Friday, January 11, 2013

Feels Like Springtime!

It has been simply beautiful here this week with highs in the 40's and 50's, and today, the temperature reached 61 degrees! Which was perfect for getting the windows washed inside and outside as well as doing some outdoor work. The warmer temps have made it perfectly delightful for spending time outside . . . and I also appreciated the break from middle of the day animal chores unthawing waterers. :)

And I'm not the only one who has been enjoying the warmer days either . . . .

After weeks of no honeybee activity due to the low temperatures, they have been out in full force now! At least a full force for January. :) I am thrilled that so far all three hives are still alive . . . only a little over two months to go and then there should be pollen and nectar available again.

Kale in the garden . . . we're still being able to enjoy occasional garden salads which has been nice!

After our brief reprieve from the cold, now it's back to more normal weather for this time of year and to working on indoor projects for awhile again!


  1. You are so right ~ it's been beautiful weather ~ a little muddy here on the farm, but I'm not complaining, we can use the moisture. :-)

  2. We had lovely weather today here, too. All the children played outside until it got too dark to see. And then Ezra accidentally stepped in a dog pile that he didn't see because it was so dark (and he was barefoot)! :)

  3. I'm sure the bees were happy to have a change in temperature. We are heading for much colder weather here, apparently!

  4. Must be a great time for working on stitching projects :), with a hot cup of tea!

  5. Love the picture of your kale - how nice to have it growing fresh in your garden! We've never grown it, which is silly, since at least half the family enjoys it. :) We should try it next winter and see if we can coax it through the cold months - then we can have fresh greens in winter too! :)

    And YAY for bees surviving! So happy for you! I know a lot of bee keepers around here lost their hives over the winter last year.

    It was in the 70s (just barely) over the weekend here. So glad God sends some warmth to help us get through the winter! :)

  6. It was rather muddy here, too, Mrs. Anne! But I didn’t mind that at all if it meant having the warmer temps. :) Now everything is frozen again, though, and it is slick outside!

  7. I am glad that you all were able to enjoy time outdoors, Joy! I can imagine how much your children must have enjoyed that. :) (Except for Ezra . . . that wouldn’t have been the most pleasant experience!)

  8. They were, Elizabeth! Hope you are staying safe and warm in your colder weather. Our warm days left in a hurry, and it has been cold again . . . and snowy and icy, too!

  9. It is very much so, Amber! Kale seems relatively easy to grow . . . you should give it a try next winter! :) This is our first year growing it (and also the first year we’ve ever tried it) . . . we really like it!

    There have been a lot of beekeepers around here losing hives as well . . . I’m really hoping ours make it until spring. They’re looking good so far!

    Wow! 70’s? That must have been so delightful. Enjoy your warmer weather!


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