Saturday, December 21, 2013

Bracing for a Winter Storm

Freezing rain has already begun to fall and there is more in the forecast for today, and tonight and then snow on top of that. Fitting weather for the first day of winter! :) Earlier this week, though, we had beautiful days with highs in the 40's and 50's which allowed for the blanket of snow to slowly retreat and then disappear . . .

Slowly, slowly the snow is melting

Aurora and Sierra

There are a few remaining strawflowers in the garden, and they provide
quite the striking contrast against the snow

As much as I enjoyed the beautiful snowfall last weekend, the warmer temperatures were very welcomed after our long cold spell!

Me out for a walk and thoroughly enjoying the warmer weather

The honeybees appreciated the warmer temperatures as well, and one day, two of the hives were seen busy cleaning house . . . .

 Taking their cleansing flights and removing dead bees from inside the hive

As the temperature dropped and the outdoors is now slowly being covered in a layer of ice, hands have been staying busy indoors this week with things such as . . .

~ Making Soap ~

 The first time using one of the oil infusions as a colorant! This soap was made with the oil infused with paprika (and it is a little brighter in the photo than what it is in person.)

~ Sewing ~

I have accumulated a pile of fabric to be made into garments for myself and for my Mom, and above are two of them (the top one is for an apron and the bottom for a skirt.) I am hoping over these next few weeks to put quite a dent in the "needs to be sewn" pile! Already one skirt is finished, and I have started on another.

~ Writing Letters ~
Ready to begin writing two little friends . . . another letter was just finished and is waiting to be mailed as soon as the weather allows for mail service!

~ Quilting and Embroidery ~
(which has been progressing well since my last post about them) 

With the winter weather and cold temperatures on the way once again, it will make for pleasant times indoors continuing to work on projects such as these!


  1. Sarah enjoy the quieter times as I am sure all too soon the nieces will be bigger and spring will be here.

  2. It is good to get such a nice warm reprieve :-) The quilting looks lovely you, I also have quite a bit of fabric to begin. This weekend I am taking it slow :)

    Shalom! m.b.

  3. It looks like you're all ready for a pleasant, cozy, and productive winter! I like the coat you have on - it looks very warm :).

    Have a blessed day!

  4. The soap turned out beautifully! So clever! As always, everything looks lovely and peaceful. Thanks again.

  5. I am, Suze! And yes, they will be. :)

  6. It is, Maria! And thank you. :) I hope that you enjoyed your slower weekend! Times like that can be so refreshing.

  7. I am indeed, Anna! It's been wonderful so far. :) Yes, the coat is warm! It was a most welcome second hand find.

    I hope that you have a blessed day as well!

  8. Thank you, Rena! And you're welcome. :)


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