Thursday, August 9, 2012

Going Visiting

This past Tuesday, Leah and I went and spent the day with Ashley and the girls, and what an enjoyable time that was! The hours together flew by. It was really nice to have so much time to sit and visit with Ashley, and we talked about a wide range of topics together . . . from child training, to spiritual things, to animals, to character, and more. Meanwhile, we were always either holding or playing with two adorable little girls (at least until one of them [Adelyn] went down for her nap - then Leah and I took turns holding Gracen.)

Adelyn eating a little snack before her naptime . . . cheese and banana which she rather enjoyed. Poor thing is getting in several molars all at the same time, and her mouth is really sore. Things like bananas are easier for her to eat right now!

Me rocking little Gracen . . . she had been smiling right before Leah got the camera out to take a photo of her, but then she stopped!

Tickling her chin to coax out a smile

One last thing before Adelyn's naptime . . . her bottle. She's looking really sleepy here! 

This was one of the first times that Gracen has been awake for longer periods of time when we were there, and it was so fun interacting with her and photographing her little smiles!

On her Mommy's shoulder . . . I love her big blue eyes!

"My new trick! I can lift my head up now!"

She melts my heart

Grinning at her Mommy while Ashley was talking to her

She can laugh now, too!

Mommy and daughter . . . it was so sweet watching them together

As the day wore on, poor Gracen started having tummy trouble. Leah kept holding her in different positions, trying to find one that was comfortable for her. This one worked for awhile!

All in all it was a wonderful day . . . what a blessing family is!


  1. Love the pictures of the girls! They are both growing so fast! ;o)

  2. Love the photos! They're both so cute. :-)

  3. What sweet pictures, Sarah. Your nieces are adorable. :) A baby's smile is SO precious.


  4. Aren't they just so lovely. You must have enjoyed your day together.
    Hope little Gracen is better now.

  5. It sounds like your time together was lots of fun, Sarah. With all your animals, chores, garden, and other projects at home, is it difficult to take a whole day away? You probably have to do some advance planning and preparation!

    How are things going for Ashley, as far as having two little ones now (and quite close in age)? I imagine she must be tired, what with getting up for night feedings, and possibly still having Adelyn wake up in the night from time to time. I do remember that season of my life, when I had a young babies and newborn twins!

    One thing that seemed to work for my son's upset tummy was laying him on this stomach and gently but firmly thumping his back. I'd also play a little music in the background. Maybe that would work with Gracen.:-)

    ~ Betsy

  6. Hello Sarah,
    Its been soo long since I have commented on your blog soo I thought I would said hello. I have a new blog now so if you want to vist it here is the address
    I cant wait to see you soon.
    Your friend,

  7. Aww, the expression on Gracen's face when she lifts up her head is priceless!

    And it's so nice that Ashley is such a good friend as well as a sister in law - your talk of 'cabbages and kings' with Ashley and Leah sounds wonderful.

  8. I have really enjoyed seeing all the pictures of your two very sweet nieces recently! It's a little harder for me to tell through pictures - which one of their parents do you thing Adelyn and Gracen each look the most like? When Gracen was first born I really thought she looked like Adelyn when she was a baby, but now that Gracen is getting older I can really see the differences between the two girls. It will be so fun for you to watch them grow up together! I love all of Gracen's cute expressions in this post! Thank you for sharing!

  9. It looks like you had a wonderful day together. Such sweet expressions from the girls..Adelyn and Gracen both are such joyful little girls. They always look bright and cheerful.♥

  10. Glad you enjoyed them, Nabila! And yes, they are. :) Very fast!

  11. I kind of think so, too, Mrs. Anne. :) And they’re also both so sweet!

  12. Thank you, Mikailah! A baby's first smiles have got to be one of the most precious things . . . it was so fun watching and enjoying hers!

  13. They are, Elizabeth! And yes, we did. Very much so! Gracen is feeling a little better now, thankfully.

  14. It was, Betsy! We do have to do some planning to take a day away, but it is so worth it. Family comes first, and we are more than happy to set aside things like gardening, canning, etc. for time together. Though, we do have to make sure we’re home in time to do chores!

    Ashley is doing well . . . I love watching her as a mommy to two! She’s doing a wonderful job, I think. :) Yes, she does get tired, but she’s such a trooper!

    Thank you for that suggestion for Gracen! That would be worth a try . . . I’ll mention it to Ashley. Though, the music might need to be forgone :) as unlike Adelyn, Gracen doesn’t seem to appreciate music much!

  15. It was so nice to hear from you again, Haviland!! I’ve missed you. :) And thank you for sharing your new blog address! I already visited it and so enjoyed looking through the photos that you shared and reading the things you wrote. Makes me miss you more! I will be visiting your blog again soon to leave some comments. :) I would love to see you again, too!! (((hugs)))

  16. Isn’t it, though, Rena?! I loved that photo of her.

    It is a blessing being not only sisters and sister-in-laws, but friends as well. Our times together are always special and much enjoyed!

  17. I am glad that you enjoyed them, Anna! As Gracen grows, she is beginning to look less and less like Adelyn. As far as whether she looks more like Ryan or Ashley, though, we haven’t been able to determine! Adelyn reminds us a lot of Ryan when he was her age, and we see some aspects of Ashley in her, too.

    It will be so fun watching them grow up together! Already it is so sweet watching them. :)

    I’m glad that you enjoyed the photos! And thank you for commenting as it was wonderful to hear from you again!

  18. We did, Ellen! Adelyn and Gracen are both so special . . . and like you mentioned, they are such joyful little girls, too. They always brighten up our days so much!

  19. Does Adelyn drink goats milk?
    Just curious!

  20. She hasn't yet! :) Right now she is drinking cow's milk.


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