Saturday, March 10, 2012

Leah's New Venture - Making Mei Tais

After a conversation with one of our cousins who had made Mei Tai baby carriers and after thinking for awhile about trying to make one herself, Leah decided to give it a try . . .

And it was a success! Prior to this, she had looked at photos of different designs online, read about their construction, etc., and then designed her own, taking what she liked from various ones and adding her own touches to it as well. How she figured it all out, I don't know, but the carrier is really nice! I loved wearing it with Adelyn as it was so comfortable and cozy with her snuggled up to me and all secure . . .and Adelyn loved it, too, and was happily content to be in it.

After seeing how well this one turned out, Leah is exploring the possibility of beginning an Etsy shop and selling Mei Tais through that venue . . . and once she gets her shop up and running, I will be sharing the link here!

The same day that the above photos were taken (which was quite a few weeks ago), the ones below were taken as well when Dad, Mom and Adelyn were enjoying time together. Dad was reading to Adelyn out of the Answers in Genesis newsletter, and she was fascinated by it! Or perhaps it was more the feel of the paper as she rubbed her fingers on it. :) Either way, it was cute to watch!

Aww . . . :)


  1. Ahhh, Sarah, what a dear little face!

  2. How sweet! Leah did a beautiful job making the Mei Tai!

    Many Blessings,

  3. Aaa, Adelyn is so cute I can hardly stand it!! :-D

    The Mei Tai is just beautiful, and I think Leah would have a big market if she chose to sell them in an Esty store - slings and baby wraps are very popular right now; I just saw an article about slings and attachment parenting in my local newspaper a few days ago. I hope she does decide to start a store, and I can't wait to see her products! Her worksmanship is obviously excellent!! :-)

    Love in Christ,

  4. What a great idea, Leah! It looks great. I loved carrying all my babies.♥ There's a great market for baby carriers, so I think an Etsy store would do well.

    Sweet photos of Adelyn with Grandma and Grandpa!

  5. Very cute!
    I'd be very interested in purchasing one of her Mei Tai baby wraps if she does decide to sell them. I'm going to Haiti for 2 months later this year, and they told me I should bring something like that. :)

  6. The carrier looks very good and practical. I wonder from what age you can use it on? Maybe the baby needs to be able to hold his own head up? In any case good luck with the venture!

  7. It is, Elizabeth! A precious, very dear little face.

  8. Thank you, Jenna, for your comment! I will pass your kind words on to her. :)

  9. I know what you mean, Vicki! :)

    I would agree, Leah did do a beautiful job on the Mei Tai! And as you shared, there does seem to be a big market for them right now. I am excited for her to see how it all goes! And I know that your kind words were an encouragement to her . . . thank you!

  10. Thank you, Joy, for your encouraging comment! I remember how much you enjoy carrying your babies, and just from the brief times I have carried Adelyn in one, I can see why. I hope Leah's Etsy store does well for her . . . we are excited to see how it goes!

    It was sweet . . . I love watching Adelyn interact with her Grandma and Grandpa!

  11. Thank you, Amelia! I will be sharing her Etsy store link here once she has it up and running, but if you would like to contact her about them before then, here is her e-mail address: I know that she would enjoy making one for you!

  12. Thank you for your comment, Agnes, and for the encouragement! The carrier is actually designed to be used from birth up to about 2 ½ years. (For a newborn though, their legs would be tucked up underneath of them and not spread out.) It’s nice that it can be used for such a broad age range!


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