Wednesday, April 3, 2013

An Easy Dough Conditioner/Enhancer

When I first began making whole wheat bread, many recipes that I found and used included some type of dough enhancer/conditioner or vital wheat gluten. I used a dough enhancer for quite awhile, but then a few years ago, we ran out and I had forgotten to order more. The bread just wasn't the same without it! But then Leah happened to see in one of the Countryside magazine issues a reader tip to use an egg in place of dough enhancer. We always have an abundance of eggs so I gave it a try, and it worked! 

Now any bread/rolls that I make get an egg or two added to them, and for loaf breads, an egg per loaf. It is so nice to have a simple and inexpensive way to improve the texture and flavor of homemade breads!


  1. I'm not entirely sure what dough enhancer is, but I think eggs must be nicer!
    (So thrilled to see one of your lovely dolls is dressed in Laura Ashley fabric!)

  2. They are indeed, Elizabeth!

    I am so glad! That is the second doll now that I have used the beautiful Laura Ashley fabric to make the dress. Thank you again so much for it! Every time I use it I think of you. :)

  3. I have heard of using this! :) Isn't it neat having a simple and frugal thing you can use in place of other enhancers that can cost a lot! :)

  4. It is, Nabila! I'm always thankful to find alternatives like this.


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