Saturday, November 30, 2013

"Give Thanks to the Lord"

This is what my heart is so full of right now . . . thankfulness to the Lord for 
all of His many blessings including . . .

-- My dear family . . . and especially the newest little blessing, Ava Rose!

(The photos shared below were all taken this past Thursday 
during our day together for Thanksgiving.)

Leah holding Ava . . . and wherever Ava is, Adelyn is often found, too :)

Dad and Ryan discussing either something theological or something about farming (I can't remember which was being talked about at the time!)

Mom rocking Ava shortly after they arrived

Enjoying our Thanksgiving meal together

Gracen is our little adventurous one and is always getting herself into fixes . . . here, she crawled inside the end table, and then got stuck!

Dad and Adelyn having a lot of fun together!

Rocking little Ava for a long time while she slept . . . I love times like these!

Leah is going to crochet Ava a pair of booties and a hat so Ashley was looking at her Etsy shop and picking out what colors they wanted

Helping her Grandma wash dishes (while wearing my apron. :)

Her 'camera smile' :)

Other blessings I am thankful for . . .

-- The special and fun times that we have together as a family (of which the above is a taste :)

-- My health . . . sometimes when I look back at this past summer, it is hard to believe all that happened. Despite how hard it was, I am thankful to the Lord for that season and for all that He taught me through it, and also so thankful for the complete healing that He has given!

-- Friends (including 'blogging friends') . . . who encourage me in the Lord and bless me with their sweet thoughtfulness and friendship.

-- Brothers and sisters in the Lord from whom I can learn and grow from.

-- The Lord's continual guidance, discipline, love, patience, grace, faithfulness and so much more.  What a wonderful Father and Shepherd He is!

-- God's Word which is truly "the lamp for my feet and the light for my path."

 -- Our little farm . . . it has grown and changed so much these past few years!

-- Opportunities . . . for ministry, home businesses, conferences, learning new skills, etc.

-- Music . . . both playing and singing

-- Creation . . . spending time outdoors continues to be one of my favorite things! So restful and peaceful . . . from watching beautiful sunsets, to going bird watching, to walks through our woods, and more.

And all of this is barely a drop in the bucket. :) My cup truly does "runneth over"!

And as I look back over this past year and see how He has worked and blessed in so many ways, how can one not trust such a God and loving Father as He? Fully resting and trusting in Him and giving thanks for each new day, each new trial, each new blessing . . . for through all of them, the Lord can work . . . and He is working.  I love the promise in Romans that "God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." (Romans 8:28.) How true this is!

What are some of the things you are thankful for this year?


  1. How sweet she looks in the apron!
    It's hard to count the many things I'm thankful for, Sarah, but mostly I thank God that He gives me good health , enabling me to care for my husband.

  2. The list of things I'm thankful for is very long! I have been thinking recently of the things we might consider "little" or things we often don't stop to think about, like the beauty in a flower, butterfly, or sunset. Those really are amazing things that I am very thankful for!

    And I'm very thankful for my family :). I'm glad that you had such a good time with your family this Thanksgiving, as evidenced by the pictures!

  3. Thank you for sharing what you are most thankful for, Elizabeth! How wonderful it is that you do have your health and are able to care for your husband. What a blessing you must be to him!

  4. I can relate, Anna! :) It’s wonderful when we can remember those little things to be thankful for as well . . . sometimes we can take them for granted, yet how much they add to life. There are so many blessings that the Lord has given both great and small!

    Thank you for sharing some of the things you are thankful for!


Thanks so much for your comment! Each one is read and enjoyed. :)