Saturday, January 7, 2012

Getting Close to Kidding Time!

First it was a rabbit barn (from back when we used to raise lots of rabbits), then it was used for storing things in (lawnmower, tiller, garden tools, etc.), and now, Dad entirely revamped it, and it has become our goat barn . . .

The almost finished barn . . . the new door is on the right side and is in the process of being built. The old door has a temporary board across it to keep it from being pushed open by Chloe (her stall is right on the other side.).

He's amazing when it comes to things like this, and it turned out so nice! Better than I could have envisioned it being. He finished it on Wednesday of this week, and Leah and I put down fresh bedding in each of the stalls. We moved Chloe and Sadie the same day which went much better than what we had expected.

Chloe in her new kidding stall

You see, Sadie is still down and is unable to walk or stand. She's had kind of a rough time of it the past five/six weeks, but she hasn't given up. In fact, her attitude has been, overall, really good through everything. Though, she has gotten a little tired of her couple of times a day exercise and therapy sessions! :) There was one time, however, (in the midst of the waterline saga) when we thought we might lose her, but we were able to pull her through for which we were so thankful.

In her condition, though, the question that we gave much thought to the past few weeks was . . . how to get her to the barn? We ended up making a stretcher of sorts out of a canvas tarp and at each end, I sewed a sleeve for a length of sturdy pipe to go through. At the bottom of the stretcher, Dad put a piece of plywood a bit bigger than what Sadie is when she is lying down which we then covered with hay. With Leah pulling on her horns, and me pushing/lifting on her hind end, we managed to get her onto the stretcher.

Ryan had come over to help us carry her since she is so heavy, and Sadie did amazing on her 'trip'! We wondered if she might panic, but she just laid there nice and calm. We got her transferred into the barn, and she loves her new home! Chloe was moved next, and we just put a collar and lead on her to get her to the barn.

Sadie in her kidding stall (and there is a place to store hay between the two stalls as you can see on the left of this photo

And Chloe in hers

The girls really liked their new stalls, and especially Sadie as she could move herself all around in it with using her front legs to pull and her back legs to push. And she's enjoying all of the room to stretch out, too. :)

All was going well until the next morning, when Sadie seemed even more uncomfortable than what she had been and not only that, she was straining/pushing fairly intensely and looked like she was beginning to prolapse. Dad tried to get a hold of the vet we had talked to before about her, but was unable to so he called the veterinary teaching hospital. And we are SO glad that he did! A very knowledgeable vet and her team were out here within about an hour after Dad called and were examining Sadie thoroughly and finding out what was going on.

Our Sadie girl

They did an excellent job (and charged a very reasonable fee, by the way), and we felt so relieved hearing what they had to say. In a few words, the vet thinks (due to what she felt) that there is a good possibility that Sadie has triplets instead of the twins which she had been sonogramed with early in her pregnancy, and Sadie just doesn't have enough room in her for all of them. So they are causing the pressure and what looked like to us, a huge amount of swelling in her hind end which we had thought was fluid retention (which would not have been a good thing.)

So other than being down (and by her exam of Sadie's worst leg, the vet thought there was at some point a break in it up high on the leg where it had calcified - that could help explain some things!), overall Sadie is pulling her own and doesn't necessarily have anything physically wrong with her (like an illness or some type of deficiency.) She just doesn't have enough room for her kids. She is quite uncomfortable and has her ups and downs . . . and we are taking it hour by hour hoping she can make it to Monday without deteriorating. Monday would be late enough in her pregnancy (five days before her due date) that her kids would have a high viability rate, and at that time, the vet suggested we induce her - for Sadie's sake and for the kids' sakes.

A very pregnant Chloe!

In the meantime, we are enjoying watching and feeling the movement of the kids (which is so neat! new life is truly a miracle and so amazing), and we are keeping a very close eye on Sadie and Chloe (who is also due on Monday) for signs of labor. While we wait, we've also been finishing up our last preparations for kidding . . .

Our kidding/veterinary kit that Leah put together

Towels, kidding notebook, and hair-blow drier all ready and waiting

And colostrum just in case . . . we'll be bottle feeding Sadie's kids, but if we can't get colostrum from her or from Chloe for Sadie's kids, we'll use this.

Plus, we had also been enjoying the beautiful weather we had been having . . . 60+ degrees for a couple of days!

The chicken coop and pen

The bees were out and about on the warmer days . . . and I wish I would have had my camera with me when they were out in full force - the entrance was covered with them! So far, they're looking great and the hive is still very heavy which is a good sign!

Dixie and the boys enjoying the sunny 64 degree day

So . . . Monday will start the kidding adventure for us! (if not before.) It looks like it will be an exciting and busy day . . . I am very much looking forward to the kids being born, but am a little nervous as well. Hopefully all will go well and I'll have photos of our new babies to share soon!


  1. Dear Sarah,

    I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your goat barn! :) What a nice little house for your 'girls'.

    Aw... Poor Sadie. I will be praying for her, and her birthing process. And Chloe's. ;)

    I am looking forward to seeing the new kids! ;)

    Blessings in Christ,

  2. I do hope that Chloe and Sadie have trouble free times this week. I'll be thinking of them, and you as you work as midwives.

  3. How come you don't raise lots of rabbits anymore? I thought you and Leah still have few rabbits? Where are they being kept? Another barn?

    How exciting about Sadie & Chloe giving birth to kids soon! I hope their birth will go well and that Sadie's triplets are alright! I can't wait to see more pictures!

  4. I hope kidding goes well.

  5. I hope that your kidding goes well for you all today, Sarah. I shall be checking back to read more – and hopefully see some photos of some lovely little kids!

    I am sorry that Sadie is still down. I shall be praying that things improve with her once she has had her kids; it must be hard work for you while she is ill.


  6. So exciting! I hope all goes well. Looking forward to baby pictures. :)

  7. Oh I'm so excited! :o) I can't wait! I love new babies of any kind. I hope dear Sadie is able to pull through!

  8. I am glad that you enjoyed them, Mikailah! And thank you for your comment. :)

    I know, I feel so bad for Sadie, too . . . thank you so much for your prayers for her and for the birthing process. They were needed and answered! (And there will be more about that in a post coming soon. :) As well as photos of our new additions!

  9. Thank you, Elizabeth! There is a post coming soon about what transpired with Sadie and her kids this week. It went well overall! And we're still waiting on Chloe . . . she's taking her time. :)

  10. It just wasn't the direction we were wanting to go anymore, Leah, though we do certainly still have rabbits! Quite a number of them actually, and yes, they are in a different area now. We have a lean-to shelter over by the chickens and that is where the rabbits are.

    Thank you for your comment about Chloe and Sadie! I have a post just about finished about that and with photos, too. Hope you enjoy!

  11. Thank you, Anna! Things have gone pretty well overall, though we are still waiting on Chloe. She's taking her time! And I just about have a post finished about Sadie and her kids. It has lots of photos, too, so I hope you enjoy it!

    And thank you for your prayers for Sadie . . . she has had a rough time of it, and we're discovering even more that she has had to be dealing with. But the vet is optimistic about her walking again so we'll just have to wait and see what all the therapy can do for her!

  12. It is, Rachel! And thank you. Baby pictures will be coming soon!

  13. Thank you for your comment, Nabila! And I can well relate . . . I love new babies of any kind. Except for maybe reptilian ones. :) And thank you! Sadie has made it so far, and the vet is optimistic about her recovery. We'll just have to wait and see what happens!


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