Friday, June 14, 2013

Prayer Request for Sarah

Just a quick update.... Sarah is home! They were able to get her PICC line in this morning and she will be going back in to the hospital once a day for the next 11 days to receive her meds. She is exhausted and still far from well, but is thrilled to be back home again. Who knew that three days could feel so long! Sarah also wanted me to say thank you from her to all of you for your sweet comments and prayers for her. You are a blessing!

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Hello everyone! This is Leah (Sarah's sister) and I am just writing a quick post to request prayer for Sarah. She started having symptoms on Sunday of a tick-borne illness and it worsened quickly from just a little inflammation to the point that on Wednesday she couldn't even walk on her own. The doctor started her on oral antibiotics on Monday but, since she was rapidly getting worse, she was hospitalized two days ago to run a number of tests and give her antibiotics through an IV.

She has been through so much so far... an MRI, blood-work, a spinal tap, and the doctors still don't know what is causing this other than that it is most likely a tick-borne disease of some kind. Since being started on the IV antibiotics, she is showing some signs of improvement and is now able to walk by herself which is a huge blessing and has really encouraged all of us. She still has a long road ahead of her though and we're not sure yet when she'll be well enough to come home. 

From what I understand, she is going to be on intravenous antibiotics for twelve more days which will hopefully knock out whatever it is that's causing this. Yesterday, they were going to insert a PICC line so that she can receive her antibiotics through that, but they couldn't find a vein since she was apparently too dehydrated. Since then, they started her on IV fluids and are going to try the PICC again today. That is the main hold-up for her being able to come home, so we are really hoping it will be successful this time! Not to mention that getting the antibiotics each afternoon through her IV is very painful for her and the PICC line should hopefully alleviate that. 

So with all that said, if you all could be praying for Sarah it would be such a blessing. Thank you!


  1. I'm very sorry to hear this news, Leah. I'll be praying for Sarah to heal quickly and for the Lord's name to be glorified through this. From Helen in the UK.

  2. Leah, thank you for letting us know what's wrong with Sarah and how we can help. I hope you will keep us up-to-date.

    Sarah, I am so sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well and had to be hospitalized. I know a tiny little bit of what you're going through. Almost two years ago, I couldn't walk either because of a horrible pain and few other physical problems that prevents me from walking and needing help and had to be hospitalized for two weeks. Thankfully I can walk again few days later but it hasn't been the same ever since because now I use the walking stick. To this day, I am still so thankful to God that what I went through was only temporary & is now gone and hopefully I will never have to experience this again. And that I can still walk.

    I know you can do it Sarah to beat this thing with God's help! I will be praying for you to get better soon!

  3. Oh dear! bless her heart!! We are praying for you Sarah!! And for the rest of the family to have to strength to help you!

  4. Oh, Leah, I am so sorry to hear about this situation with Sarah. I have been wondering about her lately, as her blog has been rather quiet. Thank you for the update...please tell her we are praying for her; for wisdom for the doctors, and a speedy recovery. How frightening it must have been for her not to be able to walk alone! Glad that she appears to be on the mend. Please keep us updated...thanks again!

    ~ Betsy

  5. Oh, Leah, my prayers will be very much with Sarah, and with the family also. I am so sorry to hear this. Please do keep us in touch.

  6. This must so horrible for all of you, especially sweet Sarah. I pray that you feel the comfort of God's love and his healing grace.

  7. I am so sorry to hear this! I will be keeping Sarah in prayer!

  8. Praying for Sarah!

    It sounds like she is having a tough time. I was only thinking of her today as I found a book called Six Stories by Pansy. x

  9. Leah I was sorry to hear about Sarah and I will be praying for her recovery. May the God of all comfort comfort you and your family and Sarah in this time.

    God bless,

  10. Definitely will be praying, for Sarah and your whole family!!! Please keep us updated as you have time - thank you so much!

    ~ Vicki

  11. We will be more than happy to pray for Sarah. Let her know we're all thinking of her and praying for her! I have a good friend with lyme's disease and she waited to long to get help and has been very sick for months so I'm glad Sarah got help quickly.

  12. So sorry to hear that Sarah is sick. :hugs: Will definitely be praying for her speedy recovery. Anna xx

  13. Thank you for sharing with us, Leah. I will be praying for Sarah and will ask for her to be put on our prayer list at church. So sorry to hear this.
    With love and prayers,

  14. AnonymousJune 14, 2013

    Hi - I enjoy following Sarah's blog and am sorry to hear she is not well. I haven't ever left a comment before but wanted to leave you a link to check out which might help her if interested in natural things:

    Praying for her at this time.


  15. AnonymousJune 14, 2013

    Praying. Please get better soon!

    -Britt T.

  16. Thank you Leah for telling us about Sarah
    So sorry to hear what has happened
    Of course I will pray

    Sending healing thoughts and love

    Thinking of all the Family


  17. Oh my gracious, how awful! I will certainly be praying.

    Keep us updated!

  18. Anne in IrelandJune 14, 2013

    Am praying for healing and returning health for her and strength and God's grace and comfort for you all.
    With love in Him,

  19. Sarah (and family), I will certainly be praying for a quick recovery and that God's will may be done. I was very sorry to hear about your illness. May God grant you His peace through this trying time.

    Leah, thank you so much for posting this request. I appreciate hearing about it so that I can pray accordingly.

    In Christ's Love,

  20. I don't comment very often, but I do read Sarah's blog quite faithfully. Thank you for letting us know, Leah. I am certainly praying for Sarah, that she would make a good recovery and come home soon. May the Lord heal her completely, and give you and your family peace and strength!

  21. Leah, thank you so much for letting us know.
    I will be praying for Sarah and please let us know how she is doing.

  22. So very Happy to hear Sarah is home she will be able to heal better there than anywhere

    Thank you Leah for the update very kind of you when so much is happening

    Love and blessings to all

    Fiona x

  23. AnonymousJune 15, 2013

    Lifting you and your family up in prayer Sarah. Remember the promise from our Lord "I will never leave you or forsake you".

    Beth from Michigan

  24. AnonymousJune 15, 2013

    Lord, Thank you for bringing Sarah home. I pray for a complete healing and for strength to return to Sarah's body. In Christ's name...Amen

  25. AnonymousJune 15, 2013

    Thank you, Leah, for sharing. I'm so glad Sarah is home! I have been praying for her and will continue to do so!

    ~Katie D.


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