Wednesday, January 11, 2012


What an amazing, exhausting, wonderful past two days this has been! Sadie was induced on Monday morning which resulted in a long day and night of keeping an eye on her because as soon as active labor started, she was going to need a lot of assistance. She ended up going into labor Tuesday morning, and it did not go at all according to what a traditional labor should be. We had never read or heard of anything before like what happened with her!

The first little doeling surprised us by making her appearance very early in the labor and when only Leah and I were home, and she came fast with some assistance. Sadie took to her right away and did a wonderful job getting her all cleaned up!

Trying to find her legs while mama goat gets her all cleaned up

So precious

It was an amazing moment seeing this little one enter the world . . . her first few breaths, how she tried to stand on her little wobbly legs, her little bleats, and how very cute she was. Shortly after she was born, Dad and Mom got home (we were actually on the cell phone with them from the time baby #1 was born until right before they got home), and then we prepared for baby #2. It was a whole hour in coming as Sadie either couldn't or wouldn't push, and eventually, she seemed to just give up and went almost entirely limp. This was a hard and stressful hour! Leah ended up delivering baby #2 with Sadie hardly helping at all . . . Leah did such a wonderful job doing this as did Dad as he encouraged her through the process.

This little one, another little doeling, came with a white star on her forehead and an entirely brown front leg!

Once baby #2 arrived Sadie perked up and cleaned her all up as well

Mom and I were caring for both of these babies inside and bottle feeding them colostrum while Leah and Dad worked to find and deliver baby #3 which could be felt from the outside. Only, they couldn't find the baby inside . . . Dad called the vet and she came out right away and did a thorough examination of Sadie. To her surprise, she found that "baby #3" wasn't a baby at all, but was something else inside of Sadie - she was really curious about it, so today, she and another vet came out and did an ultrasound on her just to see what 'it' was. It turns out that it is a huge hematoma (about 4 in. x 8 in.) that has been there for at least several weeks (all along we, and the vet, thought it was another kid as it felt like one.) Given the circumstances, it is amazing that Sadie is still alive and that her kids survived all this time and were delivered alive.

The vet, and we as well, are baffled as to what all has happened to and with Sadie over the past six weeks as there seems to be so many different things going on with her. She is one determined goat, though, and she managed to live despite everything against her (it is very unusual for a down goat to live very long) and she was able to carry almost to term two beautiful, healthy kids. We are so thankful to the Lord for how this is all turning out!

Since Sadie can't care for her kids, we are bottle feeding them which was very difficult at first getting them to take a bottle . . . last night was a really long night! They were not looking very good, and we weren't sure if they were going to make it. This morning, though, things began to look better and now they are both eating very well. They are pretty steady on their legs and seem quite energetic, too!

Me trying to bottle feed Baby #1 with Leah in the background trying to feed Baby #2 . . . they started out being outside in the barn in their little kid warmer, but seemed to be struggling with their breathing and the cold. So they are now residents inside until warm weather returns.

Leah bottle feeding Baby #1 this morning - she's finally starting to get it figured out! (The goat kid, that is. :)

I love their little faces! And look at those ears . . . she has some growing to do to catch up with those!

Snuggled up together in their crate

This was an incredible experience, and it was a special time for our family as well working together to try to get these kids safely delivered and to care for them and for Sadie, too.

Baby #2 standing and actually still for the camera for a moment

The kids are doing great now, and we're hoping that continues! Sadie is doing well considering all that she has been through, and the vet is optimistic about her being able to walk again. So now that her kids are here, physical therapy will begin again in earnest!

Leah and I with the kids . . . and trying to get them to be looking towards the camera. It didn't work! :)

Meanwhile, we're still waiting for Chloe's kids to make their appearance. So far, Chloe seems like she hasn't a care in the world, though, we are seeing some signs that kidding should be coming soon . . . so hopefully all will go well with that!


  1. Aww! They are so cute! Oh how I wish I could be there right beside you to cuddle with them and bottle feed them. Thank you for taking the pictures for us! Glad to hear that Sadie is alright. I can't wait to see Chloe's kids.

  2. Kidding season can be intense! We don't expect our kids for another couple of months. Hopefully by then the weather will be warmer.

  3. What precious little kids!! :) Praise the Lord they were delivered safely. :) I will be praying that Chloe's delivery is just as fast and that she and the babies stay healthy.

    In Christ,

    P.S. Baby #2 is so cute!!!!! :)

  4. Sarah--they are so adorable! So sorry that Sadie has been through so much. Was she making some progress with the physical therapy before the births?
    Will pray that she will men well and the kids will thrive.

  5. Hi Sarah,
    These girls are so cute!! They remind me of a lamb I bottle fed a few years ago. She was the last of triplets, and we had her in the house for quite a few weeks. She would lay curled up in the corner of her box just like your girls do. :-) And she would wake us up at night for a feeding! I know you and Leah will enjoy raising them and once they're outside, they will follow you everywhere. LOL
    Hope Sadie pulls through and starts walking again too.
    Thank you for visiting and for your sweet comment.
    Miss Anne♥

  6. Sarah, what an anxious time you all had, including Sadie, I think. How marvellous that she managed to deliver the twins, and I do hope they continue to progress now.

  7. Wow, Sarah...when you said you were anticipating a goating adventure this week, you weren't kidding! (pun intented:-) I am, as usual, so impressed by how your famiy just calmly handles whatever unexpected situation comes your way. I'm especially impressed at young Leah's competence at labor-and-delivery. Has she ever considered a future in midwifery?

    Now comes the fun part...nurturing those adorable kids, and giving the mommy some good TLC. What, if anything, can be done about the hematoma? I'm so glad that you all seem to have a vet who is compassionate and on the ball. Your situation brings to mind the books by James Herriott I read long ago.

    Hopefully, Chloe's delivery will be a bit more textbook-ish and predictable. But if not, I have no doubt that you are all up to the task!

    ~ Betsy

  8. I am so glad to hear that everything went well with Sadie's kids despite everything that has seemingly been against her. I hope that she continues to improve. The kids are so very sweet and cute! Bottle feeding them must be so fun (if hard work!); I still remember bottle feeding lambs at a farm when I was little.

    I will be looking forward to an update on Chloe's kids, when they come!


  9. Oh they are so sweet! I couldn't stop smiling! :o) I just want to love on them. I'm so thankful everything went well and Sadie is such a lil trooper! Good for her!! Isn't that interesting about the hematoma. I have had one at the back of my head after a car accident they are no fun. So glad to hear that the vet thinks that she will be ok! :o) Their ears are so cute! ;o) You should put some bows on them for a photoshoot :o)

  10. Aww...they are *so* cute, Sarah! Have you named them yet? :)

    Thanks for sharing the pictures...I always enjoy seeing them!

    Blessing, Sarah!

  11. Your new 'babies' are beautiful!

    I hope Sadie makes a complete recovery.

  12. Sarah, They are so cute. I used the pictures of the twins today for school. Ds loved them. In his reading lesson they were talking about twin goats. I showed him the pictures. :) "Isabella"

  13. Oh, the kids are adorable!!! How very cute!

    It sounds like you all had quite an adventure with the birthing glad to hear that everything turned out okay. I was thinking of you at the beginning of the week and praying that this would go well. Thanks for sharing the story and pictures here with us.


  14. That would be nice if you could be here, Leah! I know the kids would enjoy having you cuddle them and bottle feed them. :) Especially the latter! They love their bottles now and can drain them so fast. I am glad that you enjoyed the photos, and I hope to share some more soon. And hopefully some will be of Chloe’s kids as well . . . we’re still waiting on her kids to make their appearance!

  15. We found that out, Amy! We’re hoping that Chloe’s will go smoothly . . . even having to go in and arrange kids and pull kids wouldn’t be so bad. Thankfully, I doubt we’ll ever have a repeat of a kidding like Sadie’s!

    How exciting that you all have goat kids on the way as well! I hope that will go smoothly for you and that you have lots of healthy kids born. It will be nice having warmer weather to have them kid in . . . January wouldn’t have been our choice, but our does were bred when we bought them. It has been a blessing, though, that our winter has been so mild!

  16. Aren’t they, though, Mikailah? I know you would love them. We are so thankful to the Lord that they were delivered safely and are doing so well. Thank you for your prayers for Chloe! We’re still waiting on her kids to arrive. :)

    Baby #2 (now named Legacy, or Lacy for short) is cute! She’s also the loudest and most energetic of the two. She is Leah’s favorite and then Baby #1 (Aurora) is mine. She is so sweet! So we each have been bottle feeding our favorites which has been fun!

  17. I would agree, Ellen! I knew they were going to be cute, but they are even cuter than I would have imagined. And much more playful, too!

    Sadie had been making progress with her physical therapy up until about three weeks ago when she began having complications with her pregnancy. Then we stopped as we didn’t want to stress her any more than was needed. One of her legs is still in really bad shape, but our hope is that she’ll be able to learn how to walk on three legs with the fourth leg being more of a support. We have gotten her up several times the past few days and were encouraged by how she did! She almost stood all on her own for a bit. Hopefully she’ll progress well with therapy!

  18. I would agree, Mrs. Anne! Aww, how sweet about the little lamb that you bottle fed. Little ones like this are insistent when it is feeding time, aren’t they?! Surprisingly, our little girls haven’t woken us up in the night yet (our alarm clock set at 2:00 am does that :), but as soon as they see us start mixing up their bottles, they then are wide awake and bleating in anticipation. It is so cute! Already we are enjoying raising them, and it is going to be so fun to watch them grow.

    We’ve gotten Sadie up a couple of times the past several days and were encouraged with what we were seeing. She can’t stand unassisted, but she did better than we had hoped! Therapy has started on her now, and we’re hoping that she will be able to learn how to walk on three legs with using the fourth as more of a support (it has atrophied so bad and is so stiff that she probably couldn’t ever use it again for actual walking.) We’ll just keep working with her and wait and see what happens!

  19. It was, Elizabeth! We were prepared for a difficult delivery, but this was quite a bit different than what we had expected. It is pretty amazing that she was able to carry these twins almost to term and deliver them! They are doing so well now, and are growing a lot. It’s been a lot of fun having them indoors and bottle feeding them!

  20. I have to say, Betsy, our goat adventure turned out to be even more than what we had anticipated! We are so thankful that things turned out in the end the way they did and that Sadie and the kids are all doing well now.

    Thank you for your encouraging words! Leah did an amazing job with the delivery! But I think she’d rather stick to just animals. :) And if things pan out like what we would like, she’ll get a lot more opportunities for things like this!

    I had to laugh when you mentioned James Herriot . . . that was going through our minds as well as we were in the kidding stall with Sadie trying to get her kids safely delivered. :) With Sadie’s age and physical condition, surgery is not really an option for the hematoma so there isn't anything we can do other than waiting. From what I understand, it should either harden or dissolve. Since it is so big, it will likely be the former, and once it does, it shouldn’t cause her any more problem.

    We’re still waiting on Chloe, and it will be interesting to see how that all goes!

  21. Thank you, Anna! We are optimistic about Sadie and now that she has gotten over the stress of her labor, we are doing therapy with her again and are helping her to stand a couple of times a day. She can’t stand on her own yet, but she’s doing pretty well for short periods of time with assistance!

    Bottle feeding the kids is a lot of fun. Though, sometimes the two am feedings come a little too early! :) Aww, that must have been enjoyable to bottle feed the lambs. They are so cute, too!

  22. I am glad that you enjoyed the post, Nabila! And thank you for your comment. Sadie did such a great job through everything, and now we can start working with her on her therapy.

    Ouch! That must have been painful having a hematoma on the back of your head. I had never even heard of these before until they did the ultrasound on Sadie. It was really interesting to see! Though, I feel bad for the poor girl and understand better now why it was so uncomfortable for her to be laying on that side.

    Bows on their ears would be cute! I’ll have to see about that one. :)

  23. We have named them, Bethany! The first one that was born we named “Aurora” which means “Dawn” in Spanish (we were trying to find a neat sounding name that had something to do with “beginning” so this is what we eventually found), and then the littlest one is “Legacy”. We named her that since she is the last of Sadie’s kids . . . we call her Lacy for short, and sometimes we call Aurora Rora for short, too.

    I am glad you enjoyed the photos, and I look forward to sharing more!

  24. Thank you, Lynda! We’re hoping so, too! Already she is making some progress.

  25. I am glad that you could use the photos of the twins for your school, Isabella! It sounds like it fit in pretty well. :) Thank you for your comment!

  26. I think so, too, Amy! It was quite the adventure with the birthing experience . . . I think most births after this one will seem relatively easy now! Thank you so much for your prayers for us . . . they were appreciated! And I know the Lord answered them. Knowing everything that we know now and looking back, it seems a miracle that things have turned out the way they have. We are thankful to the Lord for that!

  27. Sarah, I hope Sadie makes a full recovery. What an experience that was for all of you! I'll be praying that the two little kids continue to grow stronger under your watchful eye.

  28. Hello Sarah! The baby kids look so cute!! Two of our Nanny's had baby's; one had hers last night and the other one the day before. The first one had 3 girls and the other one had 3 boys. We still have 2 more nanny's to have their baby's. Have fun!! Miss Laura at Yesterday's Farm

  29. Thank you, Miss Linda, for your comment! It was quite an experience, and we are so glad it turned out the way it did.

    We've started therapy with Sadie and so far it is going well. Hopefully she'll regain her strength and be able to walk again! And both her kids are doing wonderful! They are growing a lot and are so fun to watch as they are so playful. I look forward to sharing more photos of them soon!

  30. It was so nice to hear from you here, Laura! Thank you for your comment. :) How exciting about your new babies on your farm! Will you be sharing pictures? I know that I for one would like to see them! I hope that the rest of your nanny’s deliveries go well and that the babies will be healthy and strong. Enjoy your new babies!

  31. Oh thank you Sarah! :) Yes I will be blogging about the new baby's this weekend when I have some time!! I will post lots of pictures too. :) I also made a link to your blog on my website!! You have a wonderful day Sarah! Miss Laura at Yesterday's Farm

  32. You're welcome, Laura! I look forward to seeing your blog post! And thank you for adding a link to my blog on your site . . . that was kind of you!

    I hope that you have a wonderful rest of the day as well!


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