Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Best of Intentions . . .

. . . do not get blog posts written. :)

Every day for the past week, I have fully intended to put up a new post . . . the days have been full, and there is much to share! Such as celebrating Leah's birthday and spending part of the day with Ashley and Gracen thrift store shopping and then a wonderful evening with our whole family together, or about spending last Saturday at the Missouri State Fair, and then we also have a new goat, too, that I still haven't posted about! Then there is the honey extraction that we did earlier this week (which was so much fun!) My mind has certainly been full of many things to share, but the minutes in the day to actually sit down and put thoughts down on 'paper' and upload photos have not exactly been in abundance.

I do hope to post about the honey extraction tomorrow, but until then, here is something else I have been wanting to share . . .

Guess who's walking now?!

Ryan and Ashley had told us that she had started walking, but last Friday was the first time we had actually seen it. It was exciting to watch! She's really enjoying practicing her new skill, and so far has taken up to ten steps at a time. She still prefers crawling, though, when she wants to get somewhere in a hurry! It is so much fun to kneel down, hold out your hands to her, and see her bright smiling face, arms outstretched as she slowly totters to us and into our waiting arms for a hug. Oh, the joy that she brings!

"Here I come, Aunt Sarah!"

 "But crawling is so much faster when I want to get to you and see the camera!"

(Taking photos of Adelyn walking was not the easiest as she always wants to be behind the camera and watching the little screen where the photos show up!)


  1. The best of intentions do not get emails or blog comments written either. ;)

    I failed to ever even congratulate y'all on the birth of Gracen, for which I'm very sorry. I'm so happy for y'all...what a blessing she must be. She is a beautiful little one, just like her big sister.

    Must keep this comment short, as I'm caught up in busyness at the moment...Lord willing, I shall be writing you in the near future, though, and can catch up then. Many blessing to you, my friend!

  2. Those first steps are so exciting, both for the watchers and the 'walker'!

  3. Awww, it is so fun when they start to walk! William surprised us when he started walking at 10 1/2 months! Abigail was around 12 1/2 months before she really started. They are all different and precious!

  4. She is so sweet! I love this age! :o) So much to explore and figure out! ;) I understand about intentions! I have plenty to reply to emails such as to your mom and it's not getting done! :( But I'm finally checking things off my to do list which should allow for intentions to get done ;)

  5. Oh, congratulations to Adelyn! So cute, wobbling on her little feet :)

  6. I echo Amy. :) I have been meaning to comment for ages, but have never quite found the time to do so. I have, however, been enjoying your lovely photos of your two beautiful nieces!

    Thank you for sharing this post – Adelyn looks so sweet as she develops her walking ability! There is such a look of concentration in the first photo!


    P.S. A Happy Birthday to Leah! I am sure she had a wonderful day!

  7. It was so nice to hear from you again, Amy! Thank you for your comment! And how well I can relate to what you shared about e-mails and blog comments. :) There’s never enough time to do everything one would like to, is there?!

    Thank you for your congratulations! Gracen is indeed a very precious blessing. We love her so much!!

    I am very much looking forward to your e-mail when you have the opportunity to write. But I know you are busy so there is no rush. :) Praying that the Lord would continue to guide and bless your footsteps in Him!

    By the way, thank you for the latest issue of FAR . . . the article you wrote was a blessing to me!

  8. They are indeed, Elizabeth!

  9. It is, Emily! William started walking early! It is interesting to see how different each child is . . . their personalities, how/when they learn different things, the things they like to do. It’s so fun watching them grow and learn!

  10. I would agree, Nabila! :) I love this age as well . . . though, I have to say, that I think I love every age! They are each so special. Now the next milestone will be words! Adelyn can really carry on a conversation, but we just don’t understand what she is saying yet. :) It will be so fun once we can actually understand!

    I can relate to having plenty of e-mails to reply to. :) And don’t worry about taking awhile to reply to my mom’s! You have a lot to keep you busy. How are you and baby doing? I hope well! I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering how you were.

  11. Thank you, Rena! It’s so fun watching her wobbly, little footsteps!

  12. I can well understand, Anna! And I am glad to hear that you’ve been enjoying the posts. :) I haven’t had much time for commenting on blogs much lately either, but I have been enjoying yours and all of the photos that you have been posting!

    You’re welcome for sharing, and thank you for your comment! I know, I loved that look of concentration, too. :)

    Leah said to tell you ‘thank you’!

  13. It is a fun stage to watch little kids learning how to walk. My youngest niece, Sarah, just learned to walk few months ago. She hardly ever crawl anymore. :( I'm already looking forward to watch my newest niece/nephew taking steps sometime next year like I bet you are with Gracen.

    You'll have fun watching Adelyn speaking words soon. I love hearing Sarah talking. She can't say a lot of full long words yet but can say short words like "No" and part of the words like cook which means "cookie", etc. It's so cute!

    I know what you mean by trying to take pictures of Adelyn. I had the same problem with my nephew, Samuel few years ago. He's always interested to see the pictures instead of sitting still in front of the camera. His mom had to buy disposal camera so she can get pictures of him and he knows that there is nothing to see behind the camera. :)

    Please tell Leah that I said "Happy Birthday". Are you going to write a post about her birthday like you did with yourself and other family members?

  14. It is a fun stage, Leah! Aww, how sweet that your youngest niece has started walking. I am sure you so enjoy your times for her! Yes, I am looking forward to when Gracen will take her first steps, but now I am enjoying all her adorable baby sweetness. :) With how fast time is going by, though, she’ll be walking before we know it!

    I can hardly wait until Adelyn starts speaking words and we can understand what she is saying! She has so much to say, and by the way she talks, you know that she is trying to carry on a conversation. It is cute! I am sure it is sweet hearing your little niece, Sarah, talking . . . I can imagine how much fun you have with her!

    That’s funny about your nephew and cameras! Little ones are so smart, aren’t they? :)

    I will tell Leah that! I haven’t really been doing ‘birthday posts’ this year . . . maybe next year I’ll do them again!


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