Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Photos from Our Week

The days have certainly been full here as of late! My Mom has been making meals for Ryan and Ashley so we've been bringing them over there about every other day, then both Monday and Tuesday Leah and I spent the day at their place as well. Ashley is on lifting restrictions for a couple of weeks which means no lifting of Adelyn or Gracen so that makes things a little more difficult for them. Thankfully Ryan is off work for two weeks which has been a blessing for all of them! As he had some fence building to do this week, though, Leah and I went over there on those days and enjoyed helping where we could, playing with our nieces, and having some 'sister time' with Ashley, Leah, and I. Once the girls went down for their naps in the afternoons, we had opportunity for quiet and uninterrupted times visiting which was really nice! It was hard to leave when it was time to head for home. :)

Adelyn and Gracen are here today again as Ryan and Ashley had some appointments and errands to run, and as I type, they are taking their naps so the house is rather quiet. :) With having so much time with all of us together, I had a lot of opportunity to take photos so here is a conglomeration of special times captured over the past week!

Ryan, Ashley and Ava . . . they have really been enjoying their 'new' life as a family of five!

Sweet little Ava content on her Mommy's shoulder . . . she definitely knows who her Mommy is and recognizes her voice, too.

Me and sweet little Ava . . . this is one of her favorite positions to be in, and she was content to be held this way for a long time which I didn't mind!

Her little fingers wrapped around Mom's

Grinning in her sleep . . . so cute!

Mom rocking sleeping Ava and loving every minute of it :)

Beautiful, little Ava . . . she is so precious!

Dad playing with Gracen

This photo is rather blurry, but it is one of the few we have of Gracen with Ava . . . Gracen was being so loving to her baby sister here! She is slowly but surely learning what it means to be 'gentle'. :)

Gracen helping her Daddy make toast in the morning

One day, Ashley let Adelyn help hold Ava and I wish I would have been able to capture the expression on Adelyn's face when she first helped pick her up! It was priceless! She's giving her kisses here . . . she loves being a big sister!

 Ava looking at her Aunt Leah

And sleeping safely in her Daddy's arms

Yes, we have certainly had some wonderful times here as of late! And with the promise of many more to come. :)

On a rather different note, last Friday evening when Mom and I were coming back from Ryan and Ashley's, we had quite an interesting experience! It was dark, and we were on the highway going about 55-60 mph. We came up over a hill and around a curve and all of a sudden, there was something big lying dead in the middle of our lane! I didn't even have time to fully process what I saw and tell mom (who was driving) 'there's a deer!', before we had hit it and gone right over it. I remember feeling quite a jolt and being thrown forward a bit as the car went over the deer. Thankfully, Mom was able to keep control of the car, and once we got over the initial shock and realized what had happened and that we were safely driving down the road again, we started wondering . . . is the car all right? The brakes still worked, everything sounded fine, and all of the gauges were normal thankfully! We were thanking the Lord again and again for His hand of protection over us as it could have been a lot worse!

The rest of the drive home seemed long, and we were glad to finally pull into our driveway safely. Dad went and looked at the car after we had shared the story with him, and thankfully, there was very little damage (albeit our car was rather . . . a mess underneath, and in need of a good washing!) From the looks of underneath the car, the front passenger tire went right over the deer which would explain why I felt such a jolt and why my back was hurting as much as it was afterwards. Mom was a little sore the next day, too, but thankfully didn't suffer any other ill effects!

So that was a memorable experience that we hope we don't have again. :)

Well, time has been ticking and Adelyn and Gracen will likely be waking up from their naps soon . . . so I'm off to take care of a few things (such as some cleaning) before they do!


  1. What a fright you must have had when coming upon the deer, Sarah. i have heard of accidents with live deer leaping onto a car, so it was just as well yours was dead.
    Your family photos are just delightful.

  2. What sweet pictures! I love that one of Adelyn kissing Ava. That's too precious for words! Thank you for sharing these pictures, and I'm glad to hear that you are okay after your encounter with the deer. :)

  3. It was a bit, Elizabeth! Yes, I have heard of that happening before as well . . . that would be scary! And yes, I think I’d rather have hit a dead deer, too. :)

    Thank you!

  4. I am glad that you enjoyed them, Anna, and thank you! I loved that photo as well . . . it is precious watching these three little girls together!


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