Thursday, October 11, 2012

Autumn Days with Family

 The past weeks have been such beautiful and pleasant ones here in Missouri! We have enjoyed many times all together and below are a conglomeration of photos (most from Mom's camera :) from some of these times . . .

Me, Dad, Leah, Ryan with Adelyn on his shoulders, and Ashley out for a walk at their place (Mom was taking the photo and Gracen was napping)

The first 'decent' family photo that we have of all of them!

One day in September, Ashley and the girls came and picked Mom, Leah and I up, and we spent the day in a nearby city visiting their JoAnn fabrics, going to a large consignment sale for everything children related, and enjoying a delightful picnic at a park. It was really an enjoyable day! We had such a fun time together!

During our picnic

Someone woke up from her nap. :)

Leah helping Adelyn with her lunch

Sleeping Adelyn
By the time we were heading home, we had worn both the little girls out!

And sleeping Gracen

The rest of the photos are all from different times together . . .

Adelyn learning to rock in Mom's old rocking chair while Mom helps her. Meanwhile, she's enjoying playing with little 'Annie', too

Dinnertime! Mom was helping Adelyn, and I got to enjoy holding Gracen for a bit

It was so sweet watching this! Ashley was talking to Gracen, and Gracen would just smile and laugh and laugh!

Storytime with Grandpa. She loves to be read to!

Her chubby cheeks are so kissable!

Special and fun times!

Gracen and her Mommy playing on the floor together

Adelyn making one of her silly faces while sitting on her Daddy's lap

Gracen and I playing with Adelyn's teddy bear . . . Gracen wasn't too sure about it!

One of the days when Ashley and the girls came over, she helped me make soap for the first time! Or, I should say, the first time for me. :) She's made who knows how many hundreds of bars of soap, so she is very experienced which was a definite help and relief to me! Anyway, making the soap with her was so much fun! And I was pleasantly surprised at how simple the process was. I'm already looking forward to making some more . . . and soon!

Measuring the essential oil

Using an immersion blender to blend the ingredients until they came to a trace

And the finished soap cut and drying!

This photo was taken the same day that we made the soap . . . Ashley had gotten some new books for Adelyn, and Adelyn was fascinated by them! She pulled them one by one out of the bag, turned them right side up, and started 'reading'. She especially loved it, though, when Ashley would read them to her. :)

And there you have a glimpse into some of our family's times together the past month! Next to come is a post of some of the recent happenings on the farm . . . .


  1. Oh little Gracen is getting so big!!! Both the girls are so precious! I am wanting to make some soap as well! Hopefully after the lil one is here I will be able to work on that. :o)

  2. I love your blog! I enjoy all the things you make - and I would love to make soap too. Would it be possible for you to post the recipe you used?
    Many thanks.
    Blessings from Ireland,

  3. She is getting big, Nabila! And yes, they are both so precious!! I know that you would love making soap. I hope you are able to! It made me smile just seeing your little one mentioned :) . . . I am so happy for you and am looking forward to seeing photos of your new little blessing once he/she arrives! I am continuing to pray for you and baby!

  4. Thank you for your sweet comment, Anne! I’m glad you enjoy visiting. :)

    I would be happy to share with you the recipe that I used to make the soap! It is really simple, and I’m sure you would enjoy making it! I hope to share it soon in either a blog post or here in this comment box. Thank you again!

  5. Those were some nice pictures. Adelyn and Gracen are growing so fast - I love seeing pictures of them :-) I too would like to learn to make soap sometime soon...actually today I just talked to a friend who offered to show us how! I'm looking forward to learning from her. :-) Keep on learning new skills - you guys are amazing with all the new things you try!

  6. Thank you for your sweet comment, Anne! I’m glad you enjoy visiting. :)

    Most times I am more than happy to share on my blog recipes for the things I make, but this particular recipe and the instructions for making it were given to me by a friend for my personal use, and she is planning to write an e-book that should be available sometime in 2013. If you’d like, you can send me your e-mail address, and I can let you know when it comes out! There is a book, though, that I can highly recommend, and it was the one that got me started with soap making. It is called The Natural Soap Book, and it has some recipes in it as well, though, they are different than the ones I made and also use a different method. But at least it could get you started. :) I am sure you would enjoy making soap! If you do try it, and if you should ever have any questions, please feel free to ask!


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