyed? I believe you've already shared the homemade pizza one.

    I wholeheartedly agree about staying away from the stores to shop on Black Friday, Sarah. Although one year, our church did get a large group together-including my husband and our two oldest children--and they went to some of the stores and passed out free hot chocolate, donuts, and gospel tracts to shoppers in the parking lot. People were absolutely amazed that a church group would come out on Black Friday to give them something free, expecting nothing in return.:-)

    And even though we didn't go out to the stores this year, I did take advantage of some great online sales, for a nice headstart on Christmas shopping. Shopping from the comfort of one's living room is quite pleasant!:-)

    ~ Betsy

  5. It was, Monica! It sounds like you all had a wonderful day as well. Any day antiquing is bound to be, though. :) Glad you had such a good time! It’s funny that you should mention, Rosebud . . . I’ve been there! Many years ago, right around there is where my sister, Leah, got her Golden Retriever.

  6. I would agree, Mikailah! We love spending time together working . . . it seems like those times make the best memories. You’re welcome in regards to sharing!

  7. You’re welcome, Anna! And I am glad that you enjoyed them. :) I am sure you did miss not spending that time with your relatives, but how nice that you were able to spend it with your church family. Brothers and sisters in the Lord are such a blessing!

    This post is reminiscent of back when we were working on the house before, isn’t it?! That’s what Leah and I were talking about when we were running the errands and then heading out there . . . “this feels just like what it used to when we were building the house!” Ah, the memories. :)

    Adelyn has grown so much! She can roll over now and seems quite proud of her accomplishment. She also has really progressed with her eye contact and loves to watch people and follow them with her eyes. And yes, she is definitely in the smiley stage now, and it’s so fun trying to elicit smiles from her. Which isn’t too difficult. :) It is so special watching her grow!

    I hope that you have a wonderful week as well!

  8. It was a fun day, Betsy! It’s always special being able to spend time working together as a family. And hopefully, as you shared, we’ll be able to get more siding up soon!

    Ashley’s spice rack is nice, isn’t it? And it was so creative how she is using the crate that it is in . . . it’s an antique orange crate, and it really looks nice up there on the counter! The recipe binder was actually a wedding shower gift from Leah and I to her. And I passed on your comment to Leah, and she said that that was sweet of you to say, and thank you!

    I would be happy to share the crazy bread recipe with you, but . . . I don’t have it. :) It’s Ashley’s recipe, but she’s going to be sharing it with me. It is a family favorite now as it is so delicious!

    What a wonderful thing to do on Black Friday! I am sure that was a blessing to many, and hopefully, some hearts were turned to Christ through it.

    Online shopping is nice, isn’t it? :) As you shared, it is quite pleasant being able to shop from the comfort of your home!

  9. It looks like you had such a fun time! Adelyn is so cute! :)

  10. We did, Joy! And I quite agree with your comment about, Adelyn. :)

  11. Looks like such a nice day spent together! :o) What all do you feed your rabbits?

  12. We did, Nabila! We just feed our rabbits pellets and then generous amounts of hay as well. Eventually we would like to branch out and feed more garden produce/greens, but we haven't done that yet. Hope that helps to answer your question!


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