Saturday, July 7, 2012

Little Sunbeam

Three whole days and nights with Adelyn . . . could it get much better than that?

Those days with her (during the time that Gracen was born, and Ryan and Ashley were at the hospital) are ones that I will never forget! (I don't think any of us will . . . they were just so special!) They were full of hugs and kisses, laughter, squeals of delight, little feet and knees crawling across the floor in hurried anticipation to follow us around, little arms reaching to be picked up, an inquisitive face always interested in seeing what we were doing, enjoyable (and sometimes entertaining!) meal times, doing new things such as letting go of my hands and standing all on her own for several seconds, chubby little hands clapping and waving (two of her favorite things to do), a baby's version of piano solos, and so much more! Even middle of the night diaper blowout clean-ups were a joy when this sunshiny face is what greets you . . .

Yes, those three days certainly were memorable!

So happy after her naptime!

Helping her Grandpa measure out grain for the goat kids . . . she was so enthralled!

Daddy showing Adelyn what was in the cup (grain) and explaining to her what he was doing.

She makes quite the faces whenever we would go get her after her naps! She would get so excited and scrunch her face all up like this.
(As a little note of interest, two generations have used this crib now . . . first Ryan, Leah and I and now Adelyn. The crib even bears Leah's teethmarks!)

Bathtime was a definite highlight for this little sweetheart! I don't know who enjoyed it more, though - Mom or Adelyn! It was so sweet and so funny watching and listening to the goings on in there. Adelyn definitely loves water!

Snuggletime after a nap

Out for a walk 
(using the baby carrier that Leah had made for Ashley - Adelyn loved being in it!)

Grandma's lap . . . a wonderful place to be

Oh, the things that provide entertainment! Here it was the label off of a goat feed sack.

More snuggletime

 Leah and Adelyn during our walk together . . . and shortly before it was time for her to go home.

Me, Adelyn and Leah

Expanding her world . . . with an immature wild plum! She was fascinated by it.

"Aunt Leah and Aunt Sarah keep giving me all these things to look at and touch . . . but they won't let me put them in my favorite place - my mouth!" Yes, Adelyn likes to put everything in her mouth! Even Black-eyed Susans. :)

Love this little sweetheart!

She kept turning away from the camera and giving me kisses . . . wide, open-mouth, slobbery baby kisses. :)

Getting kisses from Grandma

"That was fun!" 
She kept getting the giggles and had us laughing!

Adelyn is growing up so fast, and her personality certainly is developing. And what a joy it was to be able to spend these days with her!


  1. I loved this post! From the first picture to the last I kept laughing and smiling at Adelyn's facial expressions! ;o) Too sweet and cute!

  2. What a wonderful time you all had with your gorgeous little girl. She is growing up now and, as you say, beginning to really explore the world.

  3. I would say, your mom had more fun than Adelyn when it comes to bathtime. Watching my mother with her 5 grandchildren over the years and one on the way, I would say, her three favourite things about being a grandmother to babies/toddlers is to hold them, give them their bottles and giving them baths. :)

    I love Adelyn's smile! I bet she'll smile and cheer everybody up on their bad days once they seen Adelyn's smile.

  4. What a sweet blessing! {And very adorable blessing too!} The pictures are so precious. God is so good to give us little people to brighten our days. :)

    Blessings in Christ!


  5. Those are precious!! What a sweet blessing you had in those few days with that little girl! She is so blessed to have you all in her life!

  6. AnonymousJuly 09, 2012

    Oh Sarah! What a wonderful surprise Gracen Elyse is! It must have been bittersweet keeping it a secret all this time! I especially liked the picture of her looking into your eyes - how precious! Your family has been greatly blessed with Gracen and Adelyn both. And they are definitely blessed to have you and your family to nurture and invest in their little lives.

    SO happy for all of you!!!!

  7. I've really enjoyed reading the past few posts about your nieces, Sarah! What a blessing these two little girls are! A belated congratulations on the arrival of little Gracen. I look forward to seeing more posts in the future on the growing Pelc Jr. family! :-)


  8. I really enjoyed this post – Adelyn is such a sweetie! I love her scrunched up face. She looks like she must be quite a character!


  9. What a cutie Adelyn is! My favorite picture is the second one - what an adorable smile! I had to laugh when I saw the picture of her in the crib :). Thank you for sharing your special time (in photos :) with us!

  10. What beautiful pictures!I enjoy seeing other sisters in the Lord families.Thanks for sharing.

  11. I am glad that you enjoyed it, Nabila! It was a lot of fun to put together . . . each photo brings back so many memories. Adelyn makes quite the facial expression doesn’t she? She is so expressive!

  12. It was a wonderful time, Elizabeth! She is really growing up, and it is fun to see her learning, growing and exploring. This is really a fun age!

  13. I think you are right, Leah! Aww, how special for your mother to have 5 grandchildren and another on the way . . . it sounds like she really enjoys being a grandmother. The three things that are her favorites are probably my Mom’s favorites, too!

    Adelyn’s smile is infectious, isn’t it?! Already she brings so much sunshine and cheer even if one might be feeling a little down. You can’t help but smile and feel happy when looking into her cheery little face!

  14. She is, Mikailah! Children certainly are a very special blessing from the Lord, aren’t they? Their sweet innocence, adorable little antics, happiness, laughter and more do so much to brighten up our days!

  15. It was, Miss Sarah! She is a precious little girl, and we are so blessed to have her as a part of our lives!

  16. Thank you, Rachel, for your sweet comment! It was exciting to finally be able to share this special surprise with everyone here! And yes, it wasn’t always easy keeping it a secret. :) But it made it even more exciting when I finally could share the news!

    We are so blessed to have both Gracen and Adelyn as a part of our lives! And what a privilege it is to be able to have the opportunity to invest in their lives . . . and to in turn, be blessed by them. The Lord has been so good to us!

    Thank you again for your kind words and for sharing in our excitement with us!

  17. I am glad that you have enjoyed them, Bianca! And yes, they are a great blessing! More so than I think words could even describe.

    Thank you so much! And I look forward to sharing more posts about them in the future. :)

  18. I am glad that you enjoyed it, Anna! And yes, she is such a sweetie! She has quite the little personality and has brought so much joy to our lives. It has been really fun to watch her growing and changing so much over these past few weeks!

  19. She is, Anna! Your favorite of the photos was one of mine as well . . . and the crib photo always makes me smile! She is quite the character. :)

    You’re welcome for sharing, and thank you for your comment!

  20. Welcome to my blog, Nicole! And thank you for your kind comment. :) You’re welcome for sharing!

  21. AnonymousJuly 16, 2012

    Wonderful pictures, Sarah! You all are such a beautiful, happy family.

  22. Oh, how precious and adorable she is, Sarah!! I loved every single photo! She is beautiful, and looks like such a happy little girl! I can tell you all enjoyed having her stay with you!

  23. Thank you, Mrs. Anne! I am so blessed to have the family that I do. I love each of them so much!

  24. I would agree wholeheartedly, Joy! She is such a blessing and joy to all of us!


Thanks so much for your comment! Each one is read and enjoyed. :)