Friday, August 2, 2013

Delighting in Summer

Summer days are here with hot sunshine in the afternoons, dew-laden mornings, brilliant blue skies, pop-up thunderstorms, bird songs filling the air, and so much more to delight in! And that enjoyment has been keeping me away from blogging the past few weeks. :) I am feeling so much better now and have been loving getting back to all of my regular day-to-day activities from house cleaning, to milking, to hauling branches and clearing brush, to animal chores, to soap making, to mowing, to sewing, and other like things! After going through the month and a half of being ill and then recovering, life has a whole new zest to it now . . . I am rejoicing in the Lord's goodness to me, delighting in time spent with my dear family, and relishing these summertime days like never before.

With summer, there has also been a peak in harvesting from our garden, and we have been enjoying the bounty that the Lord has thus far blessed us with . . .

One day's harvest from several weeks ago
(save for a cabbage which had already been turned into coleslaw.)

We've also had "The Blister Beetle Invasion" in the garden again this year so we have been keeping busy spraying them! (With an organic spray. :) We're finally starting to conquer them!

These past weeks we have also been blessed with . . .

~ Two more honey harvests! The first of which gave us 5 1/2 gallons 
of a very dark and delicious honey . . . 

The contrast between the first harvest earlier this spring which was very light and then the second one which was very dark.

We haven't finished bottling our third and most recent harvest yet, but it looks to be in the 6-7 gallon range. What a blessing!

~ Traveling down south to spend time with dear brothers and sisters in the Lord and enjoying a special day of fellowship, studying the Lord's Word together, and more.

~ Finishing (or nearly finishing!) a big project that we have been working on which is building a structure/shelter to cover our rabbits. This week, Dad completed the framework, we removed the old shelter that was over the rabbits, and then set up the new one! It is built similar to the way greenhouses are with PVC pipe and then a heavy plastic covering over that. To give more of a perspective in its size . . . it is around 52 feet long!

~ Learning so much and growing ever closer to my Lord. He has been working a lot on my heart . . . teaching, molding, guiding . . . what a wonderful Savior and loving Father He is! 

~ Being able to get an antique writing desk this week! I have been looking for one for years, but just hadn't found one quite like what I was wanting (or one in my price range!) I was thrilled when Dad came across one on Craigslist that was at a local antique store . . . he showed me the pictures of it that were online, Mom, Leah and I went to go look at it, and now it's in my room with my writing supplies inside. Writing letters is even more fun now!

~ Gratefulness for how God's Word ministers to us . . . towards the beginning of my illness the Lord brought to my mind a verse from Isaiah "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee." Isn't this a beautiful promise? Whenever I began to worry or fear, I would remember this verse and what a help it was! And as different circumstances have arisen the past weeks, this verse has ministered to my heart, encouraged it, and reminded me to keep my mind stayed on Christ for then His perfect peace will reign in my heart and all sadness, worry, fear, etc. melt away.

Beauty in the Lord's creation

Yes, this summer has overall been a wonderful one so far . . . and as I have been thoroughly enjoying these past weeks and taking things at a slower pace, there has been a great deal on my heart and mind. I have been re-evaluating some things and am realizing the need to step away from blogging for a month or two with one reason being that we are just about ready to enter into our busy canning and gardening season (which is a bit late this year since we got the garden in so late, and it looks like most everything is going to be ready at once!) There is also a lot that is going to be going on this month with company coming here, our family going to the State Fair, and Leah and I traveling to see dear friends. September will likely be similar! 

It wasn't an easy decision to come to, and especially since I will miss this interaction with you all! I do plan on coming back, though. :) And over the break, I do hope to occasionally write for our other blog, Follow in His Steps, which I have sadly neglected. So you are welcome to visit there! 

Thank you all so much for making blogging so enjoyable, for caring and praying for me these past weeks/months, and for letting the Lord use you to bless me in many ways. I look forward to 'visiting' with you all again in hopefully a couple of months!