Tuesday, February 28, 2012

~ 26 Years ~

Last week we celebrated my 26th birthday, and it was a wonderful and memorable day! I love spending time with my family and this day was as filled up as can be with time together which was so enjoyable.

In the afternoon, Mom, Leah and I went and picked up Ashley and Adelyn and brought them to our house, and Ryan joined us all after he was finished with work. (I didn't have my camera out at all during the day, though Mom and Leah took a few photos, and the two below are theirs.)

Adelyn and I were having so much fun together . . . though whenever Mom tried to take a picture, she either made a face or stuck her fingers in her mouth!

My family did a great deal to make the day special for me . . . and it was so nice to be able to spend all of the time together. And of course, time with my precious niece :) . . .

Look who can sit up all by herself now!

My family knows me so well, too, as was reflected in the gifts! And some of them are going to be keeping me busy . . .

Any guesses what this is?

I'll give you a hint . . . it relates to this . . .

Yes! A new seat for my rocking chair! I had decided that I didn't want to refinish it (I really like how the worn spots look on it) so I am simply going to finish cleaning it up which won't take long to do, and then we can put the new seat in. It will be really nice having it as what I had been using up to this point was just a piece of cardboard covered in fabric. It worked (as in, it was sufficient as a seat :), but this will be much nicer!

More wonderful reading material . . . a new old book that I have not read before by one of my favorite authors Isabella Alden (otherwise known as "Pansy")

I know just where these are going to go. :) These were a perfect gift as I was wanting to revitalize a garden area and these are just the thing for it!

What a special family I have been blessed with . . . the Lord has been so good to me, and my heart fills with thanksgiving when I think of each of these dear ones that I love so much!


  1. A very happy belated birthday to you dear. It looks like you had a wonderful time with your family. Are those "Elephant Ear" leaves blue? They look quite fascinating. Your niece looks like such a sweet little girl.

  2. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a lovely day:) Adelyn, is looking so sweet:)

  3. Happy (belated) birthday, Sarah!

    What thoughtful and lovely gifts you received! Time spent with family and friends is always one of the most special gifts on my own birthday. At first glance, your new seat looked like a stoneware trivet. How exciting to have the perfect finishing touch for your rocking chair. And your new bulbs will surely be a dramatic addition to one of your gardens. I do hope you will be doing another pictoral tour of your gardens this year. Will you have to dig up and store the bulbs next winter, or will they be okay left in the ground?

    Thank you for the prayers for speedy recovery. I am feeling much better this morning after a trip to the doctor yesterday and plenty of rest.

  4. Happy Birthday! :) I hope you had a wonderful day, and this coming year is blessed and fruitful. Your blog blesses me so much, Sarah. Thank you for shining for Christ. :)

    And what lovely pictures!! :) Adelyn is SO cute! And that rocking chair is beautiful. :)

    Many blessings,
    -Mikailah @ www.maid4him.blogspot.com

  5. Happy Birthday, Sarah!!! I remember when I was 26! I was living at home, like you are and teaching Kindergarten. God bless you and enjoy your day!!! Rose

  6. Happy belated birthday!!!! <3

    God Bless,


  7. Happy Birthday, Sarah! I pray your birthday has been special, and this new year will be blessed in the Lord.

    Your niece is so, so cute!! Hmm, Isabella Alden... I've heard of her before. Is she really good?

    In His love,

  8. Happy "late" Birthday, Sarah!
    It looks like you had a truly special day. :-) The rocking chair and new seat are beautiful. Adelyn is so cute and really growing!
    I am a February girl too - last Sunday. :-)
    Blessings to you,

  9. Happy belated birthday, Sarah!!! What a beautiful picture of you and Adelyn :~)

  10. Happy Birthday, dear Sarah! I hope that you had a joy-filled and blessed day... being surrounded by those you love and sweet memories!


  11. Happy belated Birthday! I am glad it was a good time with family! Those are always the best, whether a birthday or any other day.

    Adelyn is getting so big!

  12. Happy Birthday, Sarah! Thank you for sharing your day with us :). May this next year be one of enjoying God's rich blessings and growing more like Him!

  13. Happy Belated Birthday, Sarah! I am so delighted to hear that you had a joyful and blessed 26th birthday!
    I would like to apologize for my lack of comments on your sweet blog as of late. I still enjoy reading your blog though!
    May the Lord richly bless you and your family!

    Your Sister In Christ,

  14. Happy Belated Birthday, Sarah!
    It sounds as though it was a perfect day in the company of your loving family. Your little niece continues to be adorable in every photo. I am intrigued by Isabella Alden. Might you write a blog post on her books at some point?
    Wishing you God's guidance,peace, and continued blessings in the year ahead.

  15. Happy Birthday my dear! :) So glad that you had a wonderful day! And I LOVE the red 'seat'. :D I hope this year brings you many blessings wrapped in the moments that make up each day!

  16. Happy belated Birthday, Sarah! I am so glad that you had a lovely and special day with your family! May God bless you richly in the coming year.

    Adelyn is continuing to grow! Is she crawling yet?!


  17. Happy Belated Birthday Sarah! Glad to hear that you had a great birthday and great gifts. I never heard of Isabella Alden. What kind of books did she write? I might look up to see if any of my local libraries has her books or not. Adelyn is beautiful. Has she started to recognize you, Leah and your parents or not yet?

  18. Happy belated Birthday!

    I've followed your blog for a while and I'm confident that your family is as blessed by you as you are by them. So glad to hear you had such a wonderful birthday celebration.

  19. Happy, Happy Birthday, Sarah!! May God's goodness and mercy continually follow you all the days of your life. The seeds look like they'll be coming up beautiful, the book intriguing, and the rocking chair seat lovely...and Adelyn is just precious! It's so wonderful to have little ones in our lives!

    If I might ask, what day is your birthday?

  20. Thank you, AmandaJane! Yes, it was a wonderful time. And yes, the elephant ear leaves do have a blue tint to them . . . don’t they look beautiful? I have never seen any that color before and am really looking forward to seeing what they look like once they grow.

    My niece is indeed such a sweet little girl! She brings so much joy and happiness to our lives!

  21. Thank you, Desiree, for your sweet note! It was a lovely day, and yes, Adelyn is so sweet!

  22. Thank you, Renee! And I am glad to hear that you are feeling better today . . . hopefully you will be all back to normal soon!

    I would agree, time with family and friends is a very special gift. The seat does kind of look like a trivet! I hadn’t thought about that. :) It is exciting to have what I need to finish the chair, and the seat is perfect for it. Even some of the designs on the seat look very similar to the designs on the chair!

    If the gardens end up looking somewhat decent :), I probably will be posting photos of them later in the year. Yes, I believe that these bulbs do need to be dug up in the fall, but I need to check to find out for sure.

  23. Thank you, Mikailah, for your sweet and encouraging note! It was a blessing to read. Thank you!

    I am glad that you enjoyed the photos, and I would agree with your comment about Adelyn :) . . . she is indeed!

  24. Thank you, Rose! It sounds like each of our years at age 26 were/are a bit similar. Though, the small amount of teaching I do is rather different (and less involved!) than what you were doing. :) Teaching kindergarten must have been enjoyable and a great learning experience!

  25. Thank you, Ashley-Joy!

  26. Thank you for your kind words, Joy! They were a blessing.

    I would agree, Adelyn is so cute!

    Isabella Alden is a wonderful author (from the 1800's) of fiction books, and each of her books are filled with so much scriptural truth and also practical application. Outside of the Bible, her books have made some of the greatest impact on my spiritual growth. I always find my heart encouraged and convicted when I read them! She wrote well over a hundred books, and while I have read a few that I probably would not read again (I didn’t care for the main plot) and there are a few instances where I do not agree with the theology, overall her books are excellent and I would very highly recommend them to any young lady. I am sure you would be blessed by them!

  27. Thank you, Mrs. Anne! And a happy belated birthday to you as well! I hope that you had a very special day. :)

    Adelyn is growing so much! It has been a delight to watch her growing and changing, and she brings so much joy to our lives. She’s a little sweetheart!

  28. Thank you for your kind note, Holly!

  29. Thank you, Shannon, for your sweet words! It was indeed a joy-filled and blessed day . . . and yes, now I do have many sweet memories from it!

  30. Thank you, Becky! And I would agree. :)

    Adelyn is getting so big! She’s seven and a half months old now and is about to the point of crawling. She just hasn’t quite figured it out yet!

  31. Thank you, Anna, for your sweet and encouraging note! It was a blessing to me!

    And you’re welcome. :)

  32. Thank you for your kind comment, Jenna! It was so nice to hear from you again. And I understand about the lack of comments . . . I do the same thing sometimes! So please do not feel badly about it. :)

    I am glad that you enjoy reading my blog, and likewise, I always enjoy reading yours. Your posts are always encouraging and refreshing!

  33. Thank you, Helena, for your sweet note! It was a wonderful day . . . and I am so thankful that we had the time together.

    I would be happy to do a blog post about Isabella Alden’s books sometime! I am sure you would love her books . . . they are full of so much scriptural truth and encouragement in regards to spiritual growth. They have been a great blessing to me!

  34. Thank you, Nabila! The seat is lovely, isn’t it? Even the designs in it are very similar to the ones on the rocking chair. I am really looking forward to when I can put it on!

    Thank you for your kind words!

  35. Thank you for your sweet comment, Anna! It brightened my day to read.

    Adelyn is just about to the point of crawling, but hasn’t quite figured it out yet. Though she does use her toes and knees to do a kind of rocking motion and propel herself forward. She generally can get where she wants to go as long as it is a short distance!

  36. Thank you, Leah, for your kind note! Isabella Alden is a wonderful writer from the 1800’s, and she wrote fiction books that are full of so much scriptural truth and also practical application. Outside of the Bible, her books have made some of the greatest impact on my spiritual growth. I always find my heart encouraged and convicted whenever I read them!

    Yes, Adelyn has started to recognize us now which is so special! I love seeing her smile and her face light up when she sees us!

  37. Thank you, Mrs. B., for your sweet note! It warmed my heart to read. Thank you!

  38. Thank you, Rachel, for your kind words! They were a blessing!

    Yes, it is indeed so wonderful to have little ones in our lives. And Adelyn is such a special blessing to us and brings so much joy. We are so thankful to the Lord for her!

    In answer to your question, my birthday is the 24th.

  39. So glad to hear that you had such a wonderful birthday, Sarah!!

    It looks like you got some really special gifts, too! :)

  40. Thank you, Joy! I hope your day was very special as well. :)


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