Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Life . . .

It was exciting today, to watch one by one our chicks begin to hatch! Two of them I was able to watch the process as little by little the egg shell cracked open more and more, a tiny beak would poke through, until finally, one big push and the little chick was free! New life, no matter how small, is always amazing and always awe-inspiring. 

How even a tiny little chick can develop inside of the egg, and when the time is right, be able to use its little egg tooth to begin working on getting free and then to slowly 'unzip' the egg shell and hatch. All of creation does indeed bring praise to the Lord its Creator!  

So far, nine are hatched, and there are 23 more eggs to go! (strike that- ten are now hatched! And another nearly there. :)

It is going to be an interesting night as the incubator is in our room, and there will be more of these cute (and loud :) little chicks hatching tonight!


  1. oh how exciting!! :o) They are so sweet! I haven't watched chicks being born before, but I know I would love to experience it! How awesome to see the gift of life being born.

  2. Yay!!! How exciting!!! I Love baby chicks. :) It is a blessing to be able to see a new life coming into the world. :) Hope that you will be able to get some sleep tonight. :D

  3. Your posts are such a joy and blessing to read, Sarah. Thank you for posting, and sharing! :)

  4. The chicks are lovely to see! What beautiful little gifts of life created by the Lord! Isn't it amazing to witness this new life, every time.

  5. awwww!!!!!!! How cool to witness that! They are soooo cute!

  6. Thank you everyone for your comments! We're enjoying all of the adorable little balls of fluff that are cheeping away right now just a little ways from me as a type. :) Chicks are so fun!

    We did manage to get a little bit of sleep that night, Lidia! :)


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