Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Green Beans in the Garden


 The words to this song were running through our minds yesterday morning as Mom, Leah and I sat out in the lush green bean rows picking together before the heat of the sun became oppressive. It was so pleasant to do together, and we had a wonderful time! And we came away with 24 pounds of green beans . . . add that to the 8 pounds that Leah had picked the day before, and we had a lot to put up!

After I got them all washed, we had fun snapping them all, and then Mom and Leah blanched them and got them put up in the freezer while I primed some beehive boxes.

And speaking of beehives, last week Dad and I did full inspections on each of the four hives (yes, we have four now due to another split that we did.) It had been about 7 weeks since we had done our last full inspections so it was a lot of fun to get deep into the hives and see all that has transpired since then! 

(The below photos are older ones from April when we did our first artificial swarm. They are the only photos I have of beekeeping lately, and as I haven't shared them yet, here they are. :)

Looking for the queen

Each hive is doing really well, and two of the hives have been making a lot of honey . . . we're excited about that!


  1. Oh I love that song too! <3 Your green beans look great! I have been craving green beans a lot! Now I think I might need to cook some up! ;o)

  2. Hi Sarah, When I saw the title to your post, I immediately thought of the West Ladies and their song. I love it! Your green beans are so beautiful.What variety are they? I would like to plant some in my garden next year. So exciting that your bees are producing honey! I buy local honey at the farmers market here. I love it in hot tea and drizzled on a parfait made of greek yogurt, fruit and granola. Thanks for your updates. I love reading about your farm!

  3. It’s one of our favorites, Nabila! And thank you. :) Hope that you enjoyed your green beans!

  4. That’s funny that you thought that, Lisa, and then the song ended up being in the post, too! I can hardly pick green beans without it coming to mind. :)

    The variety of beans is Bush Blue Lake, and they are what we grow pretty much exclusively. They are doing really well this year for which we are thankful. Much better than last year’s crop!

    It is exciting that the bees are producing honey! We are all quite looking forward to harvesting it. We enjoy using it in so many ways, and it sounds like you do to.

    I am glad that you enjoy reading about our farm and seeing the updates! I always enjoy sharing them, and it makes it much more so knowing that others enjoy them!

  5. AnonymousJuly 01, 2012

    Hi Sarah, I hope all is well with all of you.

    I know all about the heat and watering, we have had some very hot summers in the past years and it does take alot just to do watering it all. And back then we had both flowers and veggies to water, thankfully we have two wells, one that is down below that is for the garden where it reaches to water and then our main well for the house and watering where we can't reach, the front and side of the house.

    I love that song they sing too and wow, that is a huge amount of green beans, do you grow only green or do you also grow yellow beans?
    We are just enjoying fresh strawberries bought locally and they are good.

    I miss the fresh veggies that my dad grew for us to eat.
    He only has tomatoes on the deck and don't know if will have any tomatoes from them. Lots of flowers on them.

    The flower garden is awesome, the roses are really out and tons and tons of buds this year and they are so huge the rose flowers. The lillies, noticed one day lily and now another one that has come out but the huge tall ones are not out yet, just sitting there and I am waiting for them to pop open.
    My dad is into irisises this year and bought tons of them for gardener to plant in garden but had to move them due to deer eating and loving them and gardener moved them to this fenced area to protect them.
    Also dad bought tons of poppies too.

    Our weather is up and down so far and here its july 1st. But the garden (flowers) are thriving with it.


  6. All is well for us, Kathleen, thank you! We are managing to survive the heat, though it has been hard on the animals. Even the extended forecast with 98 and 99 degree temperatures is starting to look good!

    We’ve only grown green beans so far, but we would like to try the yellow ones sometime, too. And yes, it was a lot of beans!

    Mmm, fresh strawberries are delicious. I am sure you are enjoying those!

    It sound like your vegetable gardens and flower gardens are doing well. The flower gardens must be beautiful with all of the work that your Dad and the gardener puts into them!

  7. Wow, that's an amazing amount of beans!! I love the bee pictures, too. :)

  8. I know! It took a long time to wash and snap all of them!


Thanks so much for your comment! Each one is read and enjoyed. :)