Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Caring for the Orphans ~ Continued

"Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world." James 1:27


Awhile back in this post, I shared a bit about caring for orphans and a little about what was going on in my heart . . . before that time (and since!), I have been frequenting a website that I would highly recommend to those who have a heart for orphans and needy children . . .

It is a site which lists children with special needs who need families, and there are abundant opportunities that we can help! While being able to adopt one (or more!) of these precious children would be wonderful, there are also other ways to make a difference in their lives . . . you can pray for them, donate to their adoption funds, donate to specific families who are adopting, and more.

There are so many children on Reece's Rainbow that have captured my heart and whom I have been praying for . . . and some have already found families!

I love going to the "My Family Found Me Page" to see which little ones now have families and to rejoice for them! There have been times when I've nearly jumped out of my chair, a big smile on my face and tears in my eyes, when I see that one of the dear children that I have been praying for and loving from afar, finally has a family. 

Then there are other precious ones who I am praying for who still do not have families . . . ones that when I first caught sight of their faces, my heart went out to them, ached for them . . . here are some of those who are especially on my heart (you can click on their name/photo in order to go to their page on Reece's Rainbow) . . . .



Would you please join me in praying for these sweet children? And especially that families would come forward and be able to adopt them?


  1. How wonderful if we could know that they all found their forever home.

  2. That would indeed be so wonderful, Elizabeth!!

  3. Reece's Rainbow is the place my neice and her husband are going through to adopt two little boys, Ivan and Simeon, both around 4-5 years old. There are so many things that can happen with an adoption but I know they would sure appreciate that you've been praying for these children. Lord willing, they should have them by fall. They are both from the Ukraine and I guess since they have gypsy blood no one wants to adopt them in their country. One of the little boys is a twin and had his sister adopted out last year and he hasn't talked outloud since. What tragedy and sorrow for such small children. I often go through the MN list of children up for adoption, usually in foster homes, and pray for them. If as christians we don't care, who will?! Thanks for sharing about this great ministry!!

  4. How wonderful that your niece and her husband are working to adopt Ivan and Simeon! (After looking on RR, I think I ‘know’ who those sweet boys are. :) I will be praying that their adoption goes well and that these two little boys will be home with them as quickly as possible! What a blessing it will be to all of them . . . and I can just imagine the growth that will happen in both boys when part of a loving family. And I hope that the twin brother will find his voice again! The poor little guy . . . that would be so hard for him to not have his sister with him anymore!

    It was such an encouragement to read of your heart for orphaned children as well and especially how you pray for those in your state who are up for adoption. What a blessing for those children to have someone loving them and praying for them!

    Thank you so much for your comment! And you’re welcome. :)

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this, Sarah!


  6. Hi Sarah,
    I left this message as a response to you comment on my blog.

    Hi Sarah,
    Yes, so true, the winter months can be a challenge. 20 rabbit bottles 3 times a day ~ that's a lot! We use to have 2 and a cool-whip container, and that froze too. :-) Yes, tomorrow should be nice ~ 40!~ and some sunshine! Hopefully!
    I clicked on the links of your last post, and prayed and cried buckets ~ it was heartbreaking. I will keep all those children in prayer. Thank you for sharing.
    God bless,

  7. There are way too many children that need their very own home to be loved, cared for, nurtured and feel secure and safe.

    There are so many disablities, some you see and others you don't.

    I worked for a family with four children and the oldest boy had problems and the mom came home so upset one day and finally she told me that she had talked to the doctor about her oldest son and he told her to do what they do in china and take him to the highest mountain and leave him there.

    No wonder she was so upset over that. We worked with that little boy and he was the most loveable little one and the smiles he would give to us and I loved how he would say his name. He walked late and very stiff legged but he was walking.
    I found out by his father when I saw him and asked him what he was up too and he said that son is working in this motel and doing really well. I finally got to see that son grown up with his dad and it was great he was doing well.

    So, dont' give up on those beautiful children, keep plugging away and praying for them and give them so much love and help, days it will be a tough climb for all but when you all get to the top, wow, talk about how awesome it is.

    I also worked in a daycare where they had handicapped children with normal children and it was my first time being with handicapped and one little girl was down syndrome and wow, her and her single mom were something else, her mom said she would do everything needed to make sure her daughter got to her fullest intention. The mom got married and they moved and the new dad loved that little girl I heard and they found a special place for her to really reach for the stars. We all missed her alot when they moved away.

    Another little boy, he did this cry all the time and would bang his head and it was hard to see but we worked on him and tried to get him to feel we cared for him.
    And we did get him to play a little with us and he would clap his hands and it was great seeing just that bit of happy emotion.

    There was a little girl in kindergarten unit and she had spinal bifoda and she was such a happy little girl and loved by everyone that met her and the greatest family and siblings too and they would run into the centre and down the hall to the kindergarten to get her to take her home. It was so sad the day she passed away.

    And don't forget normal children born with no problems, can have them along the way, so much can happen to any age.

    Handicapped children are a huge challenge but loveable ones.

    I love seeing and hearing of families that dont' hide that child away but take them everywhere with them along with their other children. And talk to them normally too.


  8. You’re welcome, Joy! And thank you so much for the post you did last year that started me in this direction . . . what you shared and the links you posted opened up a world to me that I was unaware of, and that I has now become a part of my life. Thank you so much!!!

  9. Thank you, Mrs. Anne, for posting your reply to my comment here! I hadn’t seen it on your blog. What you shared was an blessing to me . . . thank you so much for caring for and praying for the children!! That means so much.

    We enjoyed the warmer weather while it lasted, but it sure has been cold here again. Perfect days, though, for working indoors on sewing and planning the seed order for this year! I hope that you all are staying warm and that all of your animals are making it through the cold all right.

    Thank you again!

  10. There are indeed, Kathy! So many sweet children who need love, care, and a family. Thank you for sharing the different stories about the sweet children you were able to know, and also the testimonies that you shared of them and their parents. Those were encouraging to hear!

    Yes, indeed, children with disabilities can bring more challenges, but they bring such joy, too! Like you, it is wonderful to see when these children are loved and appreciated by their families (and anyone for that matter!) for the special person they are!

  11. Thank you for sharing the photos and the reminder of Reese's Rainbow. Continuing with you in prayer.

  12. How precious. My daughter is at the university now double majoring in education and special needs. Praying for these dear ones so loved by our God.

  13. You're welcome, Mrs. B., and thank you so very much for praying for them!! It means so much and is so encouraging to know that others are caring and praying!

  14. Welcome to my blog, Pamela, and thank you so much for your comment and for praying for these sweet children!!

    How wonderful that your daughter is majoring in those things . . . may they open the door for her to minister to and help many children!

  15. Just heard of a family that has taken their down sydrome little boy out all his life and the mom said she didn't realize that the family that sat in the booth beside them in the restuarant they went too complained about that boy and shouldn't out and so the waiter then moved them to another table and still it went on and on about how the little boy was making too much noises.
    The mom said they have actually got him an ipod where he can watch movies and keep him busy and they hadn't been to that restaurant for quiet awhile and so they waiters/waitresses were coming up to say hi to him and seems the adults were louder then little boy as they were so happy. And the family wouldn't stop going on about that boy and the waiter knew he could lose his job but he told them to leave the restaurant. The mom found out later on and was in such awe that they stood up for her little son and she said he is way quieter then normal children that are out and about.
    Good for that waiter for standing up for that little boy and his family and showing that they do care and they are allowed to go out like any other child.



Thanks so much for your comment! Each one is read and enjoyed. :)