Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Life and More

Last evening, Leah's and my room was full of little 'cheeps' and other various noises. The reason? The chicks began hatching! As of now, six have hatched, and there are a bunch more in the process. It was exciting to see the first one break out of its shell! No matter how many times I see it, new life, no matter how small, is always awe-inspiring. How clearly the hand of the Creator can be seen in the incredible design!

Enjoying the heat lamp after being moved from the incubator to the brooder

Getting sleepy

In other news, Mom, Leah and I have been busy deep cleaning, organizing, and rearranging the past few days and have been having quite a bit of fun together in the midst of it all. The office was cleaned out, reference books reorganized on bookshelves, Leah's and my room rearranged and organized (the set-up is now much more conducive to our various activities and business ventures!), switching two closets around and partially turning one into a soap curing room, and more. It has been so satisfying!

Soaps curing on the newly set-up shelves

Speaking of soap curing, I am getting closer and closer to a goal I have been working towards . . . opening an Etsy store through which I'll be offering my homemade soaps! I am quite excited about that! Leah helped with the photography of one variety last week as she is very creative when it comes to setting up items for a photo. We're hoping to be able to photograph the other varieties this week once the rain stops. Here is a sneak peek of the variety we've done so far . . .

And while not really related to the above :), here are a few photos from last week when Adelyn and Gracen spent a day with us . . . they love having books read to them!

Mom reading to Adelyn and Dad to Gracen

Story and snuggle time with Adelyn right before her nap


  1. Your soap is beautiful! Is Niobrara Farms the name of your farm? I like how the photo is set up!

    Adelyn and Gracen certainly get lots of love and attention! They are blessed to have you as family. :)

  2. Yea! I've been hoping you would start selling your soap! :-)
    I'm thinking you must have someplace warm to keep the chicks this winter. I've never hatched any at this time of year. So cute :-) I'm interested to see how they do. Are they laying hens or meat birds?
    The girls have really grown. I know you all enjoy having them over to visit. :-)

  3. What a lovely idea. I do hope you will send abroad?

  4. The design of that soap photo is really beautiful. I've been so much enjoying all your different posts lately. Thank you.

  5. Sarah...I've always been impressed at how your family does "deep-cleaning." Is this a regularly-scheduled Fall and Spring-time activity?

    ~ Betsy

  6. Thank you, Anna! Yes, it is. :) Niobrara is the name of a river in Nebraska (where my parents are from), and it’s where my parents first met when they both went on a canoe trip there . . . since that is kind of the ‘start of it all’ and since the Niobrara holds a lot of other memories (and we like the sound of it!) Dad and Mom decided to name our little farm that.

    Aww, thank you, Anna! It’s definitely a blessing to us to have them in our lives!

  7. Your comment made me smile, Mrs. Anne! :)

    Yes, we do have a warm place to keep the chicks . . . a small building that will have a heat lamp in it. They’ll stay inside for awhile, though, before they are moved out there. We had hoped to hatch the chicks much earlier in the year, but as that didn’t happen, we are doing it now even though it is pretty late. I’ll let you know how it goes! These are for laying hens, and any cockerels will be dinner.

    They have indeed! And yes, we love having them over to visit!

  8. I am looking into that, Elizabeth! :) And speaking of shipping overseas, I have a little something for you, but don’t have your new address . . . would you mind e-mailing it to me? Thanks so much!

  9. Thank you, Rena! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying them. :)

  10. Well, this deep-cleaning wasn’t the entire house, Betsy! Just a few rooms that really needed it. We do try to deep-clean the majority of the house each spring, and then the main rooms again in the fall, but that doesn’t always happen!


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