Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fun Family Outings

 On the drive down to the music fest

The past two weekends we have been able to attend two much enjoyed events . . . this past Saturday, we went to the Homeschool Music Fest down in southern Missouri which was so enjoyable!

This was a beautiful spot! There are quite a few trees that are dying due to the drought, though, as you can see by all of the brown in this photo.

Visiting with people, listening to music, enjoying fellowship, and much more. We weren't able to stay terribly long (and thus, missed a lot of the music) as we needed to leave early in order to get home in time to do the milking and the evening chores. But the time we were able to spend was a definite blessing! The highlight for me was being able to see and visit with a dear friend of mine, Joy, again! We talked for quite a long time, and what a blessing and encouragement it was to me. (Thank you, Joy!) It was also fun meeting the rest of her family and seeing her girls again, too!

(I didn't take any photos at the music fest, simply because I knew we didn't have much time and I didn't want to be thinking about photographing when I could be visiting! :)

Due to the stress of the drought, some of the trees are changing color early - the reds were brilliant!

I do have photos from what we did the other Saturday, though . . .we went to the . . .

This was definitely a fun day! The weather was near perfect for being at the fair, and our family enjoyed wandering around the fair grounds, watching different judging events, going into the 4-H, Home-Ec, and FFA buildings, walking through some of the animal barns, and more. Here are a few photos of some of the things we saw . . . .

The draft horse judging was early in the morning, so we went there first and were able to see some of the Percherons judged. They are beautiful (and huge!) horses! 

We were also able to see part of the dairy goat show, and even some Alpines being judged (which are the breed in this photo.) It's hard to believe that it was only a year ago when we were walking through the goat barn at the fair and looking forward to when we would have our own dairy goats!

One of our favorite things . . . antique tractors!

This was a sweet display in the Home-Ec building . . . antique baby items.

This style of quilt isn't one I especially care for, but I could not help admiring the intricate quilting and trapunto work! Isn't it amazing? I can only imagine how many hours were spent creating this masterpiece.

An adorable smocked baby bonnet . . . this is one of those things that I would really like to learn how to do someday!

Several antique quilts on display. One of which had a tag saying who made it . . .

How special it must be to have a quilt with so much personal family history!

This was something my Dad liked . . . a handcrafted gun case. It had such intricate detail!

A wagon that I am guessing is for the draft horse hitches - those are always fun to see, but this time we weren't there when they were going on.

This was my favorite part of the fair . . . watching cattle judging! I had wondered if goats might end up replacing my love for cattle, but only a moment sitting in the stands watching the cattle being judged quickly assured me that cattle are still my favorite farm animal. :) And it made me smile seeing this little girl showing and working with her Limousin heifer. 

This was sweet! Father and son showing their heifer together.

One of the Budweiser Clydesdales 
(too bad they have to be the mascot for that company, but I sure do enjoy seeing these beautiful and powerful animals!)

Leah and I looking at the Clydesdales (photo courtesy of my Dad. :)

It was neat to see this! They were practicing in one of the outdoor arenas.

It was so enjoyable and refreshing to be able to enjoy both of these outings together as a family . . . a time to be together, enjoy one another's company, and take pleasure in things that are of 
interest to all of us!


  1. How wonderful that you were able to meet with Joy and her family at the homeschool music fest. The fair looks like such a good time. I've never been to one but hopefully someday I will have the opportunity.

  2. Why do you love cattle? What's so special about the cattle?

    Have you & Leah ever rode horses? I have wondered the past few months because you keep talking about the farm & the animals. How come you don't own horses and do you hope to own a horse someday?

    I have always love horses and can't wait to ride it in heaven someday when my body is perfect and able to do things I want like jumping & galloping.

  3. What a wonderful day. We have country fairs in England, not quite the same, but with lots of animals. Horses play a big part, jumping, dressage etc,but there are many other things, such as Flower displays, Craft tents and places especially for children.
    I think my favourite was a Fall Fair we attended in Canada, with country music.

  4. We just finished up with our county fair last week. AND I'm busy putting by our recent harvests from the garden. I hope to post photos of all our recent happenings soon!

    So glad to see you and your family had as much fun at y'alls fair as we have at ours.


  5. Oh how wonderful that you were able to see Joy again! :o) Looks like both weekends were a lot of fun! :o)

  6. Beautiful photos, Sarah. Sounds like you had a great day at the festival and fair. I love that little bonnet and the quilts ~ so pretty.
    God bless you,

  7. Looks like wonderful times at both events. I can't say I share your love for cattle--although I certainly appreciate their usefulness--but the horses are certainly beautiful! I would have loved going through the Home Ec building! Those handcrafted items are lovely, and display such giftedness on the part of the crafter. Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Betsy

  8. It was, Ellen! I am so thankful that we had that time together. If the fairs up there are anything like ours down here, I know that you would very much enjoy going. I hope you have the opportunity to someday!

  9. I’m not really sure, Leah! :) Only I think they are beautiful animals, and they are profitable as well what with milk and meat. Plus, there is just something about them that draws me . . . I can’t explain it!

    Yes, Leah and I have rode horses before, and we love doing that! One of Leah’s longtime dreams is to have a horse someday. :) And after cattle and the other farm animals, I would like to have a horse, too. Unfortunately, our property is too small to keep a horse on, but maybe someday we’ll have more land!

    Won’t it be glorious to be in heaven with the Lord and to have perfect bodies, to be "clothed immortal,"? To be before the Lord and to worship Him face to face? I can only imagine what that will be like and long for that day!

  10. Your county fairs sounds lovely, Elizabeth! Leah would love them what with all of the horses. :) It is fun to watch those types of events!

  11. It sounds like your days have been pleasantly full, Mrs. B! How nice that even with the enjoyable busyness of putting up produce that you were able to go the fair. I look forward to seeing photos!

  12. It was definitely an encouragement and blessing to me to spend that time with her, Nabila! And yes, both weekends were a lot of fun. :)

  13. Thank you, Mrs. Anne! The items you mentioned were my favorites as well! I’m glad that you enjoyed seeing them. :)

  14. I suppose I am a little unique in my love for cattle, Betsy. :) You are like Leah in that she prefers the horses! I really like horses as well, but not quite as much as cattle.

    I know you would have enjoyed the Home-Ec building! There was so much to see. Leah and I had fun looking at everything and then photographing ‘inspiration’ for things that we would like to try sometime. You’re welcome for sharing!


Thanks so much for your comment! Each one is read and enjoyed. :)