Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Safely Here

Days were slipping by, and Chloe still wasn't going into labor so we contacted the breeder that we had gotten her from, and they said that it was likely that her due date was a week later than they had originally thought. So . . . the waiting and checking and waiting and checking and waiting continued. :)

This past Saturday night she began showing the signs that labor was near so we all got an hour or two of sleep before we were woken up by her bleating. (We had a baby monitor out in the barn with the speakers in our rooms.) Dad and I went out to check on her, and she was giving soft little bleats which is an indication of early labor. Then began about 15 to 30 minute checks on her . . . after one of those checks when we were inside with the baby monitor on, it seemed to me that her bleating took a slightly different tone. I went outside to see, and she was laying down now and pushing.

After hurrying inside to get Dad and Leah, we made it back outside just shortly before baby began to make its appearance. We could tell that it was a big kid so Leah pulled some to help deliver it. At 3:38 in the morning, a beautiful big buckling weighing 12 lbs 2 oz. was born! Chloe began the clean-up job, but since she was a little slow and it was cold, Leah and I helped with paper towels and a bath towel . . .

Getting the new little one all cleaned up

Daddy watching

Chloe had been sonogramed with twins so we were waiting and expecting baby #2 to make its appearance soon . . . but after waiting awhile, seeing what was happening with Chloe, and Leah eventually doing a bit of an internal exam on her, we realized that baby #2 had died early in the pregnancy. That was a little disappointing, but we were so glad that we got one adorable live kid from her!

This birth experience was so much easier than Sadie's, and it was exciting as well!

We weren't sure how Chloe was going to be as a mom or how careful she would be so that she didn't step on him or lay on him (which is something that always needs to be watched for the first few days), but she is doing an amazing job. She is so careful to not step on him or even bump him, and always seems to be aware of where he is. She is so gentle with him, too! It was sweet watching them together . . . especially after we put him in the kid warmer that Leah and I had made, and she went and laid down right in front of it . . .

After staying up for a couple more hours to keep an eye on them and to make sure he was doing okay, and then after feeding Rora and Lacy their bottles, we headed to bed for some much needed rest around 7:00.

Mama and baby (we're still trying to find a good name for him) are both doing really well, and it has been so fun watching them together. Yesterday I went out and took a few more photos of him . . . he has grown so much already!

When he's in the warmer, Chloe still likes to lay right in front of it :)

So now all of the kids are safely here! (Until Dixie's turn in April. :) This was an exciting learning experience and one that I enjoyed. New life truly is amazing in so many ways . . . just one tiny part of it is what takes place with the umbilical cord through the birth. In a normal birth, the kid's front feet and head emerge first. Then once the abdomen begins to move through the pelvis, the contractions crush the cord and baby begins to breath on its own. Once baby is born, where the cord was crushed, it breaks in two, and because it was crushed, there is no bleeding. A perfect design. With Sadie's not normal labor, though, she didn't really have contractions so the kids were born with the cord uncrushed and still attached so I needed to tie them off and cut them.

This is just one tiny little example of the amazing design and purpose that the Creator, the Lord God, placed in His creation. It truly is awe-inspiring to witness His hand so clearly in all that is around us! And especially in the miracle of new life.


  1. It is indeed a miracle Sarah.
    The expression on Chloe's face is almost that of a human mother with a newborn, very touching.

  2. I love reading these stories! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thank you for your comment, Elizabeth! Chloe does have quite a mothering look on her face, doesn't she? It seems that her whole personality has changed since her kid was born, and it has been enjoyable watching them together.

  4. I am glad that you enjoyed them, Bethany! And you're welcome. :)

  5. so sweet! :) How nice that you have a boy now as well! He was a big baby! :) So glad that everything went well :) I love how Chloe has fallen in love with motherhood ;)

  6. The gift of new life is indeed such a precious amazing miracle! My brother and I have milked our friends' goats for them before but never assisted with a birth. We did learn that goats have their own temperaments - making milking an experience all it's own! Will you all be drinking fresh goat milk now? I hear it may actually be superior to cow's milk in some ways.
    I'm eager to hear the new name! I like the thought put into Rora and Lacy's names.

  7. Oh, thank you for sharing, Sarah. These photos are really lovely. Praise the Lord that the goat had a safe delivery. Chloe's baby boy is so cute and looks so healthy, and that is so wonderful that the new mother is so happy in her new role =D. It is truly amazing seeing the perfect design of our Heavenly Father. Yes, life (even with animals) is such a miracle.

    In His love,
    ~Joy @

  8. Another beautiful little kid! You and Leah are becoming quite the proficient birthing-assistants!:-)

    Tell me more about the kid warmer, please. How did you make it? And what keeps it warm?

    Sarah, I noticed that even though your Dad is present there with you, he seems to step back and let you and Leah do the work and figure things out. Is this purposeful on his part? I'm curious if this was part of your parents' training philosophy for you girls; giving you responsibilities and letting you actually be fully responsible for them.

    ~ Betsy

  9. I think so, too, Nabila! I love his little face . . . and you should see him when he starts playing and leaping around – it is so cute! It was neat to see Chloe’s personality change after her kid was born. Though, we found that she isn’t quite as attentive or careful when it is time to feed her her grain! :)

  10. It is indeed, Rachel! That must have been an enjoyable experience for you and your brother to be able to milk your friends’ goats for them. You’re ahead of me on that one. :) The goats that just kidded are meat goats so we won’t be milking them, but our other goat that is due in April is a dairy goat, so I am really looking forward to milking her and using the milk! Hopefully she will produce well as besides drinking it, we have so many things that we would like to make with it.

    Our newest little guy is still nameless but we’re still thinking. Hopefully he'll have a name soon!

  11. You’re welcome, Joy! I am glad that you enjoyed the post and the photos. We, too, are so thankful that the kids were safely delivered! Chloe’s baby is so cute and he is healthy, too . . . he does have one weak leg (which we learned is not uncommon) and from what we have read, it takes about a week or two to strengthen. Thankfully, it is getting much stronger now!

    It is amazing indeed to see the perfect design that the Lord placed in His creation. His hand is so clearly seen all around us if we but open our eyes and look. All creation does indeed bring praise and glory to His name!

  12. Thank you, Betsy! Leah and I are learning :) . . . and quickly! It was really nice with this birth that things progressed normally and I appreciated being able to then learn more about the normal birth process. We still haven’t had to go in and untangle kids and get them positioned properly (though Leah did have to reposition and pull Sadie’s second kid) so that will be another learning experience whenever that comes!

    The kid warmer is simply a white barrel with a doorway cut into it and then a hole in the top through which a heat lamp shield with a 100 watt light bulb is put. So it stays nice and warm in there for the kids! Plus it gives the mother a break since the kids like to go in there to keep warm.

    Growing up, our parents did often step back and let us learn through experience whether it be with cooking, gardening, etc., but they were always there to teach and guide. And with the animals, we were often fully responsible for their care. We learned so much because of this method of teaching and training! But again, our parents were always there to teach, train, guide, give advice, and help. Now that we are older, it has changed into all of us working together . . . we might have different roles, but everything around our little farm is a family endeavor with each having their different roles and/or responsibilities. With the goats, Leah did most of the actual work with assisting with the deliveries, but Dad was there giving advice/counsel, helping if she had questions, handing us the things we needed, holding goats during the internal exams, etc. Then Mom is the one who makes sure we have meals (or homemade hot chocolate to enjoy :) or she does things like babysits the kids when we couldn’t be there. She's also our encourager! So while we each have our different roles or things that we do, we’re all working together towards our family's goal and vision. I hope that helps to answer your question!


Thanks so much for your comment! Each one is read and enjoyed. :)