Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Catching Up ~ A Family Outing - Birdwatching

Way back toward the beginning of April our family took part of a day to visit one of our favorite conservation areas and go birdwatching (and I am only just now getting around to posting about it!)  It had been quite awhile since we had last done that, and it was so enjoyable! 

We left early in the morning so that the lighting would be the best for viewing the birds. We saw quite a few different species, some beautiful scenery, and I captured some of them with my camera (though the bird photography isn't the greatest as my lens is small so I have to crop each photo . . . it's fun nonetheless! :)

-- Reflections --
It was so still out and with the morning sun brilliantly lighting everything, 
scenes such as this were especially striking.

A flock of American White Pelicans lounging on the bank

Northern Shovelers . . . two drakes and a hen
These were the most common waterfowl species we saw . . . there were a lot of them there! 
Aren't their colors striking?

Turkey Vultures sunning themselves . . . while a lot of people consider these quite ugly birds, I like them. :) And seeing them like this reminds one of how huge they are!

Two male Scaup (I believe Lesser Scaup)

At one point, a Bald Eagle was flying over head and towards us so 
Dad stopped the truck so I could photograph it . . .

They are so majestic! And always a treat to see. 
How diversified and amazing are the creatures that God created!

About the same time as the eagle flew over, a Canada Goose was taking flight and here is a series of photos of that (it was so neat to see it's mirror image reflection in the water, too!) . . .

Getting propulsion . . . see how it is 'running' with its legs?

Lifting off

And away it goes!
(Can you find any other bird(s) in this photo?)

Looking out across one of the pools

Lesser Yellowlegs and Greater Yellowlegs are fun to watch! There was also a Dowitcher in here that we watched/studied for a long time trying to figure out if it was the Long-Billed or Short-Billed. We never did figure it out, but at least we know it was one or the other. :)

Turtles sunning themselves on a log (one of my Mom's favorite animals to see)

And a Northern Shoveler just landing in the water with another in the background


  1. There is something awe inspiring abut eagles. I remember seeing them in the Spanish mountains, flying just above our car. Their wing span is over 6 feet.
    It is so interesting to see the many different birds that you have, some of which I have never heard of.

  2. You have captured some amazing photos! I simply love the stillness of the peaceful lake and the serenity of the wilderness around it. God's creation is so magnificent!


  3. Oh my goodness, that eagle shot was amazing! They are such magnificent creatures...we are quite partial to them, as you may have noticed from our blog design.:-) We have lots of turkey vultures here as well, and I'm always startled by how big they look when they soar off.

    Love the variety of birds you showed here...your outing must have been tremendously satisfying!

    ~ Betsy

  4. They are incredible birds, Elizabeth! Their wing span is indeed impressive. It’s almost hard to believe when they are a distance from you, but close-up, I am always amazed at their huge size.

    I always think it is interesting, too, to see the different birds that are in other countries! I am sure that you have a lot of birds where you live that I haven’t heard of either. There is so much variety in God’s creation!

  5. Thank you, Shannon! I love scenes like that as well. And I would agree wholeheartedly . . . His creation is indeed magnificent!

  6. Thank you, Betsy! And yes, they are indeed. I can see why you are partial to them! They are amazing and beautiful birds . . . and a reminder of that beautiful passage in Isaiah.

    Turkey Vultures are huge, aren’t they? I tend to forget how big they are as well, until, like you, we are close to them and see one take off.

    Yes, it was! And I’m glad that you enjoyed it!


Thanks so much for your comment! Each one is read and enjoyed. :)