Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February Days

Sewing . . . baking . . . deep cleaning our home . . . more sewing . . . working on a big project (that I hope to have finished soon and post about it!) . . . tilling the vegetable garden on a warmer Saturday afternoon . . . planning the layout of the garden . . . starting more seeds indoors (cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli and celery) . . . more sewing . . . enjoying a shopping day with Leah, Ashley and the girls (which was so much fun!) . . . cooking . . . weeding and mulching with pine needles around the blueberry bushes . . . crocheting . . . cross-stitching . . . playing music . . . more sewing . . . singing with Leah . . . and thoroughly enjoying these winter days while the much anticipated spring keeps inching closer and closer.

The early Iris's are coming up! Usually they bloom mid- to late February, and I am looking forward to seeing their cheery flowers again! I keep checking for buds, but so far, they have yet to make their appearance.

The daffodils have been peeking their slender leaves above the soil since January! They usually don't bloom until March, though, so we have a while to wait before seeing their sunny flowers.

Freshly mulched blueberry bushes on a frosty and sunny morning

Buds on one of the blueberry bushes

 Not only is spring getting closer, but the kidding dates for our goats are, too! We are rather excited about that. :) Dixie is our first one due, and she has a little over a month to go. This is the best photo I have been able to capture of her lately . . . 

She is our most difficult goat to photograph as she wants to be right up close to me, and stay close to me, whenever I go in their pen and try to take photos! She's such a sweet goat and loves attention.

Another of our pregnant girls . . . Aurora is due towards the beginning of April! 
Poor thing hurt herself somehow about a month ago and was really struggling to walk. As we observed her and examined her, it looked like it was her back that was injured. And as her symptoms were bilateral and she had weakness in her back legs, we're wondering if the injury was to her spine. Time is about the only cure for something like this, and day by day since then, she has made steady (albeit slow) improvements. Now as of this week, she is starting to run again and even climbed up on the gate last night and again this morning! That is a great relief with one reason being that she really needed to heal before late pregnancy when she'll have all of the added baby weight. It is so good to see her back to her more energetic self!

Chase enjoying her grain - she, too, is due towards the beginning of April

Dad feeding the dairy does one of their favorite things . . . alfalfa pellets! (He's putting them in the tray of the hay feeder.) They get so excited when they see one of us coming with them!

We dried both Chase and Dixie up about two months before their expected kidding dates (which was mid-January) which means . . . no milk. We've resorted back to store-bought milk during the interim and are really missing our fresh goat milk and cheese!

Chase enjoying the early morning sunlight 

While Leah and I haven't exactly missed bundling up and going out in the dark and cold evenings to get Chase and Dixie to milk them :), I am missing the actual milking process and also enjoying the beautiful starlit winter skies . . . pausing with Leah in the dark to gaze at the stars and moon and pick out the constellations we recognize . . . and praising the Lord for the incredible beauty and design that He placed in His creation which is but a tiny reflection of the wisdom, power, and beauty of the Lord Himself. How true it is that "the heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament sheweth His handiwork" (Psalm 19:1)

With how quickly the month of February is flying by, though, we'll be milking again before we know it! But in warmer temperatures and with lighter skies, then. :)


  1. It is so cheering to see the beginnings of life in early bulbs. Our daffodils are coming our day by day. Spring must be on the way!

  2. A lovely old-fashioned post, Sarah :) Thank you again. If your spring is coming, that must mean my autumn is on its way *sigh* I feel just now I'd rather keep summer for a long time yet! But every season has its beauty.

    I'm looking forward to finding out what your "big project" is!!

  3. It is indeed, Elizabeth! I love this time of year when new life transforms the barren winter into the beauty of spring. How exciting that your daffodils are coming up as well! I am sure you are quite eager to see their cheery blooms. :)

  4. I am glad that you enjoyed it, Rena, and thank you! I know what you mean about wishing that summer would stay just a little longer. But yes, each season does have its own unique beauty, and fall has many wonderful delights! Crisp mornings, frost on the ground, colorful leaves and much more. Enjoy your Autumn!

    I look forward to sharing about the ‘big project’ :) . . . hopefully it won’t be too much longer before it will be done!

  5. How lovely and peaceful it sounds at your home! :) This month does seem to have flown by so fast! I can't wait to hear about your project! I have been trying to tuck away a few projects but it seems to be a bit harder with all the other demands on my plate. :) I went looking around the yard today here and was able to see signs of spring and it brought such joy to my heart! :)

  6. How exciting that you all are having signs of spring as well, Nabila! It gives one a little thrill to see those, doesn't it? Spring is just around the corner! I, too, am trying to get some projects done before spring arrives . . . and I hope that you are able to find the time to get yours done as well!

    Thank you for your comment! I always love hearing from you. :)

  7. What a cheery post! Your goats are so cute. Speaking of goats, have you read any books about goats that you would recommend? We're still wanting to get some dwarf pygmy goats, as I think they would be all that would fit well on our property. I'm not sure if there are special books for just that type of goat, or if a general goat book would work. :)

  8. I know you all would love having goats, Joy! I'll talk to Leah (our resident goat expert :), and get back to you as far as what books would be good!


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