Thursday, January 19, 2012

January Days

Our January days have slowed down to a relaxing pace and after enjoying a beautiful almost 70 degree day on Monday, colder weather has returned making it nice and cozy indoors. Though, chores are taking a little longer now because of that! Thankfully, though, we have only had a few days when we needed to do them three times a day due to frozen waterers.

The moon early in the morning when I went out to check on Chloe and Sadie before Sadie had her kids

The days are slowly slipping by bringing spring closer, and I am enjoying each and every one of them . . . enjoying those little things that add so much to life . . . like seeing the nestboxes full with hens nestled down in them . . .

Playful gray squirrels down in the woods . . .

Buds on the fruit trees just waiting for spring . . .

A cheerful little Yellow-Rumped Warbler flitting through the trees . . .

Bright green amidst all of the brown . . .

With the chillier weather the past few days, I have also been able to spend more time indoors up in the sewing room and made a skirt this week and did some more machine quilting as well.

And of course, Aurora and Legacy add a lot to the days! We have been bottle feeding four times a day now so are down to only one middle of the night feeding. Over the next few days, though, we should be able to eliminate that as well.

Lacy on the left and Rora on the right

They are growing so much, and have recently discovered that they can jump! Making it difficult to keep them safely inside of their little pen that we have indoors. Dad is working on building a new and taller enclosure for them, and we are looking forward to when we can use that.

Sweet Rora who is starting to look a bit like her mom

Their personalities sure are developing, and Legacy is turning out to be the rambunctious one! She's the smaller of the two, but definitely the most lively. Aurora is more laid back, though she still loves to play. It is so cute watching them leap up in the air and twist and turn! Once it warms up outside again, we'll start taking them outdoors to run around and play which will be fun.

I just realized that I never shared about naming them! We wanted names that had some kind of meaning for them, and after brainstorming together for awhile, we named baby #1 Aurora (or Rora for short) which means "dawn" in
Spanish. (We were trying to think of something that had to do with "beginning" since she is the first baby goat born on our place.) Then we named baby #2 Legacy (or Lacy for short) since she is the last kid that Sadie will ever have.

And speaking of Sadie, I have great news regarding her . . . she has stood up on her own every day this week! We couldn't believe it on Monday when Leah went in to feed her her grain, and she stood up! We had been making her stand on her front legs before we would give her her grain, but she surprised us by getting all the way up off the ground! Then each day since, she has stood up once on her own. Today was her best stand as she was up for about a minute and was steady on her feet the whole time instead of being wobbly like she had been the other times. She also stretched herself while standing, and she sure seemed to enjoy that! And instead of falling to the ground after standing for awhile, she lowered herself down. She is making so much progress!

Her bad leg she still can't use much other than using it more like a balance point, though this morning, she did put a tiny bit of weight on it. So with Sadie standing up on her own some, and Leah and I getting her up several times a day and continuing to exercise and do therapy with her when she is lying down, it is looking promising that she will walk again someday!


  1. I love the picture of Lacy & Rora touching their faces together and looking up at your camera to show you that they love each other.

    Does Sadie realized that her kids aren't in the same pen as her so she can mother them or she's in pain to forget that she does have kids? Since the kids' birth, have you taken Lacy & Rora to see their mother sometimes or not yet? Just wondering if you will put them together again someday as a family or you will keep them separate.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Seeing a new post from you really makes my day. Your faith-filled, homesteading life is an inspiration to me and one I strive for. I am so glad that Sadie is starting to stand a little. I pray that she regains more strength each day. Legacy and Aurora are so cute. I just love to watch little goats run, jump and play.

  3. I love the moon picture, Sarah! And your little goats are just adorable!

  4. These are lovely photos, Sarah. Thank you for sharing, and Rora and Lacy are so very cute! I'm glad Sadie is getting better =D.

    Blessings in Christ,
    ~Joy @
    (it would be lovely if you could visit my blog sometime)

  5. Hurray! After "The Big Leak" and "The Giant Goating Adventure," I would say that a quieter January is a welcome respite! So glad you have a bit of a breather now. I'm just amazed at how many signs of spring you have around. It was lovely to see something green, even if it's only on a blog post!:-)

    The kids are soooo cute!! They look like the most adorable stuffed animals...I could just squeeze them! Enjoy them while you can. And I'm so happy to hear that Sadie is taking a turn for the better, as far as her legs go. I'm sure all your tender loving care and therapy have contributed greatly to her healing.

    Just a logistical question, since I'm a little ignorant on farm life...since you have the kids living inside, how and where do they do their business? Can they use a litterbox?:-) Just curious...

    ~ Betsy

  6. What sweet pictures... your goats are so adorable. :) These January days have indeed been so pleasent, and your lovely post reminds me to be thankful for all the simple joys in life, such as new life beginning to bloom, or the peaceful hours at my sewing machine...


  7. They are so sweet Sarah, what a triumph! And how lovely to hear that Sadie is doing so well too.

  8. Every time I see a photo of the kids..they look as if they are posing. So sweet!
    Glad to hear Sadie is standing and getting stronger.
    I am enjoying the extra minutes of daylight though around here, it will not fee like spring is coming as ice is coming instead. :(

  9. It's so good to hear Sadie continues to improve.

  10. Enjoyed this post, Sarah! The first picture of the moon is really pretty. Great shot! God's creation is so beautiful.

    Also, the kids are so cute! I was wondering what y'all were going to name them, so I enjoyed the explanation about that. The pictures are so much fun to see. Praise the Lord that Sadie is doing better. What a blessing!

    Much Love,

  11. Those little kids are so adorable!! I'm so thankful they, and Sadie, seem to be doing well.

  12. Love all your pictures as always. Sweet girls they are! They are so cute! They brought a huge smile to my face! :o) I love their names as well. SO glad to hear about Sadie! :o) PTL she is recovering so well. :o)

  13. Thank you for your comment, Leah! My sister is the one who snapped that photo of Rora and Lacy . . . it made me smile when I saw it as it was just so cute with the two of them like that. They do seem to really like each other, and when we take one out of the pen, we have to take the other, too, otherwise the one left behind will bleat and bleat!

    Sadie had a difficult time without having her kids with her the first day after she had them, but as with all animals who have their young die, etc., she doesn’t remember them now or that they are missing. The day of their birth, we did bring the kids out to her, but that was really hard on Sadie as she tried so hard to get up for them, but she couldn’t. So it was best to just bring the kids inside and keep them there. They will likely end up in the same pen as their mom again sometime, but Sadie won’t know that they are her kids since they have been separated for so long. (Even if a kid is gone from its mom for a short period of time, they often don’t accept them.)

    I hope that helps to answer your questions! :)

  14. Your comment brought a smile to my face, Lisa! I am glad that you enjoy the post so much and that the posts shared here can be an inspiration for you.

    Thank you for your prayers for Sadie! We’re kind of at the same place with her so far, which isn’t a surprise as it is going to take a long time for her to strengthen those muscles and to get back in condition. She is standing for a bit longer periods of time now which is an improvement!

    Little goats are so much fun to watch, aren’t they?! I hadn’t realized how much until these kids arrived. We certainly are enjoying them!

  15. Thank you, Joy! I am glad that you enjoyed seeing the photos of them. :)

  16. Thank you for your kind words, Joy! I am glad that you enjoyed the photos. :) And I enjoyed stopping by your blog and look forward to commenting in the future!

  17. Your comments never fail to either make me laugh or simply brighten up my day, Betsy. :) And this one was no different! Our past few months have been a little of an adventure, haven’t they?

    Well, other than a few tiny glimpses in the photos, I assure you, it doesn’t look much like spring here yet. The ferns generally stay green year round, and they are about the only green thing right now other than the evergreen trees. Though, even those seem to have a brownish tinge right now!

    The baby goats are really cute! And even more so in person. Your logistical question made all of us laugh! Oh my, if you could see some of the adventures we have had in that department. :) Let’s just say that goats are not anything like dogs or cats when it comes to being able to be potty trained! We have towels in their crate with them all the time, and they get changed each feeding or if they get heavily soiled before one of those times, we’ll go ahead and change them. Their little pen is on a concrete floor so inside of the pen is an old carpet scrap. We have a couple of those so just alternate them and spray off the used one as needed. BUT there are times when they step in 'things' and somehow get it all over themselves and then Leah and I have the 'fun' of cleaning them off. My Mom took some photos during one of those recent times as it was rather funny, and I might do a post about that soon. We’ve teased several times that we need to develop goat diapers! :)

  18. Thank you, Shannon! I am glad that what was shared here could be an encouragement to you and also a reminder to be thankful for those simple joys. I need that reminder from time to time as well which is partly what this post was for. :) I hope that you have a lovely conclusion to January!

  19. Thank you, Elizabeth! We are so thrilled with how everything has turned out. The Lord has been good!

  20. They do, don’t they, Ellen! They seem to be rather photogenic. :) The extra daylight certainly is nice, isn’t it? I am enjoying it as well, especially since it is easier to get chores done in the evenings now before dark.

    I am sorry to hear that you all had an ice storm coming. I hope that it didn’t cause too much damage or difficulty for you all!

  21. Thank you for your comment, Lynda! I am glad that I could share that kind of news. :)

  22. I am glad that you enjoyed it, Amy! And thank you for your kind words about the moon photo. As soon as I stepped outside and saw the big, glowing moon above the treetops, I ran inside to get my camera to try to capture it in a photo. As you shared, God’s creation is so beautiful! And it does indeed bring glory and praise to His name.

    Coming up with names for these little girls wasn’t the easiest thing! I’m glad that you enjoyed the explanation of how we did. :) Now we’re trying to figure out a name for our newest little guy! Yes, praise the Lord for how well Sadie is doing. She still has a long way to go, but we are thankful for the progress she is making!

  23. I thought you might like them, Miss Linda! We are so thankful as well . . . it’s been so wonderful to see how everything is turning out.

  24. I am glad that you enjoyed them, Nabila! And that our little girls could brighten your day up so much. :) Thank you for your comment as it made me smile, too!


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