Friday, November 8, 2013

Antique Table Turned Family Heirloom

One of the impetuses for Leah and I rearranging/organizing our room recently was to make an area where Leah could put a table for one of her new ventures . . . candle making! It took some thought to figure out, but we finally came up with a plan that would work. She then figured out what size of table would fit in the spot and armed with a tape measure, she and I went to one of the larger antique stores here to see what she could find. 

As we walked through, there were some tables, but they were all either too small or too big and all too expensive. About halfway through, though, we spotted a table that not only was the style that she was looking for but was also the perfect size and for a really good price! The owner of the booth was setting up more items in her booth so we visited with her a bit and asked some questions about the table. Long story short, Leah got the table, and she and Dad went and picked it up in the truck later that day.

As Leah and I were unloading the table, we looked at the label that was underneath of it and noticed that it said "Marietta, Ohio" and "Marietta Chair Company." We commented to each other that Mom was going to find that interesting as Marietta, Ohio is where a number of our relatives on her side are from, and she's always wanted to visit there.

As we were carrying the table inside, we told Mom that it was made by the Marietta Chair Company. She stopped what she was doing, looked at us strangely, and then said, "One of your relatives founded that company!" You can imagine all of our surprise!

It turns out that our great-great-great-great-great grandfather began the company in the 1800's! Isn't that neat?! So not only does Leah now have a table that will be beautiful once she refinishes it, but it's also a family heirloom with a lot of history behind it!

The table
(Notice the wood wall in the background? That has been one of Dad's recent projects and I hope to post more about that soon!)

Once the spot was made for it in our room, then came the job of getting the table upstairs and into our room which was easier said than done. :) The table measures 50" long by 30" deep so it took some finagling, but finally Dad, Leah and I managed to get it upstairs only to find that it was just a bit too wide to fit through our door! Dad took the door off the hinges which made just enough room to squeeze the table through. Now Leah's candle making area is almost all set up, and she's already been enjoying using her table!


  1. How lovely to think that you are restoring a table to its 'family' home! It is a very attractive shape and I'm sure will be so useful.

  2. What a nice find, Sarah! :-)

  3. Lovely table and part of the family!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. That is so awesome! Maybe someday, one of your greatgreatgreats will find something YOU made! I enjoyed hearing about this!

  5. Linda Andrews SmithNovember 09, 2013

    Sarah what an awesome find! The table looks great and I am sure feels "home" at last~~ Thanks for sharing this neat story.

  6. It is, Elizabeth! And yes, already it is proving useful. :)

  7. She was excited to find it, Gabriela!

  8. Thank you, Mrs. Anne! And we very much enjoyed our weekend. :) Hope you enjoyed yours!

  9. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Tammy! I hadn’t thought of something like that . . . maybe they will!

  10. It was indeed, Linda. :) And you're welcome for sharing!


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