Friday, March 15, 2013

Little Bits of Life

The days have been so wonderfully full as of late! And my mind has been swirling with many things to post about . . . they've started to pile up. :) As have the photos on my camera, too! So here's a little taste into some of those things . . . .

 A visitor on the cauliflower and broccoli plants indoors . . . we have three of them in fact!

The first of the peppers to begin sprouting

 I figured out the dimensions for a soap mold to fit the recipe I have, measured and marked the boards, then Dad sawed them for me and drilled the nail holes, and then I nailed it together! I was eager to try it out, and as I had a batch of soap to make, did just that. :) It worked so well! Much better than what I had been using before. The bars turned out much more uniform, and with being in the wooden box, didn't cool off too quickly. Success!

The finished bars cut, trimmed, and curing

With my afghan finished, I have been working more on my cross-stitch in the evenings . . . it is nearly finished now!

Leah trimming Larkspur's hooves . . . five goats down, two left to do!

 The honeybees in all three of our hives have started to bring in pollen! I was excited to see that!

Despite being covered in snow for weeks, our kale and spinach are still doing well!

And even the celery has managed to stay alive . . . albeit the plants and stalks are rather small

Dolls in progress

Yet what has been filling a lot of my days has been the 'big project' . . . I am so close to being done! The next step involves the printer, but it is giving us issues . . . and a good lesson in patience. :) Here is a glimpse into part of what the project is, though . . . .

Now I am off to enjoy a gloriously beautiful day while it lasts!


  1. Love the update and please accept my belated Happy Birthday wish to you.


  2. How lovely to have so much produce available. Spinach is a great favourite of ours, but it is too cold here for anything to grow....though my husband has sown the Broad bean seeds, hopefully!

  3. So intriguing! So there's embroidery involved, and printing! And the black and white picture behind, does that make it collage as well, I wonder?? Argh, such suspense! :)

    It seems the comment I left on the clock post got lost somehow, Sarah, but I think it's a beautiful clock and a really lovely birthday gift. What a nice family you have :)

    All your projects look very satisfying and beautiful.

  4. Love your little bits of life :) Isn't it great seeing all the plants that actually make it through the winter? I have been watching to see what's lasted in my garden. Can't wait to see your project! :)

  5. Your days look delightfully full, Sarah. And your special project looks special indeed. I wonder if this one may show up in the Etsy shop eventually...?

    ~ Betsy

  6. I am glad that you enjoyed it, Mrs. B! And thank you!

  7. It is indeed, Elizabeth. Spinach is a favorite of ours as well! In fact, we enjoyed some of it again just the other night. I had hoped to plant some transplants and seeds out in our garden this week, but the weather has turned cold again. It's more like early February here instead of mid-March!

    I hope that the broad bean seeds will grow and produce well for you!

  8. Your comment made me smile, Lorena! So the suspense is building, eh? :) I had hoped to have the project finished soon and be able to post about it, but our printer is still giving us issues. I am going to call the company this week and hopefully we’ll be able to get it figured out and fixed!

    I am sorry that your comment on the clock was lost! I am indeed so blessed to have the family that I do!!

    Thank you!

  9. I am glad that you enjoyed it, Nabila! Yes, it is. :) I am quite surprised that they all made it as our winter was long and cold!

    I am sure you are eager to see what has lasted in your garden . . . hopefully a lot! :)

    And I look forward to sharing!

  10. They have been, Betsy! You are right :) . . . this project will be showing up in my Etsy shop eventually! Good guess!


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