Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Back in 2011, I had gotten a rocking chair at an antique store . . . it was missing its seat, but I made a temporary one that would work for the time being. I wasn't for sure if I wanted to refinish the chair or not, so I just continued to use it as it was. Then for my birthday this past year, my parents gave me a leather seat to replace the missing one . . . at that time, though, I was still vacillating . . . should I refinish? Or not? 

Well, spring and summer were too busy to work on refinishing projects so I put off making a decision. :) Then fall arrived, and I finally decided to strip off the old finish! It started out looking like this . . .

And after being stripped and sanded it looked like this . . .

A close-up of some of the designs

Sanding prior to doing the next step (photo courtesy of Leah . . . she was out photographing a pair of baby boots for her Etsy store and snapped this one of me, too. :)

And now after being stained, it looks like this . . .

Though when it is inside out of the sunlight it looks darker and not quite as red.

I am so happy with how it is looking! Last night I fixed part of the seat that needed to be repaired, and now all that is left is to put the finish on, put in the new leather seat, and then . . . use it!


  1. It's a beautiful chair, well done!

  2. Such a beautiful chair, Miss Sarah, and you did such a lovely job refinishing it! What a wonderful addition to your home. My father recently took up a new hobby...caning and refinishing antiques chairs. He recently did a beautiful chair over for next to our cook stove...and even added rockers to the bottom...such a special gift!

    God bless,
    Mrs. Laura

  3. It is looking great! I refinished an old dresser once, which was a lot of fun!

  4. Sarah this might be an ignorant question, but how do you sand the patterned bits without ruining it, especially all those tiny dots?

    Gorgeous chair.

  5. Beautiful job, Sarah! I think I like this look better than before. Good call!:-)

    ~ Betsy

  6. Hey sarah,
    I love the chair. It is soooooo pretty. I can't wiat to see ya'll soon. I hope that you all will come down south soon.
    Hugs and kisses to everyone.

  7. It's a beautiful chair, Sarah. You did a great job refinishing it.
    God bless,
    Anne ♥

  8. Wow, good job, it's beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished product. I love your blog.

  9. That is beautiful--my dream rocking chair! I'm sure it will be even more special to you now that you've had a part in making it so beautiful. :)

  10. Sarah, it looks so attractive now. It will become quite an heirloom!

  11. Thank you all so much for your kind comments! I enjoyed reading each one of them. :) Thank you! I only have one tiny thing left to do on the chair and then it will be finished. I look forward to sharing a photo of the completed project soon!

    ~Rena . . . the sanding I did was a really light sanding just to remove any rough spots. So when I sanded over the patterned areas, it was a really light sand and only one or two passes over top of it.


Thanks so much for your comment! Each one is read and enjoyed. :)