Thursday, May 2, 2013

Meeting a Blogging Friend

Last week, I was able to meet a sweet blogging friend for the first time, as Becky, her children and her Mom, Tammy, were going to be passing through our area and were able to stop by our place for awhile. We had a wonderful time together! Though the hours flew by all too fast. :) 

Dakota, Becky, Kimber and I

And while I had gotten out my camera to take pictures while they were here, I completely forgot about it until just a little bit before they left. We were able to get at least a few photos that turned out, though . . . .

Kimber trying to figure out which block goes in which hole . . . easier said than done :)

We were able to enjoy several hours of visiting and lunch together, the children enjoyed playing with the toys we had, and then part of the afternoon we went out to see all of the animals. The children especially liked all of the goats!

 After knowing each other for around four years and trying to meet for a couple of years, it was so nice to finally be able to meet and spend time together. Becky has been a sweet friend and a blessing to me in many ways, and I only wish there weren't as many miles between us as it would be so nice to spend more time together and often!

Tyrel and I . . . he is a fun little boy! And quite the chatterbox. :) From helping his Dad to all about his animals to playing with his sisters, he had a lot to share and we enjoyed listening!

Kimber and Dakota putting away the blocks (with a little help from my Mom and Becky :)

Kimber (with her much loved Annie doll) and I. She is a little sweetheart!

Becky and Dakota
Dakota was a little shy during the visit, but eventually let me hold her for awhile . . . she's so sweet! 

Thank you so much for coming Becky and Tammy! We enjoyed that time with you all!


  1. I'm glad you got to meet one of your blogger friends in person and that you all had a nice time.

  2. We should plan on doing that sometime, Sarah. We pass about 30 minutes from your town whenever we head up north to MI, OH or PA. Perhaps sometime we can plan it out--it would be wonderful to meet in person!

    ~ Betsy

  3. That would be nice to meet you and your family, Betsy! I didn't realize you passed so close to us . . . we'll have to find a time sometime to meet!

  4. Oh how neat! It's so much fun meeting up with a blogging friend! :) Maybe someday we will be able to meet! :)

  5. It is indeed, Nabila! I am hoping that we'll be able to meet someday. :) I would love to spend time with you in person!


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