Friday, December 16, 2011

The Lending Library

Books. One type of item that it seems that I could always use more of :) . . . I don't know what it is about them, but even just looking at a bookshelf full of books gives me a little thrill. Perhaps it is because inside of those books can be treasures of wisdom, enjoyment, insight, instruction, encouragement, inspiration and more. Or perhaps it is because the types of books I like are generally antiques or Lamplighter books and those types of books have such beauty in the covers and pages!

Either way, I love books. :) And I have really enjoyed over the years to gradually be adding to my collection. From antique stores, thrift stores, garage sales, and library book sales
(you can hardly beat prices of $0.25 and $0.50!), and buying online from places like e-bay and goodwill (where we got most of our Lamplighters.)

One main impetus for both Leah and I to be building our libraries now is for if/when the Lord should bless us with families of our own someday. It would be so much easier to build up a nice collection now rather than later when one might need the books! Now, we can take our time, watch for good deals, and also be v
ery selective and try to build a well balanced collection . . . good, moral, God-honoring fiction; books on science, history, math and more; different grade levels of readers; and the list goes on.

Some of my Lamplighters, plus a few other books, too

And as books are added, we slowly make our way through reading all of them, and first, see if the book is worth keeping. Generally, by the time it has gone past the original perusal before purchasing it, it is most likely a 'keeper'! If the book is one we will keep, we may do some editing in it using a handy dandy tip that was shared with me by my friend, Joy (thank you, Joy! :) . . .

Wite-out! Now even if a book might have small objectionable parts in it, we can simply white them out (or sometimes we even glue pages together or remove whole pages.) It is surprising som
etimes what is put in books for children! So little by little, Leah and I are reading through all of our books and editing them. Right now I am primarily reading history books (of which I have a lot!), and I am enjoying it as history is something that I have always been interested in.

Some of the history books

Yet, neither Leah or I want our books to just sit on our shelves until a possible 'someday' . . . so not only do we read the books to little friends who come to visit and to our sweet niece, Adelyn, but we started our own 'lending library'!

Some of the Eloise Wilkin's Golden Books . . . her books are really nice

It sounds more official than what it really is :), but basically, we're loaning out books a few at a time to some of the children that we know. It has been so wonderful doing this, and then hearing how much they enjoyed the books and their favorite parts, and then their excitement when they can take new ones home with them!

Some recent ones that were just returned

It is so nice seeing the books being used and enjoyed by others!


  1. How very impressive! I love books too. But I haven't a collection quite like this. I really need to organize them on the shelves! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Books are such fun, aren't they? I'm slowly trying to build my library, as well. How nice that you are able to lend your books to your little friends :)

    That's a great idea to white out objectionable sections of books, or simply glue the pages together.

    If you ever have the time to share, I'd be interested in hearing what your standards are for books.

    Have a lovely evening!

    p.s. I'm thinking I'll have more time this winter to actually comment on your blog when you post =)

  3. I am always in awe of the books you are able to find and buy for your library. Its such a blessing to watch it grow and grown and grow. I think its so good to share books so others can love them too.

    Your little niece you can read the children books too already, never too young to start.

    I love books and I gree on your library growing to that time of being blessed with families of your own. I am praying for both of you as you will one day make great moms and wives. You are learning and teaching so much how to be good women of God.


  4. Books are a huge part of my life too, Sarah. I cant imagine a world without them.
    You have some very interesting titles on your shelf!

  5. Thank you for your comment, Monica! And you’re welcome. :) Well, having my books organized and on shelves is only a fairly recent thing! (And I still have some books stashed away in a cupboard and drawer as I ran out of room.) It is so nice to finally have most of them organized and have easy access to them. When you have the opportunity to organize yours, have fun!

  6. They are indeed, Amy! That is wonderful that you are working on building up your library as well. Have fun with it!

    The white out idea has been great for us . . . there were books that without it, I would have gotten rid of due to a few small things in them (such as language, evolution; or in history books, a little bit too graphic descriptions of violence), but now those books can be kept and enjoyed/used.

    My standard for books isn’t really a ‘set in stone’, well organized method/standard or anything like that! I would be happy to share about it with you, though, and I’ll plan on doing so when I reply to your e-mail (which was so encouraging by the way! Thank you so much!) But I’ll share just a bit here, too, on the more major things :) . . . there are certain things that I definitely would not want to have in books for children to read (immorality, false doctrine, swearing, magic, graphic violence, etc. – and it has been surprising to me how these things are sometimes subtly referred to in ‘secular’ books for children [by secular, I mean those not written from a Christian perspective.]) Books with those things in them are either gotten rid of, or if the portions are small (say an occasional paragraph or sentence), then I white them out.

    I am also careful in regards to what attitudes and character are shown as right or wrong. (For example, if the main character is disobedient to parents and that is shown as being alright.) Regardless, though, any book that I keep has to be one that will overall be edifying . . . that will encourage good character and morals, encourage godliness and one’s relationship with the Lord, or will strengthen family relationships. A book that does otherwise, I don’t keep. :)

    So that is a basic ‘groundwork’ of how I evaluate books, but I know I am missing something! And it is certainly not complete. Again, I’ll share a bit more when I write to you!

    That would be so nice if you were able to comment more often now. It always brightens my day to hear from you!

  7. Thank you for your comment, Kathleen! I am glad that you enjoy the book posts and seeing the new books added to our collections. It is fun to share about them!

    I would agree, children are never too young to have books read to them! Already we have been enjoying reading to Adelyn, and she seems to like it, too.

    Thank you so much for your sweet words, the encouragement, and your prayers . . . it warmed my heart to read what you shared. Thank you!!

  8. I know what you mean, Elizabeth! I certainly am thankful for them. There are some interesting titles . . . and many of them are favorites of mine. :)

  9. Ah, Sarah, we are indeed kindred spirits regarding books! And I just love the shelf you have for them in your room, and how neatly organized they are. Where did you all get that shelf again? I remember you posted about it before.

    Perhaps you can do some more book reviews some time. And share a list of some of your favorite titles!:-)

    ~ Betsy

  10. Thanks Sarah, my love of books great from the time I was little, my dad absoultely loved to read books from the library to my brother and myself. I believe it was not only the love of books but my dad loved to read them to us, that makes a huge difference, it wasn't a chore but fun for him, he would re--read over and over and over again when we would say, daddy again and he would.

    I remember one time we went to this new library and I asked how many books can I take out and were told as many as I could carry. I staggered with a huge armful sky high of books struggling to make it to the car which was quite a ways away. I did make it though.

    That is a great idea Amy that you gave to Sarah about using the white out as so many books these days do swear in them and terrible stuff said.

    I loved to read to the little ones I looked after to give them the love of books like I recieved in my life.

    I have read that its important for the little ones to see their parents reading and loving to read and the children will too.

    Plus for schooling its better for them to love to read.

    Today so many do not know how to read and go through school not knowing how to read anything and that makes me so sad hearing that.

    You really have to check out the books to see what is inside them even little childrens books due to how they talk in it, things you don't want little ones to speak like and even as adults.

    I have stacks of books in boxes and bins waiting one day in putting them out.

    I think lots of us have that.


  11. I think you are right, Betsy! The shelf was from a university surplus auction . . . we were able to get three of them, and they are so nice. And I love being able to have almost all of my books out and organized!

    I’ll have to see about doing more book reviews . . . I hadn’t really thought about doing those, but that’s a great idea! Oh, and if you wanted to see some of my favorite titles, the link at the top of the page, “bookshelf”, has a rather extensive list. :)

  12. It sounds like you love books as well, Kathleen! And how wonderful to have all of those memories about your Dad reading to you and your brother. How sweet! It is always special, I think, to hear of Daddies doing things like that with their children.

    Can I ever relate to your library story! We did that a number of times as well . . . we loved checking out lots of books!

    I am sure the little ones that you looked after, loved ‘story time’ with you. :)

    I would agree, it is so important to check the books before letting children read them . . . as I shared in this post, it is surprising what things can sometimes be in books for children!

  13. What a sweet idea, Sarah, to share your books with other children! We have a lot of the same books--we especially love the sweet Eloise Wilkins books. When Faith was a toddler the Eloise Wilkins books were always what she wanted me to read to her. She still loves them.

    You're welcome for the Wite-Out idea! :)

  14. Oh I just love books too! <3 With all of the moving we did as kids I remember we always had SO many books. Both my parents are lovers of books as well. I find I never have enough time to get everything done and read! ;o) Thanks for sharing some of your collection. I have a good number of the books you have pictured ;o)

  15. Thank you for your comment, Joy! That’s neat that you all have some of Eloise Wilkins books as well . . . they are some of my favorite childrens books. And like Faith, they were ones that I always wanted to have read to me when I was little! And it has been so nice to be able to pull them out again and read them to the children that we know. They always enjoy them!

  16. It sounds like we are quite alike when it comes to books, Nabila. :) And I can relate to not having enough time to read! I am learning to squeeze in bits of reading here and there, and it is surprising how quickly one can get through a book in that way.

    That’s interesting that you have a good number of the same books that I have. I am sure you and your children enjoy them! And you’re welcome for sharing!


Thanks so much for your comment! Each one is read and enjoyed. :)