Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Autumn in the Garden

As the days become shorter and nights cooler, many summertime plants in the garden are nearing, or have reached, their end, yet others are relishing the cooler weather. It's that time of year to begin putting parts of the garden to bed while tending to the fall crops and preparing them for overwintering. We're hoping to start on that project soon! Meanwhile, this is what the garden looks like now . . . 

It's rather full, isn't it?! And in need of some TLC now that some of the summer crops have finally reached their end such as the tomatoes. We had around 50 tomato plants in the main garden so it is going to take awhile to clear out that section!

 Yesterday morning when the sun was just beginning to peek over the treetops and the plants were heavy-laden with dew, I went out camera in hand to capture some of what is currently growing in the garden . . .

Green beans are our largest fall crop, and they are producing abundantly right now! My Mom has been putting up a lot of beans in the freezer to be enjoyed over the winter and spring months.

Green bean flowers

There are a lot of salad fixin's in the garden . . . lettuce, spinach, kale, radishes and more! And some of each made our first fall salad last evening which was much enjoyed.

Grandpa Admire's Lettuce - a new variety we tried this year, and one of my favorites

Some spinach . . . due to hot and dry conditions shortly after planting, our spinach had a poor germination rate, but we are thankful for what we do have!

Basil that missed being harvested and started flowering . . . the honeybees are enjoying it! And I'm hoping to try to save seed from it as well.

A new herb that I tried growing this year was Borage as I had heard that it was a good pest deterrent. Turns out it is not only that, but also that the honeybees love the blossoms!

The flowers are beautiful and especially when covered in dew!

These were the first pink ones we had bloom

Parsley that is ready to be harvested and dried

 Fall cucumbers climbing up the trellis

And a cucumber! We've never grown fall cucumbers before and usually our plants are well spent by this time of year. With planting a second crop later, it has been really nice to still be having cucumbers!

The Cosmos are still flowering prolifically and have filled up the
area where the cantaloupe had been.

There are still a number of watermelons on the vines, and they are slowly ripening

The nasturtiums have flourished this year! In this photo you can see mist rising from them . . . that was neat to see! Unfortunately a photo can't quite capture it. :)

A spider enjoying its breakfast . . . only I wish it would have chosen a different dish . . . something other than one of our honeybees!

 There are a few remaining peppers on our plants . . . they did very well for us this year and not only produced enough for all of our canning, but also enough to well stock our freezer.

One season in the garden is coming to a close and another beginning . . . in the coming weeks, we'll be pulling out the old and finished plants, covering those areas in thick layers of compost, and then setting up shelters/coverings over the crops we hope to overwinter such as the celery (which is still growing really well!), lettuce, and spinach. It's so fun to enjoy the different seasons and the different work that accompanies each one of them!


  1. I love it when you post pictures of your garden Sarah I just want to be out there helping you to harvest all those lovely vegetables etc that you grow!!!!! Our garden is so titchy & our weather sooooooooooo unpredictable that we gave up "growing our own" a few years ago but when I see other people's produce I long to give it another go. Enjoy the last of the weather. God Bless Marie x

  2. Sarah, your garden must have been such a joy. What a bountiful harvest!

    Borage flowers are so pretty and you can add them to long cool drinks in the Summer, or even in a fruit salad just for fun.

    We have just harvested the last of your 8 Tomato plants in the greenhouse, and I think we must have had well over 50 lbs of tomatoes. It has been such a good year.

  3. Your garden still looks wonderful! Such a blessing to still be getting a plentiful harvest.
    Spiders are one creature I've seen a lot of this year! They seem to have over-populated.
    Blessings to you,

  4. It's great having you back, Sarah. I look forward to sharing your 'fall' (we call it autumn here of course) and all the seasons to come. I really love your tomato photo - such rich colours!

    We are having a very dry spring here in Sydney. I'm a little worried about the upcoming summer with so little rain.

  5. I am glad that you enjoyed them, Marie! And how fun if you could join us in the garden! :)

    It sounds like gardening is difficult where you live . . . at least you can enjoy seeing other people's gardens!

    I most certainly will! :)

  6. It was, Elizabeth! We are so thankful for all of the produce we were able to harvest . . .and for what we are still harvesting. :)

    I hadn’t thought of using the Borage flowers in that way! Thanks for sharing . . . I’ll have to give that a try.

    You had a great yield from your tomato plants! What a blessing. I’m glad you had such a good gardening year!

  7. Thank you, Mrs. Anne! And yes, it is . . . we are thankful for it! I’ve noticed the same thing with the large numbers of spiders this year. They’re everywhere!

  8. Thank you, Rena! I’m glad you enjoyed it. :)

    I know how hard it is to go through droughts and especially after last year . . . hopefully you all will get some rain soon!

  9. I do enjoy reading your blog. I am going to find some borage to try. It sounds interesting.

  10. What a beautiful, bountiful garden y'all had this year, Sarah! The borage is amazing--such lovely blooms! I wonder if it will grow well here in Texas...

    You may have addressed this at one time, but I'm curious to know...during your growing season, do you basically set aside time each day to work in the garden? Or do you have certain days of the week that you devote to garden work? Just trying to figure out how you make time to manage a garden as large as yours.

    ~ Betsy

  11. I am sure you would enjoy growing Borage, Suze! The flowers are so pretty . . . I've heard, too, that you can put them in salads and they taste similar to cucumbers!

  12. Thank you, Betsy! We’re thankful for how well it has done. It would be worth a try to grow Borage down there! It really brightens up the garden . . . but be forewarned, the plants are large! :)

    No, we don’t have times set aside to work in the garden, but it is as needed and as we have time. This year my Mom did the majority of the garden work and sometimes spent whole days out there! (Especially after we got through my illness as the garden work had been put on hold for a little too long - it was so overgrown!) We also mulched heavily this year, which made a huge difference in how much time was needed to spend tending to it. We’ll definitely be doing that in future years!

  13. Beautiful Garden, Sarah. This year we also had a bumper crop of peppers. The main difference in this year, and years past, is that this year I watered with Epsom salts a couple of times. I read that it was supposed to help the fruits set. (Boy did they set!)

  14. Thank you, Tammy! That is a blessing that you had such a good crop of peppers! I'll have to tuck that good tip away for next year. :)


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