Saturday, June 1, 2013

May on Our Little Farm

Today marks the day of a new month . . . June! It is going to be a fun and exciting month I think, and pleasantly busy, too. The month of May certainly was! The days and weeks went by so quickly, and they were full of hard yet satisfying work, springtime delights, special moments with family, the wonders of God's creation, laughter, progress, learning, overcoming obstacles, rainy days, garden planting, and much more. 

While I would like to be able to write a long and detailed post recapping everything, time is somewhat limited right now as our project list is quite long! So some photos will have to do the job of giving a glimpse into our month of May . . .


Starting to build fence (we have a lot of this to do! we want to make small paddocks over quite a bit of our acreage so we can rotate the goats through to graze.)


Enjoying the goats and getting them reintroduced to electric fence as they begin to graze in the first paddock we made (this one is just made of electro-net - we'll use electric rope for the others)  . . .



Leah and Lily



A Flycatcher that was flitting around while we watched the goats

Sweet Daisy again . . . since she's mine and I'll be keeping her, I'm rather partial to her :)

Most of the French Alpines

And while on the topic of goats . . . we got a new buck! Two in fact (a Boer and a French Alpine.) Since we will be retaining does this year, we'll need different bucks to breed them to next year. We really like the two we were able to get! Here's the French Alpine buck just a little while after getting home . . . he's not quite sure about everything at this point . . . .

Celebrating Mom's Birthday

Ashley and Gracen

Adelyn helping Mom unwrap one of her gifts from Dad (and no, he didn't get her something from Midway USA! That's just the box he used to wrap it in.)

Adelyn 'reading' one of her Grandma's new books

Two budding pianists!
 Adelyn loves to play the piano so I sat her down at it so she could play, and then Gracen crawled over, pulled herself up and starting playing, too! 


I had an unsuccessful second attempt at making shampoo this week . . . well in actuality, it was trying to salvage my first attempt! I had made shampoo bars earlier this year, but with our hard water, they didn't work and instead left one's hair 'sticky' . . . not pleasant!

The shampoo bars

So . . . since liquid soap leaves less residue than bar soap, I tried melting the soap down and turning it into liquid shampoo just to see if that worked better. After using it a few times though, I still don't think it's going to work.

The liquid shampoo in the process of being made

Anyone else have a recipe that they use for homemade shampoo (either liquid or bar) that works well with hard water? If so, would you mind sharing? Thanks so much!


Having fresh cut flowers in the house again has been a delight! And the irises especially as they have a lovely scent. (the photos are a little 'bright' as it was dark and stormy out so I needed to use a flash)


Rhubarb! Mom harvested the first stalks this week . . .

. . . and made a delicious rhubarb/strawberry crisp. :)


The wonders of His creation and a reminder of His promises . . .


A beautiful double rainbow stretching from horizon to horizon after one of the many storms moved through was amazing to see! Leah and I were outdoors in the process of moving the dairy kids into the barn for the night (which was where I was) when Leah saw it and called me to come see it . . . 

After looking at it and admiring it a bit, I ran inside to get my camera and hence the photos. :) It was so neat as while we were watching it, Common Nighthawks were flying in the sky and crossing in front of the rainbow (you can see one of them in the above photo.)

As we watched the sky was changing colors from blue to tinged with red . . .

So beautiful!

Every time I see a rainbow, I am reminded of God's promise to Noah in the book of Genesis . . . the rainbow was given as a sign and promise of a covenant that God made with Him. And how faithful the Lord is to keep His promises! 

The opposite view from the rainbow overlooking our neighbor's pasture . . . the photo doesn't capture it, but it was raining and the sun was reflecting off of it and the drops were so distinct!

 After we finished moving the dairy goat kids and we had bottle fed the Boer kids, the evening sun was shining and everything was lit up with that unusual yellow color which only comes after a storm . . .

 Looking out across part of the garden


And while on the subject of the garden, we managed to get most of it planted in between periods of rain/storms, and so far, it is doing well despite the deluge of rain, flooding, and heavy winds it has endured the last week or two . . . and a garden update post will be coming soon!

The peas are blossoming and pods are growing!


On the rainy days when thunderstorms rolled through in quick succession, fun projects were able to be done such as deep cleaning, reorganizing, and doing some decorating in several rooms.

In Leah's and my room


And some things that photos did not capture . . .

~ Morning milkings which Leah and I always enjoy!

~ Beehive inspections . . . the hives are all doing really well! We now have five as my Dad and I did an artificial swarm from one of them last week. The bees have stored a lot of honey away already which is exciting. We hope to extract soon . . . maybe next week!

~ The first strawberries harvested from the garden

~ A great deal of sewing

~ Transplanting hostas from one garden to another, and more.

May was a wonderful month, and we're all looking forward to what June will bring!


  1. Such a busy time of year. Everything is growing and beginning to produce. We are picking rhubarb here too, it is such a good fruit to freeze.
    I do like your Daisy-goat, she has a dear little face!

  2. Those goats are just delightful - thank you for sharing the lovely pictures of them :-)

  3. AnonymousJune 03, 2013

    May was a wonderful month, to be sure! It seemed to last a pleasantly long time and was filled to the brim with pleasant, productive days. All of your pictures are beautiful. How exciting that you'll be able to extract some honey from the bees soon!

    I hope you didn't suffer any damage from the high winds. We had a little bit, but we can be thankful that we didn't get storms like the ones in Oklahoma!

    Katie D.

  4. Sounds like fun! Oh! I don't have a homemade shampoo, but will definitely look into it. I do have a product I could send you to help clarify and cleanse your scalp from the well water. Have you tried using baking soda/water and apple cider vinegar/water for shampoo and conditioner? Also there are a few recipes for homemade shampoo using some of Dr Bronner's soap. My book with all the recipes with my daughter right now or I'd try to get you a recipe. I'll see what I can find. ;)

    Love all the pictures. I have been trying to document the garden the first of each month. I need to do that tomorrow.

    Love all the goats! They are so sweet! :)

  5. Loved the picture of Adelyn & Gracen playing the piano together! Also loved the pictures of rainbows! One of my favourite things to see God's outdoor handiwork. Me too! Almost every time I see the rainbows, I do think of Noah's ark and God's promise to us.

  6. Happy birthday to your mom! May looks like it was fun and productive!

    If you find a shampoo that works with hard water let me know! I have not been able to find anything that works on long hair with our hard water! and I have tried about all the natural things I have come across online! We may just have to get a water softening system.. I don't know. Or just keep using store bought stuff.

  7. Hi Sarah! I was guessing by the lack of posts at the end of May that you were having a full month. And you really did! But, as you said, it looks like it was an exciting and enjoyable one!

    Building fences - we're working on that for our goats, too. That is a never-ending project, because once you have the fences up they need to be maintained. :)

    That rhubarb looks so good . . . we can't really grow it here in NC because it is too warm. It grew really well where we used to live in Vermont! Now we get it frozen - certainly not the same as fresh. :)

    Have a blessed day!

  8. AnonymousJune 10, 2013

    Busy times! Thanks for sharing all the photos. The flowers are lovely ~ I like picking wildflowers for the table. The Alpines are really cute.:-) The girls are growing so fast, such cuties. Looks like your mom had a special birthday:-)
    Did you try using an apple cider rinse after using the shampoo bar? I don't know much about making the bars, but have read that the rinse works well after a baking soda shampoo. Hope you can come up with something. :-) I've only seen a double rainbow one time and that was last year. I remember the promise too, and think it's very special when it's a double.

  9. I know this must be a busy time for you but I sure would like to hear updates on everything that is going on!
    I too loved the flowers. How wonderful to pick your own!


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