Friday, August 3, 2012

A Friday Equation

. . . two sisters and one sister-in-law

. . . one one-year old niece

. . . one nearly eight-week old niece

. . . grocery lists

. . . three stores

. . . and a rather full van

= one very fun and memorable afternoon

. . . and it included much enjoyed visits with Ashley, carrying Gracen all the way through Wal-mart with her snuggled up against me asleep, pushing the cart while Adelyn chattered away at us while looking through racks of clothing at Goodwill, and so much more . . . what a fun and enjoyable time we had today! And we're already looking forward to our next shopping trip together. :)


  1. What--no pictures?! You didn't have your hands full or anything, did you?:-) I suppose adding a camera to the equation might have unbalanced things just a little. Anyway, I'm glad you three ladies--and the youngs ones--had such a fun shopping trip together!

    ~ Betsy

  2. I know, I didn't get one picture, Betsy! I had fully intended to take some, but I think I was just a little distracted. :) First I forgot to bring a camera along, and then Ashley offered to let me use hers . . . but then once we actually began shopping, I completely forgot about it! Though looking back, there wouldn't have been much opportunity for photos anyway as my hands were often rather full. :)

    Thank you! It was really a fun time for all of us!

  3. What fun :) When I first read it I thought it sounded like Adelyn was walking, but now that I re-read the post, maybe not :) I was thinking surely she's a bit young for that yet!

    Well no doubt there will be other shopping trips for more photo opportunities :)

  4. Posts like these make me wish I had a sister, you are abundantly blessed.

  5. It was fun, Rena! No, Adelyn isn’t walking yet, but she’s getting close! She’s graduated to walking with holding on to only one hand now, and she has also gotten much more steady on her feet. I don’t think it will be too much longer before she’ll be running all around!

    Yes, I am sure there will be. :) And I am looking forward to them!

  6. I can understand that, Mrs. B., as sisters are wonderful blessings . . . though, brothers certainly are, too!

  7. Oh those are my favorite type of shopping trips!!! :o) Sounds like the kind that my mom and I have when ever she comes to visit. ;) And since the next time she will be here will be about the time that our little one arrives we might not get a chance to enjoy one of those trips! ;o)

  8. They are fun, Nabila! I can just imagine how enjoyable your shopping trips with your mom would be.

    No, your mother's next visit probably wouldn't be the most conducive for shopping trips! :)


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