Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Autumn Days on the Farm

Beautiful fall days with crisp, chilly mornings, leaves of brilliant and varying colors falling to the ground, nighthawks flying over in the evenings, and calls of flocks of geese filling the air as they head south for the winter . . . all of these and more have been much enjoyed the past weeks! Little changes have been taking place as summer made its exit and autumn crept in with all of its beauty. And as the seasons change, life continues on our little farm . . . .

After the rains, some of the strawberry plants began blooming again

And they're even producing a few berries!

 - The Rabbits -

The litters of rabbits that we have now are at their cutest stage and are so sweet!

Munching on hay that Leah just gave them

So cute!

More nestboxes! With quite a few more does bred and due to kindle soon, Dad was busy over the weekend building more nestboxes for all of them

- The Chicks -

The chicks have left their adorable stage behind and are now . . . not so cute. :) They were moved outside awhile back and are currently in the chick brooder pen. And with now being acclimated to chillier weather, they are being let out into the outdoor chick run. They have been enjoying that!


A peek inside the brooder pen . . . the shy ones like to stay inside!

- The Garden -

While the vast majority of the garden was destroyed in the hail storm, there are a few plants that survived including a few sorry looking tomato plants (that have a few tomatoes on them!) and a few nearly leafless pepper plants that are slowly regrowing.

One of three celery plants that re-grew after the hailstorm

The amazing mangel beets! After being decimated by the blister beetles during the summer and after having the hailstorm destroy what few leaves there were that were trying to grow back, the plants have rebounded! The goats are going to be enjoying these over the winter months. :)

Kale that was planted after the storm

Leaf Lettuce

The marigolds are reblooming now, too. It's so nice having their cheery flowers out there!

- The Goats -

Life with goats continues to be a fun and enjoyable adventure! They each add so much to life. :) I didn't get photos of all of them as they are difficult to photograph as they always want to be right up close! But here are a few that I got . . .

Our new buck Ruger - he's a sweetheart!


Mischievous Larkspur - she is so entertaining! Though a little ornery at times. :)


Our neighbor's pasture

The Burning Bush

Wild Aster blooming down in the woods - the honeybees really enjoyed these!

Through these beautiful days, my heart has been so full with thankfulness to the Lord for His goodness, His faithfulness, His mercy and patience, His gentle guidance, and yes, His discipline, too . . . thankfulness for Who He is. When taking in the majestic night-time expanse of sky filled with stars, when listening to the wind blow through the pine trees, when seeing how He works in our day to day lives, when He leads, guides and teaches me through His Word . . . His loving hand is so clearly seen. "Bless the Lord, O my soul, and let all that is within me, bless His holy name."! (Psalm 103:1)


  1. The bunnies are so cute! It's a beautiful fall, isn't it?
    God bless you, Sarah, and thanks for sharing.

  2. It looks like you are enjoying these Autumn days on your farm, Sarah! Such a blessing! Your pictures are lovely--and those rabbits {and goats} and so cute! :)

    Many blessings,

  3. A beautiful small farm!
    What will you do with all the rabbits?

  4. Your farm is just beautiful - you are truly blessed.

  5. I LOVED all the pictures from around the homestead! ;) All the animals are so precious even the funny at this time looking chicks ;) Isn't watching the regeneration of plants one of the most beautiful things you have ever seen?? I am always so humbled and amazed when I am able to watch as God turns broken or dead plants into beautiful living plants once again!

  6. It was so lovely to see what was happening on the farm... thank you for sharing, and for posting the beautiful photos too! The rabbits look very cuddly :). And the chicks still look cute in their own way, don't they! Praise the Lord, your garden is looks to be doing so well despite the hail. You must be looking forward to eating ripe strawberries!
    The weather is warming right up and summer is coming here :).
    May the Lord bless you. His mercies are new every morning, and great is His faithfulness

  7. Your farm was certainly decimated by the storm, Sarah. But isnt it wonderful to see re-growth and to realise that things become new again.

  8. Thanks for sharing all the pictures! Yes, your bunnies are really cute! Ours are all white, (some have brown ears and feet), but I think the all brown ones are cuter. :-) What breed are they?

    It looks like you have a lot more green down there! Everything up here looks ready for winter, most of the leaves have fallen, and the grass is all brown. I guess your seasons are ahead in the spring and summer, and behind ours in the fall...in other words, you have a longer growing season. :-)

    Thanks again for the great post, and have a great day!

  9. Such a beautiful little farm, and a beautiful family! My computer's been out for repairs, just got it back the other day. I've missed seeing you!

    The renewal of things after the storm is encouraging to see in more ways than one :)

  10. The bunnys are so cute!

  11. Thank you all for all your kind comments! Each one of them was much enjoyed. :) Thank you!

    ~ Mrs. Anne ~ It was so nice to hear from you again and to see that you are back to blogging! And yes, it is a beautiful fall so far. :)

    ~ Marianne ~ Thank you! The rabbits are raised for meat, though some of these ones will likely be kept back for breeders.

    ~Plain and Joyful Living ~ Welcome to my blog, and thank you for your comment! Yes, we are indeed blessed . . . I am so thankful for the little farm that the Lord has blessed us with!

    ~ Nabila ~ It is indeed beautiful to watch the regeneration of plants! And thank you for sharing that insight. All of creation does indeed bring praise to the Lord!

    ~ Elizabeth ~ Yes, it is wonderful!

    ~ Karen ~ You’re welcome! The breed of rabbits we have is New Zealand Reds, but sometimes we end up with Whites, too. And then one litter we had this time had a red, a broken (both white and red), and then a tortoise shell! That was a surprise. (By the way, I am hoping to reply to your e-mail soon!)


Thanks so much for your comment! Each one is read and enjoyed. :)