Monday, April 1, 2013


Quite the opposite of last year, Dixie kidded late this year! We had been keeping a close eye on her, and she gave us some false alarms both Thursday and Friday night . . . we had some late nights those days. :) But then on Saturday morning, we knew kidding was very close. Her udder was strutted, her ligaments were gone, and she was restless. Leah and I stayed with her all morning, and sweet Dixie wanted to be up close to Leah and I during the early labor . . . to the point that one time she just about laid down in my lap! 

Dixie in the middle of labor . . . you can see how big she was!

Labor for her went fairly quickly, and between eleven and twelve, the twins were born!

The doeling was born first, and she was big. After being weighed, we found she was 9 lbs. 12 oz! Leah helped deliver her as Dixie was having a hard time as the doeling was so big. As soon as she was born, Dixie's maternal instincts took over . . . I love watching a doe and her kid(s) together! God's creation is amazing in how He placed different instincts into each of the animals.

Dixie cleaning off the doeling whom we named Daisy 
(continuing with the wildflower name theme for our dairy doelings.)

The little buckling was born next (though in weight he wasn't so little as he was 7 lbs . . . he just looked little next to his sister!) He came easily and without any assistance. All went very smoothly, and it was an uneventful kidding for which we were thankful!

A happy threesome. :) You can really see the size difference between Daisy and the buckling here!

The little buckling, however, has contracted tendons in his front legs so he cannot straighten out his lower legs (which you can see a bit in the above photo.) From what we have read online, he probably didn't have enough room in the womb (thanks to his big sister!), and as a result, his tendons are tight. We've been stretching his legs out quite a few times a day in hopes that that would help, but the poor little guy is having a hard time getting around as he can only walk on his pasterns and not his feet as his feet curl underneath of him. 

Leah stretching out the buckling's legs

This evening, Leah and I put splints on his legs . . . makeshift splints anyway! All they are is a cardboard toilet paper roll and duct tape. Already he is enjoying his new found ability to actually walk upright! He had so much fun going all over in the stall, and we had fun watching him. :) He's still rather awkward, but at least he can get around! By tomorrow, he should be walking well enough that we won't need to help him nurse anymore which will be nice. We'll keep changing the splints over the next days/weeks and straightening his legs more and more each time so hopefully before long, his legs will be the way they should be!

Love his cute little face!

It's so fun watching them learn how to use their legs and start to wobbly walk around!

We are very much enjoying the kids, and they are so sweet! They love attention and especially being rubbed on their heads. Daisy is starting to get playful now, though often her little leaps result in her falling flat on the ground. :) Goat kids are so much fun!

Daisy quite sleepy after her rather eventful first hour after her entrance into the world

Someone else is sleepy now, too. :)

So that was our excitement over the weekend! I am so thankful that both of the kids arrived safely and are doing as well as they are. And now one kidding is down and there are four more to go . . . Aurora and Larkspur are next, and they are due in less than two weeks!


  1. They are beautiful! Thank you for sharing the photos!

  2. My goodness...twins! They look so sweet. I'm glad all went well.

  3. They are so cute! That IS big for a doeling! We will sometimes have a calf with the same leg problems. They usually do well after a few days. That little buck looks like he could have a little mischief in him after he's up and around. :-) So sweet. :-)

  4. Oh my!! they are so sweet! :) I just want to kiss their sweet noses! I hope that the little bucks feet straighten up! So glad to hear they made it safe and sound!

  5. You're welcome, Helen, and thank you for your comment! And welcome to my blog, too! :)

  6. They are very sweet, Elizabeth! We brought them outside today for a bit, and it was so fun watching them run around and play. The other goats weren't quite sure what to think of them, though! :)

  7. That is encouraging to hear about your calves, Mrs. Anne! I hadn't heard of it before until this little guy. One of his legs is quite a bit better now, but the other, he's still walking on the top of his hoof. Little by little he's getting better, though! He's even starting to run around and leap up in the air and play. It's so fun watching him! And yes, you were right, he does have a little mischief in him. :)

  8. They are indeed, Nabila! I know that you would love them. :) The little buck's feet are slowly straightening. The splints are really helping! So much so that today he's been running around and even starting to leap up in the air and kick up his heels. He and his sister are so fun to watch!

  9. The twins are so cute!

  10. They are indeed. :) And even more so in person!

  11. How beautiful indeed.

  12. Very much so, Suze! :)


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