Monday, June 4, 2012

Little Friends Come Visiting

Last week, Mom, Leah and I had the pleasure of having a friend of ours and her four children join us for lunch and then for several hours of the afternoon. It was a wonderful time together! During lunch, we ladies had a refreshing visit together as we talked and shared about some of what we have been learning spiritually and areas we are seeking to grow in . . . (much of it was similar to what was shared in the post from a few days ago titled "Sweet Surrender".) This time together was such an encouragement! It is wonderful how believers in Christ can mutually build up and encourage one another in the Lord. Fellowship together is always so sweet!

Then of course, as our friend is a homeschooling mother of four little ones, talk about homeschooling and child training also took place. Our friend has so many ideas, and I always enjoy listening to what she has to share and tucking away little bits of wisdom.

After lunch and playing indoors for a bit, we all headed outside to tour the farm and see the animals . . . something the children had very much been looking forward to doing again!

Taking a photo of a tarantula that we found and caught

Seeing the rabbits was a definite favorite with the children! They especially enjoyed being able to pet some of them and also being able to feed them some leaves.

 But their favorite part of the day by far was spending time with the goats . . . here Leah and the three girls are walking out to the pen.

The goats enjoyed it, too, and were rather curious about their visitors!

These two became quick friends! After he had seen little Larkspur jump up into my lap when I knelt down, he wanted to see if she would go into his lap, too. She obliged him and really made his day!

The rabbits, the goats, the chickens, and visits to the dogs and cats were all greatly enjoyed, but as it was a hot day, spending a lot of time outdoors wasn't something we all especially wanted to do! So we headed indoors to enjoy the cool air conditioning. As time went on and the children played in the living room, the oldest looked out the window and saw my Dad watering. He jumped up asking if he could go help him to which consent was readily given. He was followed by the oldest girl, and then the middle girl not long after. The littlest one didn't want to be left out of the fun so she and I headed out together to see what everyone was doing . . .

I love watching my Dad with children! I sat in the bit of shade of one of the young fruit trees and had to smile as I listened to the conversation going on between all of them while they watered. The two oldest took turns with one doing the actual watering and the other holding the hose and making sure it didn't drag over any tomato plants. Meanwhile, Dad used the hoe to make 'moats' around the plants to help hold the water in and let it soak in right around the tomato plant.

As they worked, Dad was encouraging the kids in their work, showing them how to do different things, and teaching them some science, too. He is so good with children! And they certainly enjoyed their time out with him as their smiles and happy voices attested to.

After awhile, the littlest asked me if we could go see the goats again . . . always before she would beg for us to hold her while in the pens, but as I was carrying my camera this time, I told her that if we went in, she would have to walk in herself as I couldn't carry her and my camera too. She thought for a moment and then said with confidence that she would walk in all by herself! It took a little coaxing once we actually got to the pen, but for the first time, she stood in the goat pen on her own two feet! She stuck close by my side with her hand holding tightly to mine while we were in there, and while she had a few frightened moments when Dixie or Chase started walking towards her (her greatest fear was that they would knock her down, and I assured her that they wouldn't do that :), she enjoyed being in there with them. Little by little she is overcoming her fear!

So there is a brief summary of a wonderful afternoon we were all able to enjoy . . . how blessed we are to have such dear friends!


  1. AnonymousJune 04, 2012

    Sarah, what a wonderful time the little ones must have had visiting your farm.

    It is always a pleasure to have children over and see their enjoyment in the animals and everything around them. :)


  2. Is it my imagination, Sarah, or are your little friends growing up? The boy, especially, appears to be morphing into a young man right before our eyes.:-)

    Is there a story behind the oldest girl's blue pinafore-type covering? It's quite pretty.

    ~ Betsy

  3. Oh what a wonderful time! Maybe someday our family can visit! ;o) Wish we lived just a little closer!

  4. I guess if you are just a little person a goat must be quite frightening!
    I too was intrigued by the beautiful apron your friend is wearing, and wondered if you had made it?

  5. It sounds like your afternoon was great and fun. :) Children are truly a blessing from the Lord. :D

  6. AnonymousJune 05, 2012

    What a wonderful day ~ making memories. :-) I'm sure your friends will be talking about their visit for days to come.

  7. It was a wonderful time, Maria! And they certainly seemed to enjoy themselves. :) I would agree . . . it is indeed a pleasure having children over and seeing their enjoyment as they see and experience everything!

  8. They are growing up, Betsy! It’s kind of bittersweet . . . though while I miss their younger years, it is a lot of fun when they are older, too. :)

    The pinafore that the oldest girl is wearing is one that she got at the Baker Creek Planting Festival. It is pretty, and she loves wearing it!

  9. It was, Nabila! It would be nice if we lived a little closer, as I would love it if our families could visit! If you do ever happen to be out this way, just let us know. :)

  10. I would guess so, Elizabeth! The apron that she is wearing is one that she got at the Baker Creek Planting Festival . . . so no, I didn’t make it. :) It is pretty, isn’t it?

  11. It was, Lidia! And I would agree wholeheartedly . . . children are indeed a blessing from the Lord. And very precious ones!

  12. It was a wonderful day, Mrs. Anne! These children are so sweet, and we always make such special memories together. And always look forward to the next time that we can get together!


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