Friday, December 2, 2011

Fence Building

After working on it for quite awhile as time and resources permitted, our goat fence is finally finished! Since this post, Dad put in some really long days out there (including several during all-day rain), and the week before Thanksgiving week, Leah and I joined him (as there were things we could help with now) and worked from right after chores were finished in the morning until dark. The reason for the hurried pace was that we needed to have the fence finished the Thursday before Thanksgiving as we were scheduled to pick up an Alpine buck to have Dixie bred to.

Sadly, I didn't get any photos of the main fence building! It was a very involved project, though, from putting in all of the wood posts (many of which were put in concrete), putting in the t-posts, building the H-braces, putting on the brace wire on each of the H-braces, putting up the fencing on each side (which is much more labor intensive than it sounds as it involves stretching the wire and then lots of wire cutting and twisting to attach the wire to each of the corner posts and the gate posts), stapling the fencing onto the wood posts, wiring it onto the t-posts (Leah's and my job :), and I think I am forgetting something, but that should give an idea of what a big project it was!

Dad building the divider inside the large fence enclosure to divide the two pens

In addition to helping Dad with the actual fence, Leah and I also built two hoop houses. On the first one, we were racing to finish it before dark fell and the other, before we went to pick up the buck, and we managed to finish them both just in time!

Chloe and Sadie's hoop house with the hay feeder inside (we later had to move it back out, though, as Chloe wasn't letting Sadie get in to eat any hay. She's a little protective of what she deems 'her' food.)

Leah wiring the cattle panel to the t-post supports in the back. There are also two re-bar stakes at the base of each cattle panel to hold it in place and those needed to be wired on as well.

e last few days before we went to pick up the buck were a flurry of activity, and while very tiring, they were fun as well. And our goal was met! The fence is entirely finished save for finishing running the inside electric lines on the Boer side of the pen, sawing off the tops of the posts to make them level with each other, and putting in permanent gates. What a relief it is to finally have it done!!

Dad putting on one of the temporary gates

It was so nice to be able to put the goats into their new pens, and we enjoyed just standing and watching them for a long time. Dixie and the little boys had a blast racing around, jumping on a log that is in their pen, and then leaping off of it again . . . around and around they went which provided much entertainment!

And here is the very satisfying end result of all of our labor . . .

Looking down the inside of the fence. Dixie and the boys have the first part (which is smaller), and Chloe and Sadie have the larger back pen.

Another view of it from further back (and right to the left of the pen is the stand with the electric fencer and electrical outlets as well. The outlets came in handy while we were building the fence!)

A front view of Dixie and the boy's pen

Looking down the fence from the far end of the pen

Chloe enjoying the evening sunshine

Little Danny Boy with Sadie in the background (And Betsy, you will be glad to know that we decided to keep both Danny and Chevy :) [so that we'll always have companion animals if we should need them.])

And Louie . . . the buck we have right now on 'loan'. He's a character!

So there's a glimpse into what filled a lot of our end of October/beginning of November! Now the next big project . . . building stalls in our barn for when Sadie and Chloe have their babies. Which is only about a month and a half away now!


  1. The pens look really nice, Sarah.
    Louie does look like he would be quite the character! :-)
    I have a particular fondness for Little Danny Boy. He's my favorite. :-)
    Weekend blessings,

  2. The pen looks very nice. I am sure it was quite a job, but a job that was worth the labor. Thank you for sharing, Sarah!

    In Him,

  3. It all looks very professional Sarah.
    I think you might have to teach Chloe about sharing!

  4. Thank you, Mrs. Anne! I'm kind of partial to Danny Boy, too. :) He's just so cute and sweet!

    May you have a blessed weekend as well!

  5. Thank you, Mikailah! Yes, it was a big job, but definitely worth it. I am glad it's done, though!

  6. Thank you, Elizabeth! Yes, I think Chloe could use some sharing lessons. :) We're working with her on her manners a bit, but she's a slow learner!

  7. Goodness, Sarah! That's a tremendous amount of work, and what a wonderful feeling of satisfaction it must bring to have completed it by your deadline. Everything does indeed look quite professional.

    It would be very interesting to see how things have changed over the years on your little farm. Perhaps sometime you could do a "before, after" post of your homestead! Just in the short time I've been reading your blog, you have cleared and built and added and done so many things!:-)

    ~ Betsy

  8. Thank you for your comment, Betsy! It was a lot of work, but yes, so satisfying to have it finished. And by our deadline, too!

    I had that thought cross my mind that I should do a “before, after” post of our place . . . maybe in the spring when things are nice and green. Awhile back I was looking through photos from a few years ago, and it was amazing how much our place has changed. Little by little we are getting closer to where we would like to be!

  9. Oh it looks great! :o) We are working on planning out fence building as well! But it's to protect our garden ;o) All the goats look so happy! :o) I would like to get goats too but that's when we get our own place ;o) We are just fortunate that our friends that own the house don't mind us gardening and having animals. ;o)

  10. Thank you, Nabila! Oh, a garden fence would be a wonderful thing, wouldn't it?! For some reason unwelcome critters have a special affinity for the garden. :) I hope that your fence building goes well for you!

    Maybe someday you'll have your own place and be able to have goats, but until then, what a blessing that your friends let you all garden and have animals where you live now!


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