Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Adelyn's First Birthday

It is hard to believe that our little sunbeam is one year old now! How the past year has flown by . . . and what a joy it has been to have Adelyn as a part of our lives!

Adelyn enjoying her first birthday cake

We had all wondered what she would think of her first birthday . . . the presents, wrapping paper, cake . . . she was fascinated! 

Opening a gift from her Grandpa and Grandma


It was so fun watching her open her presents and especially seeing her Daddy helping her. (I love watching my brother as a Dad!) 

Not quite sure what to think of the hat I made for her!

Ashley meanwhile captured all of the priceless moments on their camera . . .


Opening up the gift from Leah . . . a little collection of adorable crocheted hair barrettes

 Playing with the blocks from her Grandpa and Grandma while sporting one of the barrettes that Leah had made for her.

 Leah photographing during the gift opening

Everyone all together 
(except for me the photographer and Gracen who was sleeping)

Adelyn wanted to see the photos that her Mommy had taken . . . it was cute to watch this!

Mom holding Gracen after she woke up

Look at those chubby cheeks! It's hard to believe that she is already well over a month old!

Daddy and Ryan enjoying one of many conversations that they had together this evening.

Adelyn and I playing together

Before the gift opening, delicious dinner, and evening of visiting, we all went outdoors to see Ryan and Ashley's new additions to their farm . . .

Sheep! Three ewes and one ram. One of the ewes lambed shortly after they got her, and the baby lambs are so cute!

You can see the two little ones underneath of their mama in this photo

  Daddy and his little buddy . . . I love watching these two together! Adelyn sure loves her grandpa. :)

How thankful we are for the precious gift of little Adelyn . . . what a blessing she has been!


  1. Awwww happy birthday to Miss Adelyn! :o) Before you know it Gracen will be one!

  2. Happy birthday little Adelyn!
    What lovely joyous photos, Sarah.

  3. First Birthdays are SO much fun. :)
    It is a sad moment as well as a joyful one. Missing my nieces, after seeing this.
    Thank you for sharing!!!!

  4. Isn't it amazing that a one-year-old knows how the camera works?

    Beautiful photos, Sarah; I can almost feel the family atmosphere from here :) Reminds me of my youngest niece's 2nd birthday back in June. It was just the same, nothing fancy and just family being together, with (in our case) two very excited little girls :)

    I like the homemade presents.

    And sheep! Are they for wool, meat or milk?

  5. Thank you, Nabila! And I know . . . time flies by so quickly, doesn't it?

  6. Thank you, Elizabeth! :)

  7. They are, Lidia! And as you mentioned, its kind of bittersweet seeing them grow up. Sad in a way to see them growing out of babyhood so quickly, but having so much fun and delight seeing them grow, develop their personalities, and interact more and more with us. Every age is so special!

    I am sure you do miss your nieces . . . and I know that they miss you, too!

  8. It is, Rena! It’s amazing how much they learn and pick-up on simply by watching and listening.

    Thank you! Your niece’s birthday sounds special . . . simple, family birthdays are wonderful, aren’t they?

    Their sheep will be raised for meat, I believe. To their surprise, they have another ewe now that looks like she will be lambing soon!

  9. Oh Sarah! I have been out of the blogging circles for so long that I didn't know your family had been blessed with another sweet babe. How wonderful! Very sweet 1st birthday photos!

  10. Thank you so much, Ellen, for your comment! We are so thankful for our family's new little blessing, Gracen! She has brought so much joy!

  11. Although my comment on your most recent post kind of covered this one, too, I had one more thing I had wanted to ask. Adelyn really reminds me of a little two year old girl in our church, and I thought it would be interesting to find out how similar their personalities are. This little girl I know has a lot of energy and is very curious about everything. Is Adelyn much like that?

  12. The little girl you know sounds like Adelyn, Anna! Adelyn has a lot of energy (though she almost always enjoys cuddling and being held, too), and she loves observing, looking at, and touching everything. She's certainly has a curious nature!


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