Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Goat Kids

Here are a few more photos of some of our newest goat kids! They aren't the easiest things to photograph as they love to be close to anyone who goes into their pen . . . hence, when I try to take photos, they are in my lap, jumping up on me, following me, etc. etc. Quite fun, but a challenge for photo taking! I hope you enjoy the few I was able to get :) . . . .

Aurora and her two kids, Sierra on the left and Centerfire on the right (so far our Boer bucks have had gun related names, and as this buckling has a perfectly symmetrical brown spot right on the center of his back, we came up with the name Center fire.)

Chase's doeling, Primrose 
(in keeping with the wildflower name theme for our dairy doelings.)
And speaking of Chase and names, Leah decided to change Chase's name to Willow (after the wildflower Water Willow. It's been a little hard to get used to, but it suits her better than Chase!

One of Larkspur's doelings, Lily  . . . I really like her coloring!

Centerfire begging for attention through the fence . . . he and his sister Sierra are really sweet and love to be petted and held.

Larkspur (her face anyway) and her two doelings, Lily and Ebony. While the latter is not the name of a wildflower, Leah wanted to name her that as her black is so black. :)

Some of the goats

Chase's (or should I say, Willow's :) buckling, Ranger. So named after the Lone Ranger who road Silver and the buckling's coat is silver . . . then the buckling's Sire and Grandsire were both named 'Classic' and the Lone Ranger is a classic so . . . the name Ranger. Make sense? :)

On a different note, we had a dusting of snow yesterday morning!! Quite unusual for late April . . . in fact, in all of my twenty-seven years, I have never seen snow this late in the year here. Spring has been coming in fits and spurts, and the trees are still not leafed out . . . yet slowly, slowly, it is awakening!

As you can see, our garden is still yet to be planted as the weather hasn't been conducive for it . . . I am looking forward to when it is tilled again, and it is all planted and not covered in weeds! And do you notice the small, fourth beehive? Dad and I did inspections on all of the hives earlier this week and one was so large that we were able to do a split from it. This time of year is a fun one for beekeeping!


  1. Your pictures look really fun! I actually had the same experience with baby goats a few years ago. I tried taking pictures of them but it didn't really work out. ;-)

  2. Ah, yes. I like "Willow" much better, as I have only ever known males named "Chase." All of your names--guns and wildflowers--are lovely and so creative.:-) Thank you so much for the roll call in the previous comments...your little tribe has certainly grown! I love to see God's creation being "fruitful and multiplying," whether it is animals or plants. I still am amazed that a few perrenials planted in the ground can expand and fill a flowerbed!

    Exciting news from Texas...we have begun getting bids on pole barns! Before long, we will have one built on our property, with hopefully room in it to eventually house chickens, rabbits, and someday a horse. I'm so excited about starting to raise some of God's creatures ourselves!:-)

    ~ Betsy

  3. Springtime on the ol' homestead. :) I love it. That's very exciting about the bees, I can just imagine what a feeling that would give you all! It's all so beautiful, I appreciate all you share with us.

  4. Thank you for sharing more pictures of the kids! They're so cute! Hopefully, we will have some kids this summer, too. (We had our goats bred very late this year, so we're still not sure whether we will.)

    Referring to your last post - I'm sorry to hear about Legacy. I can understand how you feel a little bit; we lost one of our goats, Gretchen, in March. We think it was due to old age. She was such a good goat and we really miss her!

    Snow - that is a surprise! It wouldn't have been unusual for us to get snow in April when we lived in Vermont, but now it certainly would be!

    Blessings on your day, Sarah!

  5. Thank you for your comment, Gabriela! And I can relate about the photos . . . it’s kind of a fun challenge, isn’t it? :) They are such affectionate and playful little creatures!

  6. We like it much better as well, Betsy! She came to us named “Chase”, but I’m glad Leah decided to change it.

    Why, thank you! It’s fun to come up with the names, albeit challenging at times.

    Oh! I am excited for you!! I am sure you all are, too. :) I look forward to seeing photos and about how this new venture goes for you all!

  7. It is indeed a wonderful time of year, Rena! I really need to take some more photos now as trees are blooming and leaves are coming out.

    Yes, it is exciting about the bees! I’ll be checking the hives today to see if they need more honey supers put on . . . and hopefully they do!

  8. You’re welcome, Anna! I didn’t realize that you all even had goats! I hope that some of them are bred and that you do have kids this year. They are a lot of fun!

    Thank you for your kind words . . . it is always hard to lose animals that we care about. And I am sorry to hear about Gretchen! I can understand how hard that would be.

    We did end up with some snow! That was quite a surprise to wake up to in the morning, and it looked rather out of place with the grass as green as it was. :)

    Blessings to you as well, Anna!


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