Saturday, April 6, 2013

Out to Play

We have been introducing Dixie's kids to the goat pen (and they'll move out there permanently today), and they have really been enjoying it! Running, leaping, investigating, playing together . . . they have been so fun to watch. Dixie also has enjoyed being back out there and out of the barn stall!

Off exploring . . . his legs are doing much better now! They are still not all the way straight, but I don't think it will be long before the splints will be coming off for good.

Daisy investigating the grain feeder (which we use not for grain, but for treats) . . . baby goats are such inquisitive little creatures!

 Sportin' his new look. :) 
(Though now his legs are wrapped with vet wrap instead of duct tape . . . the first time we did the splints, we just used what we had on hand!)

 Dixie and Daisy enjoying some of the fresh spring grass

Today's going to be a busy day with moving them out to the pen permanently, cleaning out the barn stalls, converting the center aisle to a third barn stall, setting up another light, and then moving Larkspur, Aurora, and Lacy to the barn. Less than a week, and we should 
have more goat kids arriving!


  1. How exciting to think that you will soon have a flock of goats!
    It reminds me of a holiday we took in Crete one year, driving up into the mountains and suddenly coming across dozens of wild goats, all draped across the road! They really did not wish to move!

  2. They are so cute, Sarah! That little buck is quite handsome. :-)
    Enjoy your weekend, Anne♥

  3. They're adorable, Sarah! I can't wait to see the other new kids!

  4. Is there anything cuter than baby goats? awwwww :)

    (actually, yes - baby nieces are cuter, right!)

    I'm impressed at how you knew you needed to do splints right away. You and Leah had really done your research!

  5. It is, Elizabeth! They are such fun animals.

    What a neat experience during your travels in Crete! Goats can have minds of their own, and sometimes want to be right where you don't want them to be! The ones you saw must have thought they had the 'right of way.' :)

  6. I think so, too, Mrs. Anne. :) Thank you! I hope that your weekend was an enjoyable one as well!

  7. Aren't they, though, Anna?! I love their little faces! Well, you needn't wait long for more photos as I just posted some of our newest kids!

  8. Not much, Rena! :) Though, yes, baby nieces are much cuter. :)

    Knowing to put the splints on was actually due to research online after the buckling was born . . . we didn't know what to do at first! It seems there is always something new to learn!


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