Friday, November 15, 2013

Our Week in Pictures

What a wonderful week this has been! My heart is so full with all of the many blessings that the Lord has given during these days and especially the newest little bundle of joy. :) There has been so much happiness packed into so few days! From snuggling and enjoying the sweetness of little Ava while looking into her adorable face marveling at God's handiwork in such a tiny, perfect little treasure; to laughing, snuggling, singing, playing, cooking, and much more with Adelyn and Gracen; to sweet moments sharing about the Lord with them; to watching Ryan and Ashley loving and caring for their newest blessing; to seeing the love and joy expressed by all members of my family (and thanking the Lord yet again for the dear family He has blessed me with!); for the fun times we've all been enjoying together; and everything in between. These have indeed been special days . . . and very memorable ones!

To start at the beginning, we had all been eagerly anticipating 'the' phone call that baby was on the way. But slowly the days passed by after her due date and while a lot of other calls came, that one didn't. Every time the phone would ring, my heart would do a little jump and the excitement would start building . . . was this it? After many false alarms :), finally the call came this past Sunday at four something in the morning . . . baby was on her way!

Ryan and Ashley dropped Adelyn and Gracen off at our house and headed to the hospital, and thus began our wonderful week.

Adelyn snuggling with Leah shortly after they arrived at our house

And Gracen with her "Poppy" (she calls him that now, too! In fact, she calls him 'Poppy Dear' [we think because of the book we read them called 'Baby Dear'] . . . it is so cute!) . . . Gracen didn't seem to realize that it was only 5 in the morning and was rather energetic. :)

All throughout the day, we were all anticipating the next phone call that baby had arrived. Many times throughout the day, we would talk with Adelyn and Gracen about their baby sister, and they were getting so excited . . . especially Adelyn! Whenever she would talk about her baby sister, she'd get a big sweet smile on her face and you could just see how excited she was. Then when we got the call that Ava had arrived, you can well imagine the excitement and joy here! Thankfully the labor went very well and quickly . . . the fastest and easiest of all of the girls which was a blessing!

When it came time for us to go to the hospital to see Ava, Adelyn was beyond excited! She was hurrying to get her and Gracen's shoes, was bringing us our shoes and jackets, kept going to the door and saying "go see baby sister?", asking if we were ready, and all with a sense of urgency. It was really cute! At one point, she happened to see the little onesie that we were bringing for Ava, and Leah told her it was for her baby sister. Adelyn picked it up and looked at it adoringly and said "it's so cute!" and then proceeded to carry it around held tightly in her hands until we were ready to go. :)

We couldn't all fit in one vehicle so Leah and I took the girls in the car and Dad and Mom came in the truck. The whole way there, all of us girls sang together . . . Adelyn and Gracen know quite a few songs and kept requesting different ones for us to sing. It was a fun time!

Then what followed all of this was shared in the last post. :) Such a special time meeting and enjoying the newest little member of the family!

The days that followed were fun ones, and I'll let the photos give a glimpse into some of what filled them (and more photos with little Ava will hopefully be coming soon . . . the last two times that we've seen her, I was either too busy corralling little nieces, holding Ava, or Ava wasn't in a photographic mood to take many pictures!) . . . .

While Leah and I were feeding Adelyn and Gracen their lunch one day, they started holding hands . . . these two girls really love each other!


Visiting at the hospital again . . . Adelyn took it quite seriously when being able to help hold Ava for the first time. Can you see her little hand wrapped underneath of Ava? Ava was sound asleep and Adelyn kept asking, "Baby sister wake up now?" I think she wanted to interact with her a little more!

Gracen loved 'petting' her baby sister! Meanwhile sweet little Ava slept serenely on.

Adelyn was excited to spend some time with her Mommy!

Leah holding Ava

One evening, both Adelyn and Gracen asked Leah " 'eah hold you?" (Their way of asking Leah to hold them. :) They thought that was pretty fun!

Sweet Adelyn . . . we were having fun playing together here

One of Gracen's favorite places to be

Adelyn helping me make a soup that was for dinner . . . once we were all done, she picked up the lid for the crockpot, and I asked her if she was going to put the lid on. She paused, furrowed her brow like she was deep in thought, and then set the lid back on the counter while saying, "no, Annie still cooking" (she can't say Adelyn so calls her self 'Annie'.) She then proceeded to stir the soup some more . . . it was so cute! She's getting to be quite the little helper!

Rocking her baby doll while singing "Jesus Loves Me" to it . . . this was heartwarming to watch!

You can really see Gracen's personality in this photo!

One day poor Gracen woke up from her nap sobbing . . . she must have had a bad dream or something and then wanted to be held for a long time afterwards which is unusual for her. Usually she wants to snuggle for a minute or so and then she's off. :) I loved this extra time with her!

Playing with Aunt Leah

Adelyn after naptime one day and snuggled in her Poppy's arms

 Coloring with her Poppy

Mom made Snickerdoodle cookies the last day the girls were here, and they loved helping! And Mom loved doing this with them. :) It was fun to watch and listen to them working together!

Adelyn wasn't quite sure, though, whether or not she liked the feel 
of the sticky cookie dough on her fingers. :)

We brought Adelyn and Gracen home on Wednesday afternoon, and Ryan and Ashley were very glad to have their little family all together! What a wonderful week this has been . . . so many blessings and so much joy. How good the Lord is!

"Give thanks to the Lord for He is good"!


  1. Sarah, what a happy family time for you all. I'm sure the little girls will always remember the security and love they felt whilst waiting for their new sister.

  2. What a delightful post, Sarah! I love to read about the sweet ways y'all pass the time with your little, reading, coloring, snuggling, singing, teaching. Brings back SO MANY precious memories of my days with littles in the house!

    Someday, Lord willing, I will be in your mother's shoes, enjoying the blessing of grandchildren and the joy of reliving those delightful times with young ones all over again! (Although I must be quick to add, that I am THOROUGHLY enjoying having 4 wonderful teenagers and an elementary aged blessing now as well!:-)

    ~ Betsy

  3. AW! What beautiful girls, pictures and memories. How wonderful to be their aunties. :D

  4. Thank you for sharing the pictures, Sarah!

    I was trying to decide which of their parents each of the girls looks like. At least from the pictures, I would say that Adelyn looks like her Mommy and Gracen like her Daddy. What do you think? Of course, since you know their personalities, too, that might make a difference. :)

    I love Adelyn's expression in the last picture - too cute!

    I hope you have a wonderful and restful weekend!

  5. It certainly was a wonderful and busy week!! I was tired at the end of it, but so very blessed!!! How thankful I am for the precious children and grandchildren that the Lord as given to us! I really enjoyed this post, needless to say!


  6. It was, Elizabeth! And we hope so :) . . . it’s always special having them here. We love those times with them!

  7. I am glad that you enjoyed it, Betsy! The young years certainly are fun and special, and I’m glad this post could bring back good memories for you. But as you shared, yes, the older years are special ones, too!

    I am sure you will love being a grandma when the time comes, Lord willing! My Mom can well testify to how wonderful it is. :)

  8. It is wonderful, Tabitha! We are so thankful to be their aunts. :)

  9. You’re welcome, Anna! I would agree. :) And not only does Gracen look like her Daddy, she also is a lot like him in personality! The similarities have become even more apparent the last few weeks. Even her laugh is similar!

    Thank you! It was very much so. I hope yours was as well!

  10. It was indeed, Mom! And I’m glad you enjoyed the post. :) The Lord has been so good, hasn’t He? There is much to thank Him for!

  11. Glad you and your family had a great week spending time with Adelyn & Gracen! My favourite picture is the one of two girls holding hands together!

    Hey, I recognize Adelyn's cabbage patch doll! I have one too except mine has brown hair. Still have it and planning to pass down to my daughter someday if I ever have one.

  12. Sarah, thanks once more for sharing these beautiful nieces or yours. They are such a joy watching them in the pictures and hearing the stories of them. You can tell their mom has put so much into these little girl and now the baby. The love that flows from them to all of you and to each others, wonderful they are great sisters and another one for them to join them in sisterhood.
    I love the laugh on the baby, you caught a wonderful photo of that.
    I love the one of the two of them having their lunch and holding hands, togetherness.

    Now for the deer in the other posting, its a problem here, too many deer on our island and downtown area they have finally given permission to kill 25 deer and letting the natives do it by bow and arrows. That is cruel as they have found deer shot by arrows and one had it in their head, that is cruel way to suffer and die in such pain.

    I have had to stop my car due to seeing momma deer cross the road and knowing there are either two or three of her babies behind her. One am, I stopped seeing the mom cross but where are the babies and sure enough they were in this field and I could see them quivering and and their ears peeking up over the field, one baby finally got brave and struggled to get up this tiny hill but big for it and then the other one finally came too, drivers patiently waited, no honking and away they went and we did too.

    Seeing dead raccoons laying on the side of the roads, there is a huge amount of wildlife since on the island they have built into their areas they would live and raise their families and have food to eat. But now they are coming into the cities,etc. they are hungry and looking for food to eat.



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