Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Day with Little Friends

One day last week after morning chores were finished, Leah and I went and picked up three young sisters who are friends of ours and brought them back to our house for a fun day together. The drive was so enjoyable! The girls were all in the back seat laughing, talking, and having a lot of fun. The closer we got to our house, the more their excitement grew!

We finally pulled into our driveway, unloaded everybody, and headed inside to start on a project that was planned for the day . . . making zucchini bread! With the zucchini that these girls and their brother had grown themselves in their own garden! 

Earlier this year, Leah and I had helped them turn up a small area in their backyard and helped them plant some green beans, zucchini, lettuce and tomatoes. When the heat and drought hit, I was really hoping that their garden would survive and produce at least something . . . yet I knew that without faithful watering (for weeks on end), that wouldn't happen. But guess who did a fantastic job watering for almost two months? :) Yes, the children certainly did despite the heat and drought, and thanks to each one of their efforts, they were able to harvest lettuce and zucchini so far.

They were so sweet and wanted to give their first zucchinis to us since we had helped them plant their garden. So we ended up making a deal with them . . . we'd take the zucchini on the condition that they would help us turn them into zucchini bread!

Big sister grating while little sister watches and helps hold the grater still - they were fascinated by the process and kept wanting to look inside to see how much had been grated!

Older sister's turn

Leah helping the youngest crack her first ever egg! The first one was perfect . . . the second . . . well, lets just say it provided a lot of laughs all around and some messy hands that needed to be washed!

And into the blender they go!

The blender was fun to watch apparently. :)

After the zucchini bread was in the oven baking, we headed outdoors to enjoy the beautiful (and cooler!) day . . . visiting the goats was first as that is the girls' favorite animal we have. They love to watch them! Then we moved onto the rabbits . . .

Leah holding the youngest so she could pet a baby rabbit

Watching the chickens that were underneath of the coop

Then we visited the cats . . . the littlest girl always enjoys seeing them, and she and I sat here for quite awhile watching 'Kitty'

A walk down our driveway came next, and it quickly turned into a nature walk as the girls gathered what few flowers there were and other things such as cedar tree 'berries' and wild plums.

Our grass is even a little green here! What's not in the picture, though, is one of our big trees to the left which is all wilted . . . how badly we need rain! Instead of being in just an extreme drought now, our area has been moved into the worst drought level there is - 'exceptional drought.' At least the hot weather has left, and we all greatly enjoyed the beautiful day!

A handful of treasures

When we began our walk, I offered my camera to the oldest girl as she really enjoys photography . . . so almost all of the photos from the walk are hers! It was fun to see what images she captured such as this one of a turkey vulture flying overhead.

Me breaking off a thorn from a locust tree in order to show it to the girls

As the time came closer for the bread to be finished, we headed back inside where we spent most of the rest of our day together . . .

The two littlest girls were using the blocks as 'food' for the dolls. The yellow ones I believe were bananas, the green blocks were peas, and the blue ones were blueberries. :)

She loves to read! And she enjoyed a number of books that were on our bookshelves

Do you remember our 'lending library'? Well, we had forgotten what all books the children had borrowed and read, so the oldest girl went through the bookshelves with Leah, and Leah wrote down all the ones they had read so far and which ones they would like to read again.

Eventually, much to the girls' disappointment, it was time for us to bring them home (along with a loaf of their delicious zucchini bread. :) The drive back to their place was a lot of fun! And the girls assured us that they would love to be 'kidnapped' again!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! :o) I even have the book she was reading in the picture ;o)

  2. I think they had a really wonderful day. You gave them so much pleasure....and obviously enjoyed it yourselves!

  3. Clearly your house is a place of adventure for them... and love :)

  4. Hi Sarah

    The girls are so blessed to have you and Leah to share so many things with, and they will always remember the time they had with the two of you, that is what is so special. The Lord always brings people into our life for a reason, and I can tell they are a blessing to you and Leah.


  5. What a fun day! I know they must have been excited over the bread, after having, planted, watered, and reaped the harvest. :-) And I love a nature walk! :-) I'm sure they are looking forward to another visit.
    God's blessings to you both for taking time to spend with them.

  6. It was, Nabila! That’s neat that you have the same book . . . it is a sweet story!

  7. Thank you for your sweet comment, Elizabeth! Yes, we most certainly did enjoy ourselves. :)

  8. That is what we hope it to be, Rena!

  9. Thank you, Terry, for your kind words! These children are indeed a great blessing to us. We love them dearly and are so thankful to the Lord that they are a part of our lives!

  10. They were excited about the bread, Mrs. Anne! I loved seeing their happy faces when they brought it home, and then hearing from them about how much their family enjoyed it (with big smiles on their faces while they shared. :) I think all of us are looking forward to another visit!

    And thank you so much!


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