Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Little Visitor

Look who came to visit!

Ryan and Ashley needed someone to watch Adelyn yesterday afternoon, and Leah and I were more than willing!

We had a wonderful time together . . . 'talking', playing, snuggling . . . and then towards the end of our time together, she began getting really tired and wanted
Mommy. As we walked and rocked her in hopes of having her fall asleep, she would let out these little whimpers from time to time. Singing to her helped her to quiet and relax, but it wouldn't last very long. Leah and I took turns trying to rock and sing her to sleep, and eventually, the little whimpers began to escalate and little tears tracked down her cheeks.

Leah was trying to comfort her when a thought came to my mind . . . our singing generally quiets her, so what about piano music? I sat down at the piano, opened the hymnal and began to play. Almost instantly her crying ceased and by the end of the song her head was nestled on Leah's shoulder and her eyes were shut. But as soon as I would stop, her eyes would pop back open again. So I played until she was in a deep sleep, and then gradually let the playing slow down and get softer and then stop.

Our precious, tired niece was finally getting the sleep that she needed. She slept until our Dad and Mom got home and just a few minutes before Ryan and Ashley arrived as well. With the little nap and then seeing Mommy, everything was all right again!

Leah and Adelyn enjoying time together before Adelyn got tired and fussy - she was really interested in the camera here :)

What a precious little blessing she is . . . a very special gift from the Lord!


  1. How sweet! Isn't it interesting how music calms children and adults alike! What a sweet, precious blessing from the Lord! ;) Thank you for sharing, Sarah.

    In Christ,

  2. I'm sure she thoroughly enjoyed her time with her sweet Aunts.
    She looks just like her Mama & Daddy.:)

  3. I can see why you and Leah are always ready, willing, and able to take care of little Adelyn. She's such a precious, beautiful little thing! I imagine that Ashley and Ryan are quite smitten with her.

    It will be so fun to watch her continue to grow and develop; to learn to sit and crawl and walk and talk. Hopefully you'll share some of those milestones with us as well, Sarah!

    ~ Betsy

  4. Adelyn is growing so fast, and she is absolutely adorable! She is very blessed to have two very loving aunties to look after her when she needs babysitting!

    Getting fractious babies to sleep can be difficult, especially when they really want their mummy; thank you for sharing about your experience. It was very sweet to read how Adelyn would open her eyes at first when you stopped playing!


    P.S. On Friday I believe that all my comments were left as 'anonymous'. It was totally accidental – I later discovered that Java-Script was turned off, which explained why blogger wasn't working properly for me! So, I was the anonymous commenter on your post about Sadie – my apologies!

  5. Awww...she is *so* cute!! Thank you for sharing the pictures with us! How old is she now?


  6. Amazing what you have to do to be kept on your toes with little ones around and mommy is not there when they want them so bad.

    I have found movement too, rocking or standing up and doing the swaying that moms do. I did that alot with little ones I looked after. Just being quiet and calm is very important with little ones, if you stress out at all, they will cry like something else.

    Music is really good, also driving in car is calming for lots of babies and children.

    Happy to hear that you playing the music helped your little neice to go to sleep and that you worked it out to slowly get quieter and then stop when she fully asleep.

    Isn't it such a relief when they do espeically when mommy is not there to take them.

    Even daddies struggld with little ones as when they want mommy, no one else will do for them.

    That is nice that they have such reliable aunties caring for their little daughter and came home to such peace.

    blessing to you all


  7. It is interesting, Mikailah! And I would agree wholeheartedly with you . . . she is indeed such a sweet, precious blessing from the Lord. I am so thankful for her!!

  8. I think she enjoyed it, Ellen. :) I know we certainly did! She does look a lot like Ryan and Ashley . . . sometimes more like one than the other, but I can definitely see some of both of them in her.

  9. Your comment made me smile, Betsy! Isn’t she so precious?! And so much more so in person!! And yes, Ryan and Ashley love her dearly . . . she is such an endearing little girl.

    Oh yes! It is going to be so fun watching her continue to grow! She has started to scoot around now (though, we have yet to see it – Ryan and Ashley just told us about it. :) And she is starting to kind of sit up a bit some, too . . . but she doesn’t have much coordination with that and generally ends up with her nose on her toes. :) And I look forward to continuing to share on my blog as she grows and changes!

  10. She is, Anna! And I would agree with your sentiments. :) She is so adorable, and so sweet as well! We are blessed to be her aunts and so thankful for the opportunities we have to spend time with her.

    It can be difficult getting them to sleep! (You sound like you are speaking from practical experience. :) And now we know one way that helps with Adelyn. Music! I wonder how successful that will be next time . . . .

    That’s fine about your comments, Anna. I thought they were all from you, so please don’t worry about it! But thank you for letting me know that it was you . . . it always makes me curious when there is a nameless ‘anonymous’ commenter. :)

  11. I would agree, Bethany! And you’re welcome for sharing. :) She is five months now . . . wow, time has flown!

  12. Thank you for your sweet comment, Kathleen! Isn’t it interesting how babies seem to quiet down with movement? And with Adelyn we found that she prefers side to side movement as opposed to back and forth (like in a rocking chair.) Though sometimes she likes to be rocked as well.

    It was a relief when she finally went to sleep! She was so tired and sad, and I felt so bad for her. Thankfully she was able to get some sleep that she needed and then shortly after have Daddy and Mommy come back.

    Thank you again, and blessings to you as well!

  13. Hah! You got to love babies! ;o) Glad she finally settled down for you! :o)

  14. They are so precious, aren't they, Nabila?! Such sweet gifts from the Lord!


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