Saturday, March 31, 2012

An Increase in Beehives

Last week our beehive order came in . . . six, big cardboard boxes full of pieces and parts. I went through each one making sure everything was there and nothing was damaged, and then Dad and I began assembling the hive bodies and supers. Well, Dad did most of it, and I simply helped him with holding things, handing him nails, and the like. Though, I did do some nailing, too. :) Dad was a lot faster than I was, though! In short order, he had all five boxes of one hive put together, and then the next day, he put together the boxes for the second one.

Three sides of a honey super ready to be nailed together. It was helpful that these pieces came with already pre-drilled holes! That made Dad's job easier.

The pile is growing smaller! (And on the floor on the left are the pieces of the hive stands. Dad put those together as well.)

Two hive bodies finished! And I put frames in one of them just because. :) They had to come out again when it was time to paint.

Daddy nailing another super together

Once everything was assembled, then it was time to paint everything. A rather big job since there are so many pieces. Dad started the project with priming one of the hives and then Mom finished it all . . . she is a fast painter!

Now both hives are all finished and are drying, and hopefully they will have bees in them before too long. We have a package of bees on order, and we are hoping to do a split with our one hive soon. It is near bursting at the seams with bees, and it looks like it is large enough now to be split into two hives. Then we would have three! If you can't tell, I'm just a little excited. :) I love beekeeping!


  1. This is super cool!! Everytime I read your posts I yearn to live in the country :)

  2. How wonderful it will be to see three hives in the yard and know that they are full of honeybees! I imagine the growing bee population will be a wonderful asset to the gardens as well.
    Your excitement is radiating in this post, Sarah! I truly believe it is important to have hobbies that stretch our knowledge and abilities, and, to a certain degree, challenge us. It is so encouraging to look back on the progress made and to think about future goals.

  3. Lidia Maxine from HSAApril 01, 2012

    My father tried to raise bees once. For some reason the bees vanished, and that is the end of my tale. :)
    I think it is GREAT that your present hive is ready to expand. I hope that all goes well. :)

  4. Living in the country is pretty amazing, Optimistic Existentialist!

  5. It will be, Renee! We are really excited about it. If all goes as planned, we should be doing the split this week! Already having the one hive has been a great asset as the honeybees pollinated our peach trees very well.

    Beekeeping has certainly been one of those hobbies that has stretched my/our knowledge, abilities and has challenged me as well. It is very different from anything I have done before and there has been so much to learn! And there is still so much more to learn. :) It is a fun process!

  6. Thank you for your comment, Lidia! It always is a treat to see one from you here. :) Vanishing bees from hives is a not uncommon thing, and sometimes, there doesn’t seem to be any reason why they left! I’m sorry to hear that is what happened with your dad’s hive.

    We’re excited that our hive is ready to expand! We’re hoping to do a split with it this week, and it will be interesting to see how that goes and if it will be successful. Hopefully it will be!

  7. Oh, how exciting! How nice it will be to have your own honey!

  8. It is, Joy! We are really looking forward to hopefully harvesting some honey this summer/fall!


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