Friday, April 20, 2012

And the Days Keep Passing By . . .

This week has been a simply wonderful one! Each day has been brimful from morning 'til night, and hence, my lack of blogging so far this week. There were just too many enjoyable things to be doing to stop and spend time on the computer . . .

~Monday was general housecleaning, teaching a sewing lesson, and various miscellaneous things.

~Tuesday, Mom, Leah and I ran errands in town in the morning/early afternoon including a trip to Jo-Ann as they were having some amazing sales. Add to that a 20% off coupon for one's entire purchase including sale items, and it was a perfect time to stock up on things! Then in the afternoon, we disbudded Dixie's kids (not a fun experience, but a necessary one.) It's a relief to have that done!

~Wednesday was Dad's birthday, and we had a fantastic and relaxing day together! (Photos will be forthcoming. :)

~ Thursday the weather was beautiful - sunny with a high in the 70's - so I spent the entire day outdoors mulching, transplanting, hoeing, pulling weeds, setting up cucumber trellises, cleaning, mowing, inspecting a beehive with Dad, and putting tomato cages over the plants (yes, they are finally planted now! And photos will be coming soon of the garden progress.)

~ Then today Leah and I spent the day deep cleaning and organizing our entire room and our craft/sewing area (a big project!) and also helping Mom clean and organize our family's main storage closet. It was tiring, but oh, so satisfying!

As mentioned, there will be photos of some of these things coming soon as well as photos of a very exciting thing that took place last week. But, until then, here are a few photos of our baby rabbits that I have been meaning to share for awhile . . . they are growing so quickly!

These first two were taken March 25th . . .

Peeking over the edge of the nestbox

Snuggled together - their eyes are just beginning to open here

And now here they are about three weeks later . . .

Aren't they cute? Baby rabbits have to be some of the most adorable little babies! We did have a surprise in one of the three litters, though (and still a cute one :) . . .

A White New Zealand! New Zealand rabbits have three different color phases - red, white and black (and the whites have pink eyes.) Ours are reds, but some of them must be carrying the white gene, as in one of the litters, we were surprised with the above little doe. She stands out in stark contrast to her red litter mates!


  1. Those are so cute, Sarah! :) Rabbits are one of my favorite little animals to watch and over-all enjoy. Thank you for sharing the pictures! :)


  2. Thanks for the update...I missed reading a new post from you blog this week, so I very happy to see that you had done another one tonight!

    Aww...those rabbits are *so* cute! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us! How many rabbits do you have now?

    Blessings, my friend!

  3. It sounds like you've had a wonderful week, Sarah! Busy weeks are my favorite, as long as they are productful. It sounds like you and your family had an eventful week and got a lot accomplished. I hope the forthcoming weeks will be the same around here, as well. There are many projects I would like to get done as May's calender is filled with events and commitments already.
    I hope your father had a wonderful birthday day! Spending the day surrounded by loved ones is usually the perfect way to spend the day. I'm so looking forward to your next posts as I am always encouraged by what you have to share.

  4. What sweet little rabbits! I would love to get some sometime. :) What do you all do with yours? Do you have them for meat, or just for fun?

  5. Aww...your rabbits are so cute! Especially the white one. I bet you'll have a hard time to keep that rabbit clean as white as snow instead of being dirty. What did you name that rabbit?

    Why is it necessary to disbudded Dixie's kids? At first I thought it meant you separated the kids forever but thought I better look up the dictionary what disbudded means and I was wrong. It meant taking the horns out. Why did you take the horns out? God created the goats and He must have a reason why He gave them the horns in the first place. I'm just curious why you took them out. I'm guessing the main reason is that no one gets hurt?

  6. You’re welcome for sharing, Mikailah. I am glad that you enjoyed seeing the photos! Rabbits are a lot of fun to watch, and the babies especially. They have some cute little antics!

  7. Aww, thank you for your sweet comment, Bethany! I am glad that you enjoyed the post. And I’m sorry it was awhile in coming!

    We have twenty-nine rabbits right now . . . 22 of which are babies. Seven are breeders, and we'll be keeping some of the babies for breeders as well.

    Blessings to you as well!

  8. It was, Renee! These types of weeks are my favorites as well. My sister and I were just talking this evening while washing the dishes about how much we enjoyed this week!

    I hope that you are able to have some profitable and enjoyable coming weeks, too. Like you, there is so much to be done before the month of May arrives!

    My Dad did have a wonderful birthday, thank you! As you shared, spending the day surrounded by loved ones is indeed a perfect way to spend the day. It was a special time together!

    Thank you for your sweet words, and hopefully more posts will be coming soon. :)

  9. I know you would love them, Emily! Yes, these rabbits are for meat (except for some of the does which we’ll keep for breeding) . . . though, it is fun raising them, too. :)

  10. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos of the rabbits, Leah! It will be interesting to see if the little white one stays clean or not. This is the first white rabbit we’ve ever had. :) We’ll likely be keeping her, and my Dad has been calling her “Rew” – because she’s a Red Eyed White (he just took the first letter from each of those words. :)

    That’s a good question about the disbudding! While in the wild, goats need their horns to defend themselves against predators, in captivity, they will use their horns on each other and sometimes on people as well. Their horns can very seriously injure and even kill other goats. And likewise, can seriously injure people as well (both intentionally and unintentionally.)

    It is a standard procedure to dehorn dairy goats since they are handled by people significantly and “up close and personal.” And also because their horns are generally straight horns, and hence, can be more dangerous.

    Disbudding is something that we really do not like to do . . . but for the safety of the goats themselves and people, we do disbud. I hope that helps to answer your questions!


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